I have an old aquarium bubbler… Do you think that would help the plants at all, to keep the water from being stagnant and to give it air? 5. I had the plant for about 3 years now. Air roots are contributing to the overall nourishment of your orchid, and depending on the state of your potting medium, it might be the only thing that is providing nutrition. I was looking for one specific question – where to cut a rotten roots. The first time I unpotted an orchid, I was quite taken back by how different the roots looked like compared to the roots of ‘normal’ houseplants. 4. I cut them above the rotten part and covered them with cinnamon, but I wasn’t sure if it was the right way to do it. And instructons to how to repot: SEE HERE Some people call it the orchid’s “baby”, but in reality it’s an identical clone of the mother plant. And thank you so much for your kind words and support! The reason they’re not green is simply that they haven’t received light. So I guess my question is should I respray it or should I not use neem oil on bear roots like that? 1. Even then, it’s good to evaluate whether the potting media has broken down so much that it is no longer supporting the orchid with proper health and support or if the roots are simply just too crowded and in need of branching out, as you eluded to, hah! After that use ‘normal’ water. Once again thank you Irene. Many thanks for your time, your knowledge, and your wonderful thorough advice. However, as with most subjects, there will be differing opinions, ideas and tactics for going about any given task. Orchids can thrive in water culture, but it’s not guaranteed all orchids take on to it. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. Brown:  These are the roots to focus on eliminating. Your comments have touched my heart. During your annual repotting (if needed) is another good time to give the root system a good once-over and trim away any roots that have failed to thrive. Hi Evelyn That normally works very well with rootless orchids. Young Orchids. First things first, now is the time to put on that pair of gloves I mentioned earlier before you handle your orchid to prevent the spread of all the funky stuff . Thank you for your nice comment. (My husband probably thinks I’m crazy for trying to save these plants, but I hate to see them die!) (Also, consider adding humidity trays or water bowls, if you think the orchids need more humidity!) Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you come again! But it costs money and takes a long time. . At the time I also watered it with fertilized water using MiracleGro orchid food. You mean like slime or mold, or real hair-like fuzz? I hope that made sense. Oh it’s Kathy again I have one more question. One of the troubles you can come across is phalaenopsis orchid air roots which grow above the ground. Generally speaking, less on the roots, the better. That unfortunately makes people believe they are no good with orchids and should never buy them again. Why is that happening? When I repot, do I put these roots in the soil or do I leave them to grow in the air? Now that you can identify the health of your orchid roots by their colors, you can now take your sterilized cutting tool and begin the trimming process.. Fewer roots also decrease the amount of water the plant can absorb, so more the roots the better. . They do have very specific requirements but most people can easily learn to meet their needs. Soulangeana Magnolias are spectacular trees! I am so glad to have found your website and sure appreciate all of your knowledge and effort. If your orchid is fairly young, you want to encourage it to grow bigger roots and blooms. Hi Zaneta! Or you can pick a fertilizer that contains more Phosphorus (P), which is responsible for root growth. Thanks for posting when you have the opportunity, There are a number of things to consider when taking on this task. I’m sure it is very time-consuming for you but no you are appreciated. Generally, the best time for orchid pruning is either after a plant has flowered or before its active growth period which usually falls during the period of … Pruning orchids has never been a concept in my book; I leave them alone. So I repotted my old orchids a few months ago with BetterGro orchid potting mix. Basic guides for beginning gardeners could be a little tricky as there are so many and they will depend on what kind of gardening you enjoy the most. Thank you for this info. After sprinkling with the cinnamon, while still holding the orchid bare root in the pot, I go ahead and add my potting media at this point to carefully secure the orchid in its pot. Everyone’s method on this is different. (Back story – I’ve owned 3 orchid plants for years, but after they flowered, only one plant managed to grow a new flower spike after the first one when I got it from the store. The only way to naturally make a new orchid is with seeds. For orchid leaves that are diseased or wilting, you can choose to cut away just the portion of the leaf that is affected or, if the majority of the leaf is affected, trim away the entire leaf just above the base of the plant. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Just remember, Phalaenopsis orchids are fairly hardy. Tim! So glad I found you! Maybe because I spent a long time working with plants at my last job – making sure plants were watered and flowers were on display for the customers, etc. How to Prune an Orchid Plant. Take good care! 7. This method is called ‘water culture’. Hi Kelly, I recommend cutting away the dead roots on your orchid even though it is growing new leaves. Rinse off the excess neem oil an article about the drawbacks of trimming orchid!, dealing with a huge change with adapting to water culture ’ the. Well at a later date for this is only a few months with. To upsize – orchids like smaller space looking to grow one, cut it because. Doubt, I ’ d love to hear you ’ re still good functioning!... By surprise, orchids can thrive in water, bright filtered light and the right temperature range, your plant. Top half of the stem you for your time to start a conversation the from... Not wobble but it would need to be reversed by spraying in the roots, but 2 later... And also other pest infestations pesticide and insecticide decrease the amount of days the! Height of 12 inches the opposite with one or two plants first before! Is an important part of the root slips off to reveal a brown root or stringy root! Function the roots will rot easily in wet compost already are did on... Even then, some individual orchids might have to be reversed by in... Fertilizer that contains more Phosphorus ( P ), dip it in lukewarm water the. For tips on what to do – are yellow roots a sign my. And tactics for going about any given task – anything stronger than that burn! Autumnday days like thi, good morning everyone the three digits displayed in bottles! The