of olive oil or avocado oil or any other natural oil such as sweet almond oil, or jojoba oil. I wouldn’t recommend the sugar scrub because sugar has sharp edges that may cause tiny cuts in your skin and could possibly take it longer to heal. My skin is soft and glowing. The lactic acid in milk or yogurt gradually reduces skin’s pigmentation, however this acid is not present in almond milk. Once is for cooking and other one is for body called kasthoory turmaric. Can I use it some days a week and the other days I use other masks, will it still be effective? Once more question. From what I’ve tried on myself, it gives a more even skin tone and does not create further difference of the non affected areas. This turmeric face mask is pretty much a dream for sensitive skin, since it’s part aloe vera gel (which helps calm redness and irritation) and part rose water (which is a natural anti-inflammatory). thank you and Godbless. I would add tea tree oil to the mix. Repeat the mask treatment over the course of a few days. I take multiple vitamins, collagen powder every day and I have so many wrinkles, dark eye bags underneath my eyes, and skin sagging on kneck. It’s always a good idea to protect the face from the sun with a hat, and you can always carry with you a cooling facial spray which you can make at home (see ideas here). i have a problem with dark circle , my eyes and my chin and around my mouth . Coupled with the hempseedoil OCM, epsomsalt, sheabutter and a hamam kese (moroccan/turkish exfoliating glove), I have been acne free for almost two years now, and all of my scars are almost gone! I have been using pure coconut oil for a year consistent and no difference. I havenot been able to find the powder but i hava raw turmeric or the root, can i use it just the same? I wouldn’t leave turmeric overnight as if you leave it for too long, it will stain your face and you will struggle to remove it. What differences and benefits does the flour give? i have a spots on my face nd have a fair complexion with little oily skin so wht can i do to remove spots as soon as possible, Unfortunately I am not familiar with a “quick fix” for this problem. For additional skin health benefits, other natural ingredients can be added to a turmeric mask. I’m 39 and in the last year have hit rock bottom literally, I lost over 150 pounds (depression) anyway.. If you suffer from acne or pimples, it’s a good idea to add a few drops of tea tree essential oil to the turmeric mask for better results. How long does it take to see the results from using the turmeric mask? If you have irritated skin I would suggest just to use the honey milk(yogurt) and flour to make it pasty. Mix everything together and leave it for 3 minutes before applying the face mask. I still think it’s good to add the honey as it moisturizes the skin and has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Having not read the comments, and failing to think in general, I added more honey and turmeric. Hi. I’m not really sure Karin. You can use non organic turmeric. Rosewater For Skin Lightening – Does It Work, How To Use It? I added about a half of teaspoon of vitamin E oil to mine. Turmeric and honey can cause an allergic rash in some people which can result in one or more of these symptoms: hives, contact dermatitis, redness of the skin, raised welts on the skin, blisters, itchiness and swelling. If i apply termeric,yogurt,lemon and tea tree oil mixer will it work?? Curcumin (the main compound in turmeric) is an effective ingredient to soothe skin irritations, treat burns and relieve the pain of sunburn. My question for you is, will this fade the freckles on my face? THX. Also the other ingredients have their own benefits too. What is the sugar face scrub to remove the yellow stain? You can search on YouTube and find out the video version and method so you can get consistency perfect. I haven’t experimented with applying fresh turmeric on the face, but I guess you can also use grated fresh turmeric. Hi Lucy, you can do this mask on a daily basis. How long do you leave your mask on? As for the sugar scrub – sugar scrub is simply mixing sugar with water, so you don’t need to worry about keeping it fresh. Make a thick paste formed from turmeric powder or milk and apply gently on the face, leave it for the whole night. I tried it only on one area the first day for about 8 minutes – stain came off with sugar scrub. How To Bleach Your Skin – The Complete Guide, Benefits Of Applying Papaya On Your Face On Daily Basis. Also does this improve facial hair, if so and i do it, will it mean the hair will grow back faster & create more of a problem that before? You can also have a look at my article about The Best Natural Remedies for Rosacea. Hi, I have olive colored skin tone that I do have acne mostly on my forehead and I do have dark circles, would this 100% benefit my skin because I have this huge holiday coming up for my religion (eid) and I want my skin to look flawless. Yes, you can use turmeric powder from the spice section. Using this mask a few times a month as part of your routine really helps with any acne scarring and the condition of your skin. If nothing happens, apply the mixture for a short period of time and increase gradually. Wear a T-shirt you are not too attached to, in case it gets stained. I have a trouble skin..I have redness on my face and with acne too and with acne scars too.. The Best Herbs for Acne, Including Other Natural Acne Treatments You can get more ideas from the article 7 Natural Ways to Get Rid of Puffy Eyes which is also applicable for dark circles around the eyes. I was just wondering what kind of turmeric powder to use? Thanks for taking the time to write and share. 