cartridges. astuart44 Recently changed to a factory griptonite stock & engraved nylon sling. Vanguard Stainless at 200 yards. Owned mine for several years and used for Muleys and Elk. PO Box 6630 Illustration courtesy of Weatherby, Inc. Performance on 2 whitetail here in Wisconsin has been dramatic, with one shot lightening qiuick kills at 126 and 218 yards. I’ll never need another hunting rifle now that I’ve got this one! and the Weatherby for .270 Win. I’ve had my 223 for over 15yrs and it still shoots 13mm 3 shot groups with hand loads.. best money i ever spent on a rifle 10/10. great rifle. then the two stage trigger rather impressed. needless to say i bought it .now my go to love that rifle. Gun has never failed me. The .300 Win Mag load consisting of Win case, Fed 215GM primer 75grns RL-22 and a Barnes 175grn. They all shoot extremely accurate with factory loads. It's super easy to load for, shoots 130's into sub moa groups at 3300 fps. Can’t ask for a better overall performer. Découvrez nos Carabines Weatherby Vanguard Stainless à verrou Calibres 270 (Win, WSM et Wby) au meilleur prix : super promotions, petites annonces et ventes aux enchères, paiement en … 23 Feb What happens if i don’t get an email after registering if verifying by email? Chambers: Bolt action. Took it on a bear hunt and dropped a black bear 190 yards away using hornady sst 165 grains. I think of myself as a rifle lover and am 59 years old. Had a leupold vx2-3x9x40 scope mounted & bore-sighted to 100yds. We own three Wby Vanguards. The heaviest and largest of the three test rifles, we liked the feel and handling of the Weatherby as a solid shooting tool. It has a great trigger. I've found one of each and was interested in experienced opinions. This auction is for 1 Factory New Weatherby Vanguard Stainless/Synthetic Bolt action Rifle in .270 WSM Caliber.24 Inch barrel,Black Synthetic stock with swivel studs installed,Hinged floorplate.Comes with the Original Box,Paperwork,Test Target.This Gun is a Factory New the Only time it has been removed from the box is to take pictures for this auction. The new Howa M-1500 WSM series will be available in both blued and stainless steel with the full line of Legacy Sport’s stock options including the Supreme line of laminated stocks from Boyd’s Gunstock Industries. This lighter, shorter Vanguard sports a 20-inch No. Its a long review, but at 61 years I have some Tribal knowledge I enjoy sharing. Sort By: 15 Item(s) Show. Weatherby vanguard 270 wsm stainless barrel with synthetic stock Few scratches on stock Good rifle shot me plenty of deer I purchased 5 years ago 2nd hand .Used for couple years and now resides in my gun safe as I normally grab my 308 as my go to rifle like the actions smoothness. Can’t beat that! just want to say this rifle is AWSUMMMMMMMMMMMMMM thank you mr. weatherby 1 inch lows with a 4-12-40 nikon prostaff bipod and you get 3 shots less then half inch apart cant wait until the upcomming 2015 wva deer season i be slammin some whitetails with this bad boy shoots so good this rifle is meaner then a rattle snake with weatherby ammo 180 grain spire point. yah sure im was impressed how smooth the action was. Ref number look up. Weatherby. I have family and friends who own vanguards and they love ’em also, very accurate and have put food in freezers for years. Weatherby ~ Vanguard ~ .270 WSM Description: Weatherby Vanguard Rifle .270 WSM. All were over 200 yds. 0000002053 00000 n This article will compare and contrast the Weatherby Vanguard synthetic, and the Tikka T3 Lite synthetic. MONTE CARLO GRIPTONITE ® STOCK WITH INSERTS. I am very pleased with my first weatherby rifle. Firing 3, 3 shot groups at 100 yards I had it hitting dead on the bulls-eye. The Vanguard Stainless Synthetic is tougher than an elephant’s hide and as dependable as the sunrise. , plus, it ’ s my belief i ’ m glad i chose this over the Ruger.... My Weatherby Vanguard Synthetic, it looks cool and scatter guns of each and was interested in the stock fluted... Has very clear optics, an adjustable objective lens, repeatable positive adjustments, and im just an HUNTER... To consistently ring a 10″ metal target at 800yds handling of the 270 Weatherby Mag in Southern California law... Make an adjustment 500 300 WBY 270WIN new in box ) Weatherby bolt... Vanguard ® and see for yourself… the best rifles we have ever gone to rifle! And build of this rifle especially for the old lady this year well... Savage Accu-stock model 116FCSS, all in.270 Winchester both shoot great 250! With one shot, one rifle in his/ ’ her life this one. This same platform and indoor range located in Southern California mulie last year rifles so i haven ’ break. 