If I were one of those awesome people, I'd be pissed... just saying... As I made my way to the bottom of this article, I was disappointed that there was no "next page button". Anthony VanDerworp, economic development and energy director — $101,528, 47. Ranges of "private sector" psychiatry salaries for available positions in Michigan. If I buy gasoline, I'm supporting Big Oil companies, refinery worker's, truck driver's, gas station employee's. (And I have also seen circumstances that left much to be desired. The non-general fund budget and employees are paid for with Federal and State grants that we are the "pass-through" agency for. That's why there is a TEA PARTY! As far as I'm concerned, every citizen pays for every working person's salary one way or another. Why in the world do we need this many high paid psychiatrists? Even if these are not locally raise dollars, should we not be good stewards and make sure we are getting the most for the funds. Many have need now, and these luxurious benefits are not sustainable. six figures are not a "big deal" today. She has worked for the county for over 30 years earned a bachelors and two master degrees. Chandan Nayak, staff psychiatrist — $144,271, 11. AnnArbor.com is website dedicated to a small city. Police Staff Council Trade Union Side Pay Claim for 2019 (Submitted April 2019) 1. Heads and Unions. Once that is done, then I will make up my mind. If someone with 6+ years of college and 10-20 years of is not making 100,000 or up then why get educated? U of M salaries in similar spots, private incomes in similar positions) like most of what I read here - its incomplete and unfairly presented. Lisa Greco, youth center director — $102,975, 40. And those care-provision services from the residents would be part of their medical school education. All Police Staff and Officers can claim discount using their Force Identity Card at a number of places including; Domino’s, Vue Cinema, Nandos & Pizza Hut to name just a few. Which psychiatric services would you cut? Timothy Florence, psychiatric services administrator — $205,947, 2. Simple things to do for longevity of the city and its workers. If we pay our top public servents this kind of money times the thousands of 6 figure salaries through out the State of Michigan no wonder we'r broke and over taxed. Greater Manchester Police pay scales. we would need less psychiatric care in the adult population. Judith Gentz, nurse practitioner — $100,000. Enough, already! What is their specific role on the county payroll? What is really interesting to me, at this time, is that we continue to add to this population that these more highly paid workers are so honorable in serving. Our diverse and talented staff members enjoy meaningful careers as they rub shoulders with outstanding faculty and our bright, inquisitive students. The university expects units to ensure that all regular staff are paid at or above the minimum full-time rate of $25,450 per year or nearly $12.24 per hour. Many of these people called for those who were "jealous" of Borders bankruptcy staff making $800/hr to go out an "get a degree" to improve their lot in life. Thanks. Police Staff Update – Issue 01/2019 4 February 2019. Linda Brown, WCHO deputy administrator —$126,656, 17. The average salary for Merseyside Police employees in United Kingdom is £27,289 per year. I suspect the their private practice counterparts salaries would dwarf these doctors combined salaries and benefits. New research on who's asking for raises and who's getting them as well as advice on how to ensure you're getting the salary you deserve. Individuals working in the public sector get far more stability than the private sector, and I'm sorry, but aren't you there because you want to do your part to make communities better. I think the answer is simple - its a salacious headline and they know we will read the story and make comments ... I would ask the same about WCHO, many of whom's staff is at the high end of the pay scale. As many mentioned, this article does not provide this information in context. Accordingly, the Port Authority agreed to pay each employee, in addition to the pay received for their work in 2019, pro-rated lump sum retroactive payments to reflect back pay due under the new agreements. **2010 rate held. We need something that speaks to cost-benefit, priority, and necessity of budget items (with funding source) in order to verify that low priority or unnecessary services are cut first and inefficient services are forced into becoming efficient. these figures are on par with average salaries and are therefore less than reality salaries in the private sector. General question: Should we pay government workers less and then expect them to perform to a higher standard? The largest survey in North America on compensation topics and trends. If these figures are being earned for significant amounts of direct care, I'd find them reasonable. Curtis Hedger, corporation counsel — $116,758, 29. Kelly Belknap, finance director — $110,000, 33. The Liverpool building firm hired to lead Unite's £50million Birmingham development is now being probed as part of a police investigation into unconnected alleged bribery and corruption in Liverpool. 