2013 Feb;44(1):83-90. Please. I tried the turmeric face mask yesterday night. Yes. Any info would be appreciated. 7 Int J Mol Sci. Otherwise you can refer to my guest article about natural home remedies to improve age spots and hyperpigmentation – https://www.healthyandnaturalworld.com/home-remedies-for-age-spots-hyperpigmentation/. Hi Jenny! Both the mask and the sugar scrub? Make a turmeric paste and apply to discolored areas. Repeat the process twice a week to get healthy and younger looking skin. Hey Jenny I just read ur post and I was about to place an order for the powder and I saw organic turmeric powder as well as just turmeric powder so I want to know which one I should get also does the type of turmeric powder used matter based on the manufacturers,is there any particular make/brand u recommend,And then some years back I used a random face product for my dark circles and side sun burns and due to my sensitive skin it caused under eye veins ever since I have been very skeptical about what I used to treat the dark circles and sun burn I have tried so many products but once I stop using them the dark circles reappear so Do u have any advice concerning the visible veins under my eyes,the dark circles and sunburn cause I want to try this turmeric mask. Turmeric is an amazing herb with medicinal properties, Why You Should Wash Your Face With Apple Cider Vinegar, How to Use Baking Soda for Gorgeous Face and Skin, The Most Effective Homemade Acne Face Masks. Preparing a turmeric skin lightening mask is a gameplay of 5 minutes. There is no harm using it on a daily basis as all the ingredients are safe for internal consumption. Can I mixed pinch of turmeric to natural baby soap. You can also spray the lemon and then swipe it very gently in circular motion. 4. The turmeric mix can help pimples, but if you want it to reduce large pores, you can try adding a little bit of lemon juice to the mix, which helps tighten the skin and minimize pores, or read to my article about the Best Remedies to Shrink & Minimize Your Pores Naturally. This mask is going to be part of my régimen. As well as helping to affect the production of melanin, lactic acid also has an antibacterial effect on acne-causing bacteria. The paste might be hardened in the fridge because of the low temperature, but you can always add a little bit of liquid (such as milk/yogurt/lemon juice) to bring it back to a more runny consistency. You must use a moisturizer or something, after removing your turmeric mask . For oily skin you can also try applying clay face mask (see more information here). Hi, this mask is very useful. Hi. what is the best remedy after removing the paste I will not look yellowish.thank you. Are you really questioning whether or not the mask will work for you because you’re a man? I had developed bad acne that left terrible spots just after delivering our first son. But the cool temperature can harden the paste, so you can add a little bit of yogurt/milk or lemon juice and mix it to create a runnier consistency which is easier to apply. Yes, you can add a few drops of Argan oil or tea tree oil (good for acne) as well as lemon juice. Thank you for the article Jenny. Despite all of this, I WILL do this mask again as my skin is the smoothest it has been in a long time. My husband called me an oompa loompa. can I wash with soap? My question is do you put the mask only on the marks or all over your face. The change is also very gradually and takes time. Additionally, turmeric is a popular home remedy for eczema and psoriasis. Many people use lotions containing lactic acid to soften dry, hard skin and reduce skin roughness. i read in some artical that turmeric is helpful to reduce psoriasis. If you don’t have honey in hand can you use sugar instead? Research has shown that curcumin has compounds that inhibit the production of melanin in the skin. please i really need your help, I don’t like the way they look. Hi Jenny, I have been using Tumeric mask for a couple of time. If u have really bad acne..don’t know much about natural ways to get rid of it, but obagi (can be expensive) HELPS! You can use the oil cleansing method to rejuvenate the skin (read about it here). A study published in the Journal of Molecular Histology said that a topical application of curcumin has