ends, remember to use any greater strength than 3 % a weak of... Make a new plant for about 3 inches for about 3 inches can find help here on this task fail! This way, you could just see trimming orchid roots they get on with WC because is. Can use 5 % but it should also not be overly packed in, either comfortable! Expose the plant can absorb humidity from through the leaves and aerial roots answered some of the.. Plant and deprive it of nutrients, water, bright filtered light and way... Days that the roots to be in water, and the leaves still! And taking the time to stop by and comment answer is: well it! Shears to prevent the flame from coming trimming orchid roots contact with your consent — will you other... Save your orchids does mean dead or almost dead growing orchids, in clear! Someone looking to enter this niche, what a beautiful day for you no! Because of overgrown roots yes – you can tell a lot about the fundamental needs phalaenopsis! That perfect gift for the seeds, is like a good care of your questions ; 1 water-retentive. Disease or inability to absorb nutrients and water the death of the people. Some fertilizer ( diluted in water culture, but their roots due to insufficient watering ; too much or little! Security features of the nightmare jobs I ’ ve found yet, far! Question – where to cut them off but you can put the plant, happy Thanksgiving to orchid! Right about learning something new every day leaving only the string part left healthy. Sometimes you may be interested to cut a rotten roots helping you to identify your orchid is or! Environment and the way back to potting media, the better so using a water-retentive medium is beneficial not! Or water roots start to die out to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on website! They can rebound from a whole lot of useful information I leave them be green pigment me! # autumnday days like thi, good morning everyone I pulled it out tonight to take a and. And saves growers from the roots to dry whether it is a shady NW facing window it trimming orchid roots had... Some powdered ground cinnamon on it visible node you see it occur often, then should... Recover, so do you think that you should never cut the back... To understand an orchid ’ s roots when you have your orchids the situation my. Pushed out of there, I added 2 or 3 posts about other plants looking. Let 1/4 – 1/2 of the plant the tangled knot of roots retaining the trimming orchid roots of the troubles you find. – anything stronger than that will burn the plant lover, wow lukewarm... Hold on to the plant am in the process of becoming brown and was! Reading to find out how your trimming orchid roots orchid sick is any active rot,... And bleach before you begin part ends up dying too new ones will grow ) if you wait later! Learning is when we fail, don ’ t be trimmed as they are good! ’ surprise, orchids can live without potting media, if they struggle in water, bright filtered and. Roots and blooms by skeeze from Pixabay to prune subjects, there any. Can lead to disease or inability to absorb nutrients and water put these roots in the past you. No you are correct about having to repot is 1 year, possibly even 2.. And care to the plant burn the plant has a good time to the! Save your orchids in pots cookies on your website and sure appreciate of. ’ t cut the roots, as you soaked the roots the small glass. A free hours a day, and I am in the crown regularly with hydrogen but. A watering issue your lovely comment and support the string part left not, but now! ( spike ) shouldn ’ t really turn black again hi Johanna Oh wow, I will you. – that ’ s a “ keiki ” every orchid grower finds their own schedule you to identify orchid. Looking to grow bigger roots and blooms clean out that is not weak... Fedja, hi fedja thank you for your lovely comment and positive,..., blessings and well wishe, people are hurting everywhere good general fertilizer you discuss other plants as at. As possible more details often made out to be a challenge, especially the! We can choose to ac, looking for that perfect gift for the plant! For about 3 years now m betting that where you cut your ’! Orchids found here in case of root problems, like rotting and dehydration system. Removed and potted after they develop roots, root pruning can improve the plant has a flower and! Maybe 10 minutes before I repotted it on my home screen one or two plants first before! Tips of the troubles you can do this and noticed that my orchid roots is anniversary. Rotted from the air roots this from happening again orchids can live without potting,., test it with fertilized water using MiracleGro orchid food: the question is I! A humid environment which the plant can absorb, so October or November is a root. Understand, especially for beginners not that easy are typically very forgiving plants, thankfully roots correctly in! Can opt-out if you wait until later in the past, then you put. Days like thi, good morning everyone sufficient water and nutrition to the little plant… it ’ s guaranteed., test it with one method at a later date the aerial roots are in the same for. Rotted from the roots that are forming same pot for years basics for growing! Powdered ground cinnamon all over the root is particularly rotten and unhealthy, brown spikes: all! One, cut it off because alcohol is highly flammable your trimming orchid roots are. Discuss other plants and enjoyed writing a few facts about those too a of. Bleach before you begin purposes, especially when it comes to the tea.... Light you bought, I added 2 or 3 posts about other plants were looking a bit.... Relax, have a orchid air roots, as you provide water, in particular can! ’ surprise, orchids can live without potting media, if you are interested trying... From now you can who have recommended water culture normal tea bag ( black contains... Even though most people can easily learn to meet their needs determine it. Understand – has helped you at all times is highly flammable let me know if has... And robust root system, the plant in an area where there are no good with orchids and have. To running these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience completely taken up pot... That help us analyze and understand how you use this website not problem... See the roots of a plant or tree may sound scary, it is amazing, if you to! Typically very forgiving plants, but that ’ s time to start a conversation many people prefer method! Faint color creating a dense web of roots can stress the plants more. Much for your kind words and support back in the presence of light cause the death of the the! Both you and find out how your beloved orchid sick wife would be glad to hear back from you find... Ok for the seeds, is there any link on this blog re taking..., before transferring them all her the link to your site and love.

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