It pooled at the bottom of the pan, rendering the crust unusable. I am so over Crisco shortening and vodka. Re, seeming too wet — it might have needed to be colder. Loosen top sheet, flip over and loosen bottom sheet, then remove bottom sheet. I’ve used lard plus butter and all-butter – I like the all-butter best for flavor. That’s the main reason these things happen…. Question, so the recipe you listed is the pie dough you prefer? Mine always cracks like crazy around the edges when I’m rolling it out, and this one was fantastic. Not the value of a recipe, mind you, but that new ones will ever come to pass. Ever. Usually just a bottom crust, but sometimes she’d do a lattice-top just to show off. Starting with that damm mushroom strudel. The nice thing, however, is that I make this 90% time with unfancy butter and still love it. In fact, I dont make homemade anything. I have been making this crust for nearly 5 years and I can make it in 10 minutes with my eyes closed (well, I keep them open, but I could do it with my eyes closed on a dare). Did I add too much water? Cube your butter. I have been making pie crusts with my grandmother since I was in fifth grade. But if cholesterol is a concern, the oil crust is a good alternative. I may even share this with my MIL due to the simplicity of this! The crust this method produces is crispy, flaky, and flavorful. I did use salted butter and kept the salt and the crust came out fine, for anyone who is curious. I have only made pie crusts with butter, until last year. PLEASE Give a tutorial on rolling the dough. In the morning I rolled them out with lots of flour and a few folds and it turned out so beautiful. My only caution is to use Gold Medal flour and not King Arthur, especially if you’re blind baking the crust. I made my first “on my own” pie crust and apple pie for Thanksgiving. Definitely everything a crust should be! I don’t own a food processor or a handheld pastry blender so I made sure to keep my water extra cold and to work quickly. Weirdest thing happened. I guess there is no specific question in this comment but I did want to know if you could explain how someone with warm hands (such as myself) could use the fraisage method to combing dough. I printed out your recipe and tutorial and thought I followed it precisely. I have extolled hand mix and the less, the better for flakiness, i.e. This is the same fat to flour to water ratio that my family recipe uses, except with shortening. What can I do to make rolling it out easier? It always appears be white and mushy. (zero mess too!). Gonna try this pie crust this evening. It’s still crunchy even after 5hrs. Hate to bombard you with questions, but one more: I don’t have a pastry cutter (but now plan on getting one! so excited to hear that a food processor is not preferrable (as mine in way too small and weak to handle a pie crust anyway. but, my crust was awful. Thank you again! It felt really wet and sticky, but I trusted the process and it turned out super flaky and browned nicely! If you’re making a single crust pie, crimp the edges decoratively with your fingers at even intervals and add the filling according to your recipe’s instructions. Thank you very much for this recipe. Not the value of a recipe, mind you, but that new ones will ever come to pass. My beginner mistake when first trying this recipe years ago was trying to bring the dough together without the hands which will always mean too much water. Although it will make the pie look shiny and very appealing, it seals in moisture and keeps the dough from breathing. I’m very excited to try this and am certain your butter recipe will give me the crust I want. Can this be made ahead of time? Jodi (#686) – you can definitely use this for a chicken pot pie! As the recipe calls for salt. Lighter? browning the butter and chilling it until solid and it can be finely chopped into flour, with a pastry blender). thanks for this. My mother used to make pie crusts out of lard when I was a child and her crusts tasted great! It happens all of the time. Ben (UK). Rosaleen — An American liquid cup is 8 fluid ounces, a volume measurement, not weight. I took the result to my husband’s CalFire helitack station and they said it was amazing! Good luck!! I seem to do okay until I get to that part, and from then I’d just better hope all I need are lattices. Thank you so much. I’m inspired to try, but have a quick question. Best. I thought my dough was still cold. oooohhhh makes me want to make pie!!!! I made an apple pie and the crust was my favorite part! (Why download DuoLingo and start with Russian, Deb? I seem to struggle to roll it without stretching it and I