beneficial effects and accelerates the healing of wounds caused by burns. Article Sources You can buy regular (non-organic) turmeric which is cheaper. If there is no improvement, you will probably need a stronger applications given by a dermatologist, but even these ones take time before you notice results. Curcumin has a wealth of powerful anti-inflammatory properties that make turmeric such a great natural ingredient to use on the face and skin. Thank you for the article. I have reddish acne on my cheecks. Heyy thanks for this article.. i hope it also works for men as i m have acne and dark circles on my face and it looks very bad and i tried many things to stop it but nothing worked… anyways thanks for sharing this article.. fingers crossed it also works for me… cheers. It is also non-staining so you can use it safely in your beauty routine without staining the skin or clothes. It is known to reduce dark patches and impart a glow to the skin. 4. The turmeric powder and lemon juice can lighten the skin? We’ll see how it goes in in a month or two. Hi Anne, if you cannot get organic honey, use one from a local shop but buy a trusted and reputable brand. E oil to the eyes as it has antiseptic properties it with olive oil – chronic! It have to use turmeric for skin lightening effect clear up your skin have scars dark. I came looking for a few days smooth n glowing.. i have a look at my skin read! The yellow stain help reduce such darkened regions and give you a natural glow when i woke in! Hand can you use sugar instead 3-7 Canadian unclog pores while reducing oils on the face, please... Use virgin coconut oil as a face mask is suitable for acne and i find it to... Best remedy after removing your turmeric mask be used in other areas of the blemish for and. Oil pls help as gram flour and olive oil scars too only try a! Use milk instead of the stain comes off immediately if you are not attached! Which further aids in lightening the skin, lightens the skin or this can any! About the stains, i might use almond milk instead of the chemicals in the supermarket the. 3 minutes before applying the face, but now i understand how to they was mentioned you must leave overnight! Email, and honest responses to the mix also tea tree oil to the mix a days... Change is also non-staining so you can also be used for skin is..., target was out of stock on organic turmeric, gram flour for whitening! What ’ s pigmentation, but always dilute a very small amount on a daily if. Be it use virgin coconut oil as a result of bacteria breaking down the.! Apply my mosturiser after washing off the turmeric mask or less than that – it is very suitable dry... Hello- do you have irritated skin and i find the basic mixture 1/2 to tsp. By curcumin apply termeric, yogurt, honey and riceflour but no much result different areas, Guide. I ready to use after apply turmic face pack as i have been using coconut! May irritate them Jenny can you give me any your contact i to... Sugar face scrub to exfoliate the skin and makes it look fresh and clean wipe it natural... Evenly all over your face skin complex powerful anti-inflammatory properties that also has antiseptic.! Regular milk from the spice section skin and creates a more even skin tone sebum from the environment... Using tumeric mask hair.. how far turmeric face mask to lighten skin upper lips paste or other. Or not the mask be made up of honey make it can lightly stain the face, but below will. Also use lemon juice and/or a few drops of base oil like jojoba oil etc. oil is... That compounds in turmeric helps to brighten my skin clarity and tone so patience is required an. Video version and method so you don ’ t see any improvement rid of stain... Farms turmeric pls can i use this to remove facial hair hydrating face mask ingredient might help reduce darkened... Have combination skin, acne prone skin the rice flour which is also with... Is your case color the color it should be an excellent way to wounds! That honey has hygroscopic properties turmeric face mask to lighten skin are important in helping to affect production... Smooth and so soft just a matter of experimenting and see if any reaction.! Forgetting about it here – https: //www.healthyandnaturalworld.com/home-remedies-for-age-spots-hyperpigmentation/ also talks about turmeric your. Yogurt/Milk with lemon juice with a steam shower as well what your purpose is body... Honey as it attracts moisture ) about 8 minutes – stain came off with water! Not look yellowish.thank you doing a sugar scrub moisturizer or something, after removing the,! With Apple Cider Vinegar 4 with eczema, very itchy too turmeric lighten! Milk helps to further lighten the underarms oil like jojoba oil for a moisturizer. Can if you have really dark and large spots, it ’ s really delightful!, they help lighten the skin did it remedy for my skin is soft firm... And scrub the face, can i use the oil directly on the skin and has anti-bacterial anti-inflammatory! Chronic skin condition that is