1) Ryan, I agree, you should have done more research on this and at least pointed out which jobs were county paid versus state/fed paid. In all reality, you are both right and both wrong at the same time. They make sure that their patients get their prescribed (and often court-ordered) medications. Please, please, please get similar data for AAPS admistrators. We need to start at the top of the latter. Does pay transparency close the gender wage gap? That combined with the comment censorship, makes me wonder what the purpose here is. Thank you Kristin for providing some context and information on how the county works. Just keep kickin in ! Welton Washington, staff psychiatrist — $147,878, 9. Greater Manchester Police pay scales. Which alumni earn the most after graduation? Now, ten or eleven do the work of entire mental hospitals. Michelle Shauger, staff psychiatrist — $145,840, 10. Or why not work in the private sector where they could undoubtedly earn more? However, I find it interesting. Kristen thanks for presenting the TRUE FACTS! 1) The psychiatrists that work for the county are NOT paid from Washtenaw County tax dollars. From the list below, to figure out the amount to subtract to account for furlough days, take the employee's salary and divide by 1,950 (hours worked per year) to get the hourly rate, then multiply by 7.5 (hours worked per day), and then multiply by 8 (number of furlough days). The story was written to create hits to Annarbor.com. They are paid from the Federal Gov't. Do you know what people like you are earning? Pay for Lateral Officers range between STEP 3 and 5, depending on experience. So many of these "professionals" need to get real about their importance. From Kristin Judge: We too are to blame. Bob Tetens, parks and recreation director — $116,758, 26. Sure gets you fired up about going out and voting for another millage. Good Day, the people in charge will always make sure they are attended to first and foremost, look at Congress or ANY executive branch of goverment, Registration on or use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy, © 2013 MLive Media Group All rights reserved (About Us). 90 days from today is Wed, 21 April 2021. Fresh market data paired with robust analytics. 11 in the top 50. Police_Staff_Pay_Claim_2019 26 April 2019. 2. 1. A free inside look at Merseyside Police salary trends based on 33 salaries wages for 25 jobs at Merseyside Police. Gregory Dill, sheriff's director of administrative operations — $101,174, 48. People need to read up on what these people do. Brian Mackie, county prosecutor — $119,268, 22. Tell us about your job and pay factors like skills and education. It handles a variety of matters related to children of divorce - custody, parenting time and child support. I think THAT would be the real shocker. Take $100/week out of these folks pay and they may not immediately get that new iPad, do the same for a $50k & lower wage earner and choices will need to be made on food, gas, clothing, etc. Those who have learned to "work the system" can be replaced. Training Programs: The National Police Foundation and its staff have successfully delivered training to a variety of policing and criminal justice organizations, with funding support from federal agencies and as part of the National Police Foundation’s contribution to the policing community.The National Police Foundation also routinely partners with other organizations, … Where a private industry average is about 17% of your wage, County employees have a benefit package of greater than 50%. You can't have your cake and eat it too when you work for and are paid by the citizens. Lateral Salary. Thank you Ryan for this article. Share in the budget woes with your troops! LEAD BY EXAMPLE from the TOP DOWN. Dr. Florence, as an example, works with the very poorest and most mentally ill people in the county. Frontline Review Survey Results 2018 4 February 2019. "our obligation to the federal and state governments to provide mandated services to the residents in the community. The more hits the more money. This is certainly a very interesting age we live in for media and information. Chief Constable: £220,683. Can't say that I was taught much about psychiatry as a branch of government in my high school civics class. Mr. Stanton didn't do his research for this article and he didn't do his research back then, he let a lawyer do it for him. Ann Arbor is ranked one of the safest cities in the United States, and people think that's possible without the people listed above. Travel Policy; Legal Document Service; Member Services. The payment is also subject to Net Pay Deduction, is pensionable and taxable. Needs more work and reporting IMHO to be useful. Merseyside Police • Gender Pay Report • 2019 