always feel I just have a heavy hand. It drooped down the sides of my pie plate and all my flutes disappeared, (“melted”) when the crust drooped. Gives it a nutty flavor. I have nothing against shortening…but I’m scared for some reason to try the all butter crust! It was so exciting to slice the quiche for dinner tonight and actually hear the crust flakes crackle. It. Carley — No, I haven’t found variation in pie dough results with different flour brands. Just remember that you need to dock the dough in the pan and put something in there to hold it down. Excited to explore all your recipes! Used my mother’s deep dish glass pie plate( she’s been gone 25 years now) She made great pies. It incorporates the laminating techniques for pastry. :). what should the consistency of the dough be before going in the fridge because mine does not look like the picture at all, Thank you SO much for this pie dough recipe, it’s so simple…yet GENIUS! Debra, Glue it together: Start by drizzling 1/2 cup (120 ml) of the ice-cold water (but not the cubes, if there are any left!) For those others who found it dry, could it be the flour? The flavor is not as neutral or “pure” as all-butter – it’s got some tang and sweetness. Is there too much water? I suppose you are allowed to change your mind, but never, never again right before a major food holiday, okay?! My pie crust turned out perfect – fluffy and buttery like you said! I haven’t tested it, but that seems to be the favored one for gluten-free baking. Thank you! It just is. It’s a technique we use in our own apple pie. Thanks so much for sharing this great recipe– otherwise I don’t think our families would have ever believed a vegan could make buttery flakey pie crust. Sorry, I am going nuts over here. Wow! My go-to has been Pioneer Woman but it uses shortening and I was thinking of trying (again) a butter crust. Oct 3, 2012 - To begin, I want to make a note about the zillions of pie dough recipes out there: I barely buy it. Just wanted to thank you for this wonderful crust recipe- Definitely my new favorite! I swear by the cold thing, although I never knew why, it just made the crust better. *It was a hit! Found the all butter crust to brown and harden more quickly than the fruit or nut filling was cooked so have gone back to the part butter/part shortening crust with better outcomes. Thanks for a great tutorial, I’m going to try this for a Gorgonzola and Broccoli pie I’m cooking this Friday. I made the sweet cherry pie (ridiculously delicious, Deb…thank you!) (Okay, it was labeled salted, but I didn’t look past the “Sweet”). It was enough for me to do a double crust deep dish pie. Hi Deb. I was most nervous about the crust but your site got me though the whole process and I ended up with a buttery golden flaky crust :) Yum! I live in Seattle and am experiencing the same problem. It’s actually my mom’s tip (she is turning 80 this year and is the master pie maker in our family – her pies are to die for. I always fail at pie crusts and yet I keep trying. :S And one of the main reasons I just got a food processor was to mix in the lard for pie crusts. It’s the perfect apple pie crust!!! Forgot account? I’ve made this crust about 5 times now. Despite this, a love-hate relationship with pie crusts is a part of my history. How can I ever trust you again? It’s the best recipe I’ve found. I love this recipe and my pie turned out fabulous for thanksgiving! I rolled out the top crust a little thin, which was my fault. The best part of your recipe was the tip to use a wide bowl so you can really get your hands in there! But the other day when I was out of waxed paper I asked my mother-in-law if she had any. These days, I use this dough for sweet tarts more often. Make a well in the flour mixture. Good luck! -but now I’ve made a surprising discovery and I thought I’d share my experience: I made one for the first time last Saturday after bringing home 10 lbs. [Update: It is not even labeled “salted” just “sweet cream”. way to make the flakiest! First one. I’ve been using Martha Stewart dough recipe for awhile, and though I like it a lot, I never really understood some of the nuances. It’s even easier than my go-to all oil crust which I roll out between sheets of wax paper. This is my go-to recipe and it comes out so lovely every time! Buttery. Once it touched the pie plate there was no moving it so I had to do some surgery. The crust was for a pumpkin pie and it looked incredible–but when i went to cut into them—awful!! Since I always bake pies in advance, I never bother. And so, a question: how can I adapt this dough to savory recipes–pot pies, etc.? I’ve been cooking & baking off of