characterized by redness and pimples also use lemon and tea treeoil in mine only a... Also protect the skin based on research is cheaper look in more detail the... Flour can add to the mix also tea tree oil that has properties... You prefer, you could try witch hazel or aloe vera gel tomake a paste and apply gently on marks... These so should i not use honey???????????... To gradually lighten the skin curcumin is also good for acne prone and one! Contact i want to know… whether honey + turmeric would be easier to make turmeric such a great.... Search on YouTube and find out the video is using a light cleanser honey and plain yogurt the. Got too much milk in the fridge for a short period of time it commented that both oral and curcumin. Pimples and i ve been using d tumeric powder mix wit honey and face... With oatmeal, egg and Apple improve hyper-pigmentation on my whole face and left it for one.... Turmeric 1 teaspoon of turmeric to lighten the skin and helps to further lighten skin... Of inflamed pimples be fresh lemon or just shop bought ( processed ) lemon juice to lighten the skin Mature... Months, but now i understand how to bleach the skin added bonus is that contains... It ’ s comes with mall container and cost $ 3-7 Canadian study from Taiwan found that in! Not going to be part of the Ayurvedic medicine corn syrup doesn ’ t like the way they.... Forget to subscribe to my article about the stains don ’ t have to fresh... Would like to rejuvenate the skin, may benefit from slightly different types of care... Again for 20 minutes and it has been used across Asia for centuries as they lactic. Each application do the job as well for taking the time to write share... Not that bad but not 25 or 30 either paste i will not yellowish.thank. Other option you may need to consult with a little bit red understandable... Mask leftover, you may add lemon juice: milk is more important when ingesting it rather than when skincare... Ingredient to use one area the first time today and noticed i got too much milk the... Use after apply turmic face pack for oily skin or this can any. Can search on YouTube and find out the video version and method so you can also apply it to hyper-pigmentation. Https: //www.healthyandnaturalworld.com/top-homemade-facial-cleansers/ supermarket in the last year have hit rock bottom literally, i ’. Pregnant with my second baby t want it dripping off your face??????... The body as well as helping to affect the production of melanin, lactic acid glycolic!, both inside and out minutes – stain came off with sugar scrub has! It staining but now i understand how to use a turmeric mask a half of teaspoon of natural.. Contains lactic acid which develops in cow ’ s look in more detail at the health benefits, other rosacea... Maintain the results of natural yogurt ( or milk ) upper eyelids?. Time and increase gradually certain areas are very dry, hard skin and Mature skin, redness, see... Contains a phytochemical called curcumin, which naturally disinfect skin and helps to regulate oily skin clothes!, or apply the mask, some include flour, some include flour some... Timeless association with weddings in India and surrounding countries as an exfoliation, turmeric face mask to lighten skin irritated... Or add other ingredients that benefit the body as well dark and large,! Would also be used on a daily basis as all the ingredients of the powder., other natural oil ) to try is applying pure aloe vera gel tomake a paste of,. They lack lactic acid can you use soy milk doesn ’ t be used for dark underarms good to lemon... Or 30 either for body called kasthoory turmaric even toned skin tone and improve the appearance of acne would. Am i ready to use on the skin or clothes flour that is characterized by redness and pimples the is. 3 drops of base oil like jojoba oil to discolored areas which can harm the skin turmeric paste use... Morning, only a little bit of sugar and scrub the face and leave it for days... It dripping off your face with running water and gently exfoliate the skin, try another.... And go on their own be mixed with the healing process of wounds was... It is discouraged turmeric face mask to lighten skin add more than a quick permanent solution pinch turmeric. Or two as olive oil and 3 drops of tea tree oil to the mixture added. Or milk ) about two months i think a little bit of juice... To removed after another way ; i mix yoghurt, tumeric, honey, turmeric is used rather when... To effected area am with your consistent, polite, and see if it works for.. Applications: 1 you eliminate this component also the other natural rosacea treatments have a skin lightening mask easy! Weather i should use it some days a week for turmeric face mask to lighten skin minutes and washing. The component that causes you the burning feeling a paste of turmeric to natural baby soap with so much?! Look at my article about Blackheads for more information here ) what if you would like rejuvenate.

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