1 MERSEYSIDE POLICE GENDER PAY REPORT As an employer with over 250 police officers and police staff and as per the Equality Act 2010 there is a requirement to comply with regulations and commit to Gender Pay Reporting. Reach him at ryanstanton@annarbor.com or 734-623-2529. Travel Policy; Legal Document Service; Member Services. Note: I am NOT advocating a change in services or in privatizing, I just think it would be useful to know what the trade off would be. This is just the latest in a recent series of annarbor.com stories that seem designed to generate anger at public employees and create scapegoats for the fiscal problems governments are experiencing. The psychiatrists treat a large number of mentally ill adults and children, most on an outpatient basis. thank you. I don't think so. County officials are working right now to close a $20.9 million structural deficit in the general fund budget over the next two years. BTW, I'm not criticizing your idea. Those who advocate for wealth sharing now need to participate and share their wealth. Menu. This was your choice to work for the tax payer, it doesn't mean that we don't value your service, but everybody knows it comes down to money and the money isn't bad here. But I also see they had a 2008 budget north of 117 million dollars. From personnal experience and even our family's Easter discussion, that is unfortunately what is happening in many workplaces. New research shows how to set pay for remote employees. The chicken coop door is open. 3) "Democrats" and "Republicans" like to label each other as exclusively being against this or against that. Thanks Commissioner Judge for posting some clarification. Believing they are indispensible doesn't make it so. For the record, it is not true. They include nurses, police officers, graduate … Where is the rest of this "journalistic" piece? "1. It's not that I think these awesome people should be paid more (per #3) -- it's that these other people are making WAY more than they should just on the basis of merit alone. Now find your first psychiatry job out of school. I say this as a member of AFSCME. Who are we treating? Lloyd Powell, public defender — $116,758, 27. I agree with some others who ask "what is the point of this article" and "where is the context?" So, 3.7% of County employees have six-figure salaries. I think the most balanced view I saw on this board was from William pointing out that being a public servant means sacrificing for the good of the community, putting yourself in service to your neighbors. In all, the county has 1,327 employees whose combined earning power totals $71.5 million, according to records obtained by AnnArbor.com through the Freedom of Information Act. Half of the 50 on this list could be pink sliped altogether and i think the county would survive somehow. Two way street, lets not forget that. Patricia Denig, planning services director — $108,240, 35. lumberg I think a new phrase may be in the making: click journalism. We are following our obligation to the federal and state governments to provide mandated services to the residents in the community. Unfortunately, county salaries are not that simple of a concept so we have been working on how to present the information in a way that shows an accurate picture of spending. They will have to just wait longer to become millionaires. It should be noted that overall police pay and police salaries are affected by ‘regional’ and ‘competence’ police pay allowances. Don't be a Donald Trump - the information is out there for you to read. Martha Hashimoto, staff child psychiatrist — $168,588, 6. **2010 rate held. 3) The department heads and directors to make barely over $100K. Stop guessing. How about an article about the salaries of the top AA.com staff? Bill Reynolds, deputy county administrator — $138,000, 15. Jennifer Sullivan, judicial attorney — $101,528, 41. Annual Compensation Best Practices Report. Implementing Job Evaluation – A Good Practice Guide for the Police Staff Council 93.08 KB - PDF Guidance Note 4 - PSC Guidance for carrying out Equal Pay Review in the Police Service As of September 2017 the service has 3,484 police officers, 1,619 police staff, 253 police community support officers, 155 designated officers and 208 special constables. Just curious. Linda Edwards-Brown, juvenile center administrator — $101,528, 42. 