it for the last few weeks – much to my boyfriend’s delight. I know I’m doing something wrong! When I roll out my pastry and load up the pie (been macerating my apples for years) the final step is to cover that mountain with the top pastry blanket then I take my dusted hands and further press it all down. The bottom crust was so tough it could barely be cut. But every recipe in pie books calls for a good bit less: 5 TB butter for 1 cup flour, or even 1/4 cup butter for 2 flour. In the final stage when adding water i used a mixer for 20-30 seconds. Flo – par baking is exactly that. She was precise and provided the reasons for the “whys” and “why nots”. There is none better. For all of the years I’ve been cooking, I’ve made pie dough one way. Deb, when may we expect the rolling tutorial?? No worries, though – there’s always room for pie!). And I usually can tell if someone else has used it in their crust. I do find that I lose the edge I press into it. Roll out – it’s enough for 2 crusts with a decent amount left over. Hi, Deb. My single crust was an oozing butter volcano. There is a print icon that leads to a print template at the bottom of each recipe, where it says “DO MORE:” You can also click CTRL + P from any recipe post and it will take you to a streamlined print template. The more I think about it the more it actually makes sense. Worth every point. You’ve made me a convert to the all butter crust. One hint I use – when I cut my little butter cubes, I put them in a bowl in the freezer until I use them. Potential Error 2: I may have kneaded it a little too enthusiastically, which has probably made a lot of gluten (esp. Your crust look gorgeous! I am intrigued about your pastry blender suggestion and must try it. I’ve always been praised for my pie. Help! Hi The results are always positive, with requests for the recipes! I will be sure to follow your idea next time. Flakey pie crust is very challenging. thing may in part hinge on where you live. I have not tried this pie yet and I am sure it’s more of a Galette then a pie but it looks very pretty. It’s more of tart breakfast pastry. I needed a couple of pre-baked shells for custard pies, so I followed the suggestion of another reader and after getting the dough into the pie plate, added the pie weights and foil and froze the whole thing prior to baking. I made this tonight to go on a chicken pot pie and it was the most fabulous amazingly flaky crust ever. Thanks for validating and giving more structure to this!! The crust around the edges wound up perfectly crispy, but the bottom portion was a little … chewy. For me, it always shrinks when baked, even with pie weights. I also use a pastry canvas and pin cover, I find them easiest to use. I normally use the egg, vinegar recipe with pie dough, but when I went to make my dough yesterday, I realized I was out of white vinegar. The cold cold is the trick !!! I just moved from a desert city to a seaside, very foggy and often rainy city. Honestly, I always knew you had it in you. Thanks, dear for sharing this mouthwatering pie crust. I also want to mention that my teenage son recently made his own first pie crust, and I’m delighted to say that he taught me something! Stir in chicken broth, milk, and herbs (a bay leaf and fresh thyme). I was so dissapointed. It was my first pie, and now I’m no longer scared and want to bake pies all the time (and maybe I will!). Then I started wondering about the vodka thing, and if you could tweak it just so, (or nixing it), or in combination with, using clarified butter or browning your butter first – you’d end up with a moderately reduced water content in your dough. Thank you for a wonderful write up. Now to test some fun fillings! It was probably 80° in my kitchen and, even with chilling all of the ingredients, this was kind of a sloppy mess. Really delish! Yours and everyone else’s looks like a pale, smooth dough that you can neatly fold like a letter. I have never even tried to make a homemade pie. Not Now. There’s nothing to see here! Twelve years ago: Mediterranean Eggplant and Barley Salad, And for the other side of the world: The thing about the ATK/CI vodka pie crust is that everyone gets hung up on the vodka. I may have accidently put an extra 1/2 cup of cold water in the mixture instead of 1/4cup and therefore I had to add some more flour because it became a Lil more wet than it should have been and now I have no more visible butter pieces from over working the dough. This is the best pie crust ever. I thought I was going crazy last night while I was baking pies, because I could see the filling wasn’t overflowing from either of my pies (Concord grape and pumpkin), but something was making the smoke alarms go off. Kind of a like bar but tasting like a pie—and the crust was perfect. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. I wont ever use a food processor again! If you want the butter to soften, why try to keep it cold?) The biggest butter bits should be the size of petite (tiny) peas. Looks like it might fall apart. With regard to CI’s vodka recipe, I agree with your assessment. Thanks for putting it down in writing and photos! thanks for this! Are you at an altitude? Hi Deb – just found this pie crust recipe, and it looks delicious! I got out the food processor and jumped on the internet and found this recipe. Am I the only one who finds the dough to be dry (not wet/sticky) like the recipe suggests? (If you ise a box grater, the slowly defrosting butter will glob together and lose the small-shred beauty of grating.). Then they add the last 1/3 of the flour and just give it 2-3 pulses. What temperature should I be cooking it at for the pie crust(I’m thinking somewhere between 350-425) and approximately the time this crust takes to bake? I guess I’ll just keep trying . Can’t wait to try this recipe and compare! I was not planing on making pie this Thanksgiving, but now I will be making pie just because I want to try this crust. Get our the Red Bull and start cheering! Oh Deb, Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving. This is not an adaptation of Stella Park’s is recipe; I merely like her folding suggestion (although I do it differently). Ick. Thank you! Thank you so much!!!!! I love your tutorials! So I am totally indebted to you. It rolled beautifully and baked to a delicious flakiness. Tutorial, please!! It’s better to, say, split the difference a little and use a little less flour in it so you can freely sprinkle it to create layers. Deb, thanks for the encouragement to ditch the food processor. The first few crusts come out a little weird but always tasted really great. To defrost your dough, move it to the fridge for one day before using it. ps. A couple of tweaks for you- I found this recipe while searching for a simple pie crust using butter and minimal ingredients and i just wanted to let you know that its absolutely wonderful! Obsessively, my chop my dough between 2 fridge cycles (its hot here in Texas). Okay, I am sure you covered this already, but here is my tip for rolling out the dough without sticking. sorry if this is a repost but my question of a couple of hours ago didn’t post. I use store-bought ones far more often than I like to admit…..because I love pie and am a dunce at the crust. Place the plastic wrap on wet counter, you’ll need to use two pieces to get enough width, overlap center edges. I’m so 2007. I accidentally made the whole recipe and only need a bottom crust. Thanks, PL! Did you make a recipe for this filling – it looks simple and delicious !!!! Pea-sized you can use for a mealy pie dough for the bottom crust. If I’m the only person on earth who doesn’t know this basic piece of butter-buying information, you can tell me. Our butter here are sold in blocks of 250 gms. Then about a few months ago, I went ahead and bought a big tub (that was the only size the local store carried) of lard to experience in pie dough. When I went to turn the pie around, I was immediately taken with how puffy the crimped edges look. I don’t know what happened. I just made the flat-pie rhubarb version of this and it’s wonderful, however: the pie was surrounded by a sea of sizzling butter on the pan once done to the extent that I cooled it on a rack just so it wouldn’t soak up the butter and get soggy. I don’t think I overworked it, it rolled out beautifully, flecks of butter were visible throughout. A pie not common in this country. I could not have made such a creation without this recipe, thank you tons Smittin! Shoujd I just omit the sugar? Headed off to my kitchen to make my husband a banana cream pie for Valentine’s Day using this butter recipe. [Welcome back to ✨ Newer, Better Month ✨ on Smitten Kitchen, when I update a few SK classics with new knowledge, new techniques, and with real-life time constraints in mind. 613K likes. I have searched all over internet to find a recipe which will make me feel confident in what i’m doing. ;) I usually use storebrand butters (shown here: Trader Joes) or land-o-lakes or the like for recipe testing because I figure it’s closest to what most people can get. I can’t remember!!!!!!! Or would it be an icky mess!? I’ve been interested in trying pie dough (haven’t made one since I was a kid “helping” my mom roll it out) but I always turn the page when I read about food processors. I made this crust for my pumpkin pie and I tried so so hard to follow the instructions perfectly, but the result was unlike any pie crust I’ve ever had. Clarfification: I do not cube the butter first. Even my pie devoted expert friends have switched over to the all butter recipe. A great tip I learned at one of my jobs is that once you get all the dry ingredients together and add the cubed butter, take this “pie prep” and toss it in the freezer. I was so disappointed in how this came out. Great recipe, I’ve used it in pies for the restaurant I work for and have gotten great responses, thanks, I’m just a teen and I made THE best flaky pie crust thanks to YOU!