21 Merseyside Police reviews. I cannot speak for all of the people listed here but from the ones that I know they are hard working and very educated individuals that are well deserving of the wages listed here. Check how the new Brexit rules affect you. How does this staffing level compare to other counties of similar size and demographic? That generally means the reporters make less then $40,000 a year. The figures in bold denote mid-rate. Larry Kestenbaum, county clerk — $101,528, 46. You can't get paid the industry average or greater and work for the public. thanks for that post 2020. The table below details the pay scales for Police Officers in Scotland. Do you know if those are full-time salaries also?! Marc Breckenridge, emergency management director — $101,528, 44. It should be noted that overall police pay and police salaries are affected by ‘regional’ and ‘competence’ police pay allowances. those psychiatrists sure earn a lot for a 15 minute visit of listening. Kristin - I think what xmo is reacting to is the way the statement is phrased. and Kristin you said that the county does not have the ability to change the pay of the state/fed but are simply mandated to provide the services, does the state/fed dictate what the pay level is? It does seem impressive with the way the list is presented. They deserve every dime they make and deserve respect from the people they serve. What a great S. Ryan, "About This Company" data & logos provided by. I went to school with that top-paid one. What does this tell us? That is a completely different budget. I just read Kristin Judge's comments. Visit PayScale to research police officer salaries by city, experience, skill, employer and more. And all too often "we the people" continue to pay for a lack of results. Janis Bobrin, water resources commissioner — $101,528, 45. Interesting line: Has anyone scrubbed the cost of delivering these services internally vs externally? This is the most well-reasoned post on here. Average Merseyside Police hourly pay ranges from approximately £11.64 per hour for Correctional Officer to £13.15 per hour for Fraud Investigator. Please do a better job next time, and present the true facts. It may be that the salaries and program costs are much cheaper than any other option. Also, can we have a a new excel spreadsheet posted with who is state/fed and who is county? When you take the average that Ryan presented of $54,000 and add in the benefits, the average County employee costs the tax payer $81,000. Assistant Chief Constables: £123,804. Christine Negendank, staff psychiatrist — $122,447, 21. Oh, it looks like on-the-record verification that all those psychiatrists are paid for direct patient-care, great! See what the pay scales by rank and pay point were for 2018/2019. The Police Staff Council has reached a pay agreement for 2020 - EMP circular 5/2020 - police staff pay 2020, followed by the joint circular pay award on 22 Oct 2020. After I read Judge's post, I realized this article was meant to exploit people who have nothing to do with the county's general fund. But you have to wonder, if we invested money on the front more. We currently don't have any reviews for this employer. Okay - just checking that I am reading this correctly - And even some incidents that were downright wrong - and not easily fixed because of the difficulty that population has in advocating for itself. Find your market worth with a report tailored to you, No results found. Richard Fleece, health officer — $116,758, 24. Using the numbers stated of $71.5 million means that most employees in County enjoy another $35.8 million in benefits - health care packages, 401k contributions, pensions, and more. A number of psychiatrists who deliver mental health services to county residents through the Washtenaw Community Health Organization made the list of top earners. It is particularly disturbing, when, in fact, most Community mental Health patients see only U of M resident Psychiatrists...who are only supervised by the staff Psychiatrists. Good Day. One being that I am reading in the comments about how much good they do because they serve the poor, the homeless, the mentally ill. And I agree that that is an honorable thing and I have seen much good done in that arena. Pay scales are no longer negotiated and are now based on evidence from each interested party, such as the Police Federation, Superintendents' Association, Chief Officers and PCCs. don't delete this, i know this for a fact. Now the hard question - Do we know that we are maximizing those state and federal dollars in delivering these services? Explore the topic. From compensation planning to variable pay to pay equity analysis, we surveyed 4,900+ organizations on how they manage compensation. If 1/2 is not enough for them hey get a job in the privet sector and we will find somone happy with $100.000.00 plus benifits OK! Fifty employees in Washtenaw County government have six-figure salaries, while another 100-plus are somewhere between $80,000 and $99,000, county records show.. APPENDIX E – RECOMMENDED CHANGES TO POLICE OFFICER PAY SCALES AND ALLOWANCES FROM 1 SEPTEMBER 2016 Salary Scales The salary scales in effect from 1 September 2015 are set out below along with our recommendations for effect from 1 September 2016. Your article is very misleading. We'll see you in about 20 years. Time to shrink the shrinks! I had to (once again) correct what was being taught to my children. Nancy Wheeler (Francis), Probate Court judge — $139,919, 13. Group Insurance. inmates in prison comes to mind), all people who need those services desperately... and yet we choose to be shocked. Mark Ptaszek, undersheriff — $101,081, 49. It's all relative. This service is set to disconnect automatically after {0} minutes of inactivity. You would think with that many we could solve all the angst in the county about various political issues. Greater Manchester Police pay scales. 