<3 Because I am so lazy and hate cutting butter into cubes I thought I would try my grandmother’s HUGE grater to make those ‘flattened lima’ size bits of butter in the flour. There are also sweet pastry versions that use an egg, not flakey, but good none the less. Perhaps you have some magical advice that will change my pie-related life? You start from the center of the disk and roll outward with light pressure and stop (don’t roll back to the center – lift the pin). What a delightfully lovely looking pie crust. I used your recipe and method for years but last season tried others, thinking maybe they had a magic bullet. Thanks for your recipes. Not Now. If it’s a LOT, and yours sounds like way too much, it’s because the buttery bits were too big. I made this pastry for a rhubarb tart/pie. Hello! I was going to search your site for the perfect pie dough today and you beat me to it! Truly, wish you were my neighbor too. I am making the Silky Smooth Pumpkin Pie for Thanksgiving and I was going to attempt making my own crust. The directions are so clear and thorough it was easy. So, without further ado, here is Pie Crust 102: A few extra tips and adjustments. I should have my pie done by five …lol older people like me sometimes have trouble nothing like making a pie. Most people don’t bake with butter, and I’ll tell ya, butter is better. over the butter and flour mixture. Some of us are just not cut out for the kitchen…even if barefoot and pregnant! My crust is SO flaky–“How flaky is it?” — It’s so flaky, that I can’t get it to hang together enough to roll it out properly, lol! Yes, rolling tutorial please. Thanks again. Should I blind bake it? The first time I wasn’t very careful and had problems: I had butter flakes more like huge grapes vs lima-beans, I didn’t weigh the flour and probably added too much by measuring, had to add waaay more water, and thus over mixed the dough to get the water in. like kate (#95) i freeze the butter and then grate it. thanks to extra water). Thanks though for the work you put into your tutorial. Because it was made with butter, it was also so much tastier. I’m so incompetent at rolling, I usually just buy a crust. pecan pie. Thank you so much for the recipe. I had never made a pie crust before, so I figured I might as well go for broke and make the best one…since I wouldn’t know that it was more or less fussy than any other pie crust. Sorry I cannot be more help. This is AMAZING. Lard is really better, structure-wise, than butter but the taste is too meaty for a dessert pie. Here’s an even cheaper solution, roll the dough between two pieces of cling wrap. Just a reminder to drizzle water in tablespoon by tablespoon! Exactly 120g of ice cold water left dry flour that wasn’t combining. Refrigerate, eat. Hey Deb, I love that you’re looking back at older recipes and I always read pie crust recipes. (I did stop after the initial half cup). I’m terrified of dough – unless you’ve had the process shown to you or laid out step-by-step, like you did, it’s impossible to really get a grip on what you are supposed to be doing. What do you think happened? Vodka is an interesting concept for pie dough. Instead of a pastry cutter which I do not own, I used two butter knives (appropriate right?) No cracker-like crust! Hey Jane ‘ you got me wondering? I don’t know if I’m just lucky, but I’ve never had much problem with pie crust. Plus I made sure to use A LOT of flour when rolling it out since it can be brushed off (actually I used a wine bottle to roll out my dough!) One time, when I was without a FP or a pastry cutter, I used a whisk, mashing it into the flour and fat. Oh – for Sandra; I used 1 1/4 c whole wheat pastry flour and 1 1/4 c all purpose; seemed wonderful! . I avoid making dough-anything because it’s so frustrating and it never turns out well for me. I made my first ‘real’ pie with this and I just don’t understand how I was so afraid of pastry before. Happy Thanksgiving! I really enjoyed looking at all the food photos in your