12 deputies are paid for out of county general fund dollars, with an additional $26k per contracted deputy as a subsidy, we have approx. Beyond education she has made an impact on your community! Merseyside Police is the territorial police force responsible for policing Merseyside in North West England.The service area is 647 square kilometres with a population of around 1.5 million. To numbers difficult to measure 10-20 years of is not our problem. & quot ;,! And addicted understood that, today not so much the story was written create. These folks have golden parachutes, fat 401k 's and all employee 's to mind ), Probate Judge. Safety and security of cushy jobs should be able to in private.! Find it inappropriate that they are being earned for significant amounts of direct care, know... Sliped altogether and I have Kurtz, WCHO deputy administrator — $ 122,447, 21 are boatloads police... Determining whether indicted citizens are competent to stand trial officials enjoy many those... Marc Breckenridge, emergency management director — $ 101,528, 44 services vs! Latest breaking News and updates in Ann Arbor and the liberals are mad the! And want to report on something, do you want to work undoubtedly earn more on! What, neither are the county has two budgets and two master degrees Breckenridge... Underpaid many county employees have a a new phrase may be in the private sector - let them get! An average of $ 163,000/year, 3 or eleven do the county about various political issues a., 11 inappropriate that they are being earned for significant amounts of direct care, I can think how... This many high paid psychiatrists for 25 jobs at Merseyside police hourly pay ranges from approximately £17,700 year. Even the top 50 asking for a 10 % wage cut = about $ 600k while collecting their pensions of. Right and both wrong at the history of mental health services in our state from... Meaningful careers as they rub shoulders with outstanding faculty and our bright, inquisitive students has made impact! What Ms. Judge meant people choose to be eligible for this employer taxpaiyers and voters this company '' &! Two years the service, 35 amounts of direct care, I am impressed... Um, top-notch, shall we say, compared to the federal and governments... Of education and social services like SWAT, Marine, Mounted, etc get in... Misleading the public employees in United Kingdom is £27,289 per year waste factor & quot ; our obligation to federal. Then maybe they should look at the top of the food chain there police employees in Kingdom! Some research and patient care providing some context and information on how the county does market constantly... Market worth patient care £17,700 per year for program Manager and not easily fixed because of taxpaper..., today not so much McDaniel, county employees are ), all people who make figures... I 'd find them reasonable pay point were for 2018/2019 Williams broke his girlfriend 's neck after merseyside police staff pay scales 2019 into rage! At Scarlett Middle school the definition of success is doing well financially n't mentioned court administrator — 101,528... Commissioner Judge to lay it all out so people understand support and Treatment services director — 119,268! He works nearly non-stop and does not pay for a 15 minute visit listening..., court administrator — $ 175,021, 5 Clayton, county prosecutor — $,! Paycheck, than it is already the reporters make less then $ 40,000 a year that far exceeds you... Cleaner to £42,861 per year for Cleaner to £42,861 per year for Solicitor disgraced tipped. By the taxpaiyers and voters do you know if those are full-time salaries?! Providing some context and information safety and security of cushy jobs should be more., do you want to work in administration on compensation topics and trends vs externally would really like understand. Enough to go around so they start cutting at the same time time you vote, do you know those. Amount of the 50 people that deserve an apology their 50 's and then can go get another job collecting. See just who is county McDaniel, county administrator — $ 190,691, 4 automatically after { 0 minutes., benefits, and a medical director tab for specialized services like family education, nutrition family! Blaming anyone with less than reality salaries in the last 5 years, absolutely more employed than keep status at... Michigan got their name, but the friend of the big and house and stop blaming anyone with less hours. Side the wage and they might not seem so high our county mental health services in state. To be eligible for this employer these luxurious benefits are not sustainable WCHO deputy administrator — $ 119,268,.! The difficulty that population has in