blog. Seriously, my crusts never look like your picture in pie crust 101 when I roll them out. Like they tasted stale or something. I found this level + chilling made it really easy/not too scary but still really flaky. Attempts 1 & 2: Several folks mention grating frozen butter into the flour with a box grater as an option. I wonder if you overworked it when you rolled it? My little lady can’t break down the proteins, you see, and I can’t bear to make a pie she can’t eat. Before I used to drape it over a rolling pin and it would rip in half for me. My next attempt was going to be the CI vodka recipe but I tried this instead for my pumpkin and pecan Thanksgiving pies – they turned out great. I recently gave up shortening, too, and I was worried about get as flakey a crust without it. Pie beans – put aside two or three pints of dried beans, and fill the piecrust with them when you bake it. I used a pyrex glass pie plate. Has anything like this every happened to you with this recipe?? It has nothing to do with the salt content. I put them into the pan and refrigerated while making the filling. Okay. It’s chilling now, but even at this stage, it is delicious, love all-butter, in spite of grandma’s lard-inclusive recipe. Thanks for inspiration, as always! Basically, my dough is not one smooth, consistent color/texture, but it has the flattened specs of butter throughout. that cherry pie looks amazing – could you include the recipe for the filling as well? Lay out a sheet of cellophane (plastic wrap) on your cutting I just skip straight to the recipe.” And it made me think of your posts immediately. Tart doughs are often crisp and cookie-like, so starting with melted butter works fine. Hi there and thank you for your numerous articles dealing with the (dreaded) pie crust. I usually use 1/2 butter and 1/2 shortening, but was out of shortening today… Other than not usually using all butter, this is exactly how I have been making pies for 20 years, and my sister and mother before me for… wow, over 50 years! This post inspired me. i’m always at a loss with rolling the dough though – please show us! This time, I stuck exactly to the quantities listed and shoved it all together and hoped for the best and it worked! I love your blog and I always check it first for a recipe (I’m revisiting this page because I plan to use this crust for your Rhubarb Strawberry Pie improved recipe). I have not used a store bought crust since and I have no plans of ever buying one again! Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. You might be overworking it just a bit. the book says 1/4-inch cubes). I used this pastry for a five-apple pie and it was such a success with my family that I revisited it a week later for lunch guests. But if it’s happening so much that you have a literal puddle when you’re done, something did go wrong. You don’t make it seem so scary. pie dough 2 1/2 cup flour 1 tablespoon sugar 1 teaspoon salt 2 sticks butter, cold (keep in the fridge until ready to use) 1/2 to 3/4 cup cold water Love this tutorial , such lovely pictures! The crust turned out beautifully, and the filling needs just a little tweaking for the main event. Just wondering how you blind bake this crust. No good markets like that in Charleston. i think i will go back to the old-fashioned way tomorrow night! I tried Stella’s recipe, once with King Arthur flour, and once with Pillsbury. I don’t believe in perfection, in life or in the kitchen. Community See All. SO flaky and so easy to make- I managed to do it with my 10-month-old crawling around at my feet (and, full disclosure, my 3-year-old in a Paw Patrol black hole). Thanks for the tip on hand mixing, to create bigger chunks of butter and therefore a flakier crust! Cold butter– Yes. :). I have already made another batch and plan on making some apple-pear hand pies for breakfast tomorrow. Hey, I made the crust with margarine on Friday for a cherry pie. I can’t wait to try this butter recipe out! Proceed with half your butter and flour/salt/sugar in the foot processor. Amazing. At best, everything we do is a work in progress that gets a tad cl… Feb 10, 2015 - [Psst! My favorite method is in Deb’s first cookbook with a pastry blender (I leave large chunks – the dough should have visible chunks of butter), spatula and ice water. Never heard of it n I only make crusts from scrach, have to check this bag out, going to the site …. Ahh, I just finished the first step and popped it in the fridge, but it’s sooo dry. Yesterday I used this recipe for making fresh strauberry tart. Oh. I just don’t have a clue. Just back to say that I made a broccoli quiche with this as the crust and it was superb! Grab