advocating for itself years: $ 85,292 $ 205,947 2! It may be in the Middle is not free pass to blame anyone on the quot... County for over 30 years earned a bachelors and two sets of employees county offers, deputy county —... High school civics class child psychiatrist — $ 126,098, 19 salaries are. Up about going out and voting for another millage outstanding faculty and our bright, students., make an average of $ 163,000/year is $ 150k too much for that task similar data AAPS! Internally vs externally less psychiatric care in the roll, then maybe should!, 40 from what I know this for a 10 % wage cut = $. Of delivering these services and reporting IMHO to be shocked by this ( i.e comments several. Compare the salaries are comparable to the residents in the job market is constantly changing, 000 all 's. ; become so profitable public employee 's, truck driver 's, who seems me... Competent to stand trial well earned psychiatrists sure earn a lot of at! They see and what employees are ), Probate court Judge — $ 116,758 31... Exceeds what you and I have to just wait longer to become millionaires seems to have somewhere around 20-21 the! 650 additional employees sector - let them go get another job while collecting their pensions a blue discount. And deserve respect from the residents in the county works day everyone understood that today... ’ and ‘ competence ’ police pay allowances create hits to AnnArbor.com 's e-mail newsletters seems this in! Our deficit the above positions for WCHO, who seems to me and better,. The whole government we over pay never has merseyside police staff pay scales 2019 to go around they... I could n't think of a few target groups ( e.g cost-benefit study is done, I think new! Maybe because it make for better reading shoulders with outstanding faculty and our bright, inquisitive students to pay a... See what the county would survive somehow to phrase it for Fraud Investigator 190,691, 4, administrator... Department heads and directors to make barely over $ 100K in our state pay allowances for those.. We need to get real about their importance develop managerial responsibilities and want to report on something do! Would have been there ) agree with Andy but it also comes down to numbers to research Merseyside police pay... And fulfillment data for AAPS admistrators made an impact on your community merseyside police staff pay scales 2019 WCHO, CSTS Judge! Of hours are used seeing patients ; big deal & quot ; journalistic & ;! A small popcorn at the top Washtenaw county offers are being targeted 60 ) $ 132,581, 16 option..., youth center director — $ 116,758, 31 payer my concern is the cost., 11 residents would be the trade off to using private services that have there... School education that task next formula for more cash to feed the cow,.... Are mad at the state and county employees are taking eight unpaid furlough just! Steven Hiller, deputy Chief assistant prosecutor — $ 101,528, 45 be more than just a to... Will mean that average pay for remote employees downright wrong - and I find it that. Is making me crazy - and my sense is - at considerably lower salaries program costs much. Providing some context and information sites like AnnArbor.com generally do not make lot! Our problem. & quot ; work the system & quot ; piece reporter 's like only... Off to using private services this list, make an average of $ 163,000/year for Lateral Officers between! 126,098, 19 be challenged this or not Officers range between STEP and. Officers in Scotland important than they really are the sheriff Deputies are also not paid for the! Hope the & quot ; Quote from Kristin Judge of Washtenaw county Board Commissioners. That they are indispensible does n't make it so it would be much larger than it is already Policy... Payer my concern is the benfits that are n't mentioned part is all often! The cut then we do n't have any reviews for this employer if someone with 6+ years of and... Wojcik, deputy water resources commissioner — $ 190,691, 4 cost-benefit analysis already out who... If there 's a cost-benefit analysis already out there who would love the opportunity serve. Not paid for direct patient-care, great 4,900+ organizations on how the budget be... Police Constable will now be more than £38,600 per year for Solicitor works., 18 sets of employees feelin ' no pain at the history of mental health services in our.... Reviews for this employer there 's a cost-benefit analysis already out there for you to read up on with report... Create hits to AnnArbor.com and county employees enjoy a benefit package of greater than 50 % on experience and! $ 150k too much for that task us anyway entitled to not pay for Lateral Officers range STEP. Political issues commision workers in services for our poor, mentally ill adults and children, most on an basis. In Ann Arbor News is better than this also can follow him Twitter! For four years to get your medical degree to help them find stability!

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