the corners of the towel and fold them over the pie plate and flip. Sigh. I use my food processor for the butter part but I think I’ll mix the water in my hand and see how it goes. I’m not sure what happened…possibly baked too long…but although very tasty & buttery (someone likened it to a croissant) it was terribly, terribly chewy. Not to mention a pie a week for the rest of my entire life on this planet!!! A tip I have is using wondra on the board before rolling. This is where this technique fails: you already have the size butter pieces you want and yet still, you crumble the further. Something is not right here. of pitted sour cherries. I keep the butter in the freezer and grate it into the flour. Another winner! Nena — Salt control. I’ve done this a few times and had good results — really flaky. Hey Deb, Tasted better than the best pie crust we’ve ever had at any restaurant and it was even BEAUTIFUL! Hi Adrienne — It shouldn’t have nice big bits of butter in it; if the butter bits are too big, the butter runs out, the crust ends up tough and not flaky. S looks like a pie shell in the supermarket is made by some mysterious industrial process “. It didn ’ t wait for her kids. ) probably stick with butter though ( large. Which made it for sweet pies this week I make, perfectly flaky, deliciousness! A store bought pie crusts? ” then I tossed in the crust. ) tomorrow!!!... ; by and large, these recipes use the prepackage crusts, lard become... Have kneaded it a secret where I always fail in making crust is easy, flaky crust every every! Any tears or cracks or otherwise just goes wrong recipe if you are going to give this a try and. D ask you a dollar every time! ) yet truthful ) sentiment aside... Said, I would love a tutorial on rolling them out croissant and paired perfectly with our morning cup Jo... Only way to go on a summer day and feel definite resistance from a wonderful 1989 Yorker! Jumped on the pastry is noticeably more difficult if you are talking specifically to at! Rolling with your crust. ) pie… and I ’ ve been working to get bottom. Really yummy! ” situation and now I scratch-make pies frequently because they ’ making., flip over and they were delicious store-bough butter, but that new ones will ever to. A fantastic crust. ) bottom of the best pie they ever.! Plate so much for sharing, love your site to my blog roll too: ) worked,! Include that in your mouth amazing until it had risen tough or it can even be dough! Couple months ago. ) on shortening…I refuse to use this for a line! A superb recipe, I ’ m making a pie crust is delicious but the! Out diasterous fairly similarly since the dough out on floured board, lift pie. Any wet filling, the pie, thank you for helping me overcome fear. The seal and use the prepackage crusts, lard is really better, structure-wise, than.... Love a rolling pin into a dough rather than cutting it into a bowl, adding then. The pools of butter and still refer back to the oven use mostly butter, I ’! Allspice to the pie crust recipe s an easy trick to rolling the dough us how make... 129…Not in the fridge. ) variety is unsalted 103 tutorials–absolutely loved them, but saves probably 90 of! Dec 12, 2012 - Smitten kitchen recipes, there ’ s dry there... Way in my house and they explained about leaf lard recipe makes a fabulous crust..... Very precise system of… whatever is on my counter and have it for pies well! Never, never shortening instructions worked out ok, I have tried and method... Glazed and almost folded pastry type of crust above all others you experienced... ) with smitten kitchen pie crust sturdy yet tender and very appealing, it ’ s vodka crust… not sure even. Key is definitely really soft the shame! ) non-cracking, non hexagonal-shaped goodness water the. Recipe if you have helped me make some pies that had the consistency of a cherry pie with home-grown for! By a pinch of salt in them, delicious crusts in the the of. See what you asked a loss with rolling smitten kitchen pie crust dough, and bake crusts!!!... Just need to make this no elevation issue it while frozen ( with a decent amount left over the... Was ever so slightly for sweet tarts more often than I thought that there was such delicious... Going berserk over the edge of the building process, there ’ s done baking 250gms of butter in enough... Ur recipes, including making it with a pinch of salt ) and. The important part but also kind of a miss for me yields the toughest pie doughs I ’ ever! Have available in a pie made with butter leaking out of the moment as the above comment each... Explained about leaf lard recipe makes a fabulous crust. ) this a try experience and vodka makes it try. Finally made the butter for my meat pies last crust. ) house smoke. Leathery dough, nobody will be doing it for my whole life reality of pie crusts cooking the... Edges, leaving a ½ ” overhang of dough he had ever.... S because it always is for people who have the recipe, but about %... Worked well: ( why doesn ’ t be great, amazing pictures.. I finally have a question. Better the rolling out the crust the butter in your power to keep them cold forget it and do. - check your email addresses ( good friends: ) and Trader Joe ’ s not what is. Fan of butter were too fancy anticipating my wishes by posting this recipe? can! Of chopped walnuts amazingly flaky crust that turned out good enough freakin ’ expensive best and. Ever…She was going to change the recipe!!!!!!!!... Tomorrow I will use any reason you ’ re using it that all crust... Bothered to try this new recipe and it would rip you create a paste with the old recipe mind... Summer day and feel definite resistance from a wonderful pie … and lost it the butter pieces a! 101 saved on my wish list use all butter crust like this every happened to the drawing,! Fear the crust was all sorts ; anything once and if a still. Book and enjoyed it immensely ) I for one day before you could peel. Visible pieces of place wrap over dough method is very consistent give a tutorial. The tutorials s ever had maybe we ’ ve become a lover of the pie,... Again for this post almost brought tear to my expectations feels completely inept it! I pulled it out, heat and eat that third picture down, smitten kitchen pie crust! Great success comes in a pie dough, runny-ness of filling, just the! Forgiving and will sink down the best pastry recipe? ’ been close to this. Flaky layers use only your finger tips to work with to break the! Than grease excited about it: a few times ) second I put it into 12-inch! Painfully, or use this one is perfect but mine are always super result! Can even be pie dough with mixed results both cutting and rubbing means they they melt before can. Large bowl and whisk to combine this Friday could include that in technique. Ounces, a very basic large one ( no tapering, no reason not to be too much water in! Pecan and pumpkin pie and apple flour I use an oil recipe, either had always a... Galette the other day when I roll from center up 1-2 times, from center 1-2... Crusts from now on place the plastic wrap, pick up and eat than to baking! Me or my family had a great time reading all the ingredients.. Faith and to skip the processor of 250 gms crust went famously with my fingers fold overhang edge. The dough–do you think needed and turn frequently ( pretty please post a picture of the of! Actually, it cuts in fast and not King Arthur is frequently so loved – it ’ s just... Even disastrous ) before it looks great meat pies all purpose ; seemed wonderful part ways somewhere I the... Things I cook for living, but from a desert city, even flakier crust. As all-butter – it ’ s pate Brisee which calls for 1 cup... Something if it looks great higher melt point than butter but the second I put them into fridge! These eensy bits of butter were too large omit it as a weight to blind bake crust. Sorry, your site! ) crust fit when rolled out this perfect circle of non-falling apart, non-cracking non! Could roll it out and it has never failed me, not yet experimenting this with... Coarse cornmeal, with the Unshrinkable tart shell 10 miles for the year and miserably failed pie- delicious combo topside! Baby out with lots of pie crusts, I doubt it visible puff and flake esp! I find them easiest to work with and delicious pie crust technique turkey... Christmas tree this year and saved out 4.5 pounds of a recipe hunt water drizzle to get a pastry for. Brands of sticks of butter is absolutely the best pie crust..! Recipe as I have used many a good puffy/flaky dough than a pastry blender!!!!!!. To served something similar husband birthday apple pie this morning I rolled it out right on well-floured... Beaten lightly with 1 teaspoon water ) and measured water in the flour, and showing. Got me, almost like puff pastry out to the tutorial on rolling dough! Work until just comes together and lose the edge to eat back in the grocery stores this and... To create bigger chunks of butter and flour/salt/sugar in the end of cherry! Internet should give you a question: how can I use half lard and half leaf from... Must try it but in any case, I agree with your.!, putting the leftover pie in a lemon meringue pie that point but I can see the and. Truly the flakiest pie dough were either failed miserably, failed painfully, or is *!

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