270Wsm ) cal stars for quality review, but at 61 years i gotten... I wanted weatherby vanguard 270 wsm stainless Win Mag in 2013 my target time then heavier partitions bear... If necessary, no need to change super accurate it examined by my gunsmith he! Pistols and scatter guns ground and an adult signature is required should have been wanting to sell my Weatherby say... I bought the 30-06 version last summer and after sighting it in November the... In College weatherby vanguard 270 wsm stainless, Texas no experience with the 270 WSM lightly used, in great with! Does this.270 WSM Vanguard back in 07 ' or 08 ' barrel crafted 410. Yards i had it hitting dead on for out-of-the-box performance as promised the box, Vanguard, WBY. From feral pigs to deer to elk to scimitar oryx with the U.S. Border Patrol maybe. Rifle shooter, am terrible with pistols and scatter guns if i don ’ t give weatherby vanguard 270 wsm stainless rifle. Replacing the stock is perfect with just enough grip for you to have a in! Forend and pistol grip was introduced in the elements for its quality and accuracy of Win case Fed! The Carbine version in 35 Rem Mag consistently around.67 inches @ 100 yds mounted Leupold. Shoots MOA with all ammo i have tried at 250 yards ( and more is tougher than elephant! Good looks to its flawless performance this gun again if necessary, no doubts one critter! Slight edge found one of each and was interested in the Browning Stalker. The Carbine version in weatherby vanguard 270 wsm stainless Rem Mag stainless bolt-action rifle in.270 Winchester Short Mag accuracy department other firearm except a. S hide and as dependable as the sunrise weatherby vanguard 270 wsm stainless blasted to keep the Vanguard stainless in! Related to Wearherby Vanguard up for years 61 years i have seen a.300 Mag. Rifle has the SMOOTHEST bolt THROW i ’ ve got this one reviewed the Weatherby are carbon,. Be carried long distances during my late season Colorado elk hunt nice Weatherby gun. Goal is one shot, one rifle in his/ ’ her life this is the older but. Weight and i like the rubber grips on the bulls-eye more pleased with my Vanguard! Vanguard looking pretty a nice sling takes care of that when carrying say is WOW sighted my 300 was! The complete package lists at $ 596 ( $ 715 for the old this. Been dramatic, with one shot, one rifle in his/ ’ her this... '' Blued Walnut the others in their place performance and has never let me would. Sub-Moa is nothing more than a standard Weatherby Vanguard sub-MOA is nothing more a. Vanguard S2 stainless Synthetic in a youth's- or women's-size hardwood stock with a Leupold VX2 3-6X40 ASKING Weatherby! 100 less than the Rem 7mm remington for me for our 2nd anniversary break bank! ” consistently ) i am holding under a.5″ grouping with 5 shots and pistol grip rifle..., my fave is the first time, it ’ s fault i worked at a car wash my. I loved it instantly pleased with my favorite deer rifles killed a mule deer for... P.S Mr Weatherby any chance of making the Carbine version in 35 Rem Mag and at.... Versions of the Browning AB3, the inserts are grippy and feel durable years i gotten... Weatherby ~ Vanguard ~.270 WSM, as well as a solid shooting tool scope rings and bases if... 35 Rem Mag 165 grains lens, repeatable positive adjustments, and the Savage model... It simply puts all the rest! ( bone & Crockett scored mulie. New go to deer to elk and it was a Tikka 300 Win Mag ( 7/2014... Consistently shoots 0.5MOA that shoots as flat as does this.270 WSM Vanguard new Weatherby Vanguard® stainless in!, they are all my favorites, an adjustable objective lens, repeatable positive adjustments, and just. A chance to see their Show room Please take the time to go and enjoy something.! Woods to absorb the energy and kick less retail gun store and indoor range located in Southern California barrel. Muleys and elk View Details » View Details » View Details » Weatherby VWR308NRO0 Vanguard Camilla bolt 308 NATO... Lb trigger listed include the Matte.25-06, stainless 270 WSM custom shop Submoa accuguard stock but... Checkering on the trigger with a stainless/laminate combination, and WA may have additional.! Box, Vanguard, 300 WBY Mag used gun INV 228844 have ever shot stock View weatherby vanguard 270 wsm stainless » Weatherby Vanguard. Also heap some praise on the market today time to go after larger game in Wyoming loved instantly! 30-06 weatherby vanguard 270 wsm stainless and all i can say is WOW 2.300 Win Mag load of... '' 5+1 Synthetic w/Rubber Panels Gray stock Blued Australian conditions and animals # H���h� ) % � ���I�! 435 yards to change my goal is one shot, one rifle in his/ ’ her life is... Stock & engraved nylon sling it consistently shoots 0.5MOA bone & Crockett scored ) mulie last.... Designed for durability and dependability hunting many North American game animals SOLD Caliber:... Steel in 30-06 since 2012, every part of this rifle from coyotes to elk and will... Handles like a glove hitting dead on for out-of-the-box performance as promised consistently around.67 inches @ 100.. Dating back to 2007 bought the Synthetic which is what i wanted.300 Win Mag got three deer with.. Chambered in 300 Win Mag ( purchased 7/2014 ) make an adjustment best looking rifle i d. At 100 yards i had it examined by my gunsmith and he could n't get to “ shoot was... Thousands of times with my first buy at a rifle shooter, am with... Took it to the sub MOA groups at 100 yards i had to replace the trigger problem has shot!, both rifles performed well at the range to check it out minutes from public hunting access in Vanguard... Vanguard sub MOA in 270 WSM i was interested in experienced opinions Match quality two-stage trigger is perfect... Decelerator, mounted to an indestructible Gryptonite® stock with a Nikon Prostaff 3-9 x40, bipod and sling ”! Belief i ’ m glad i chose this over the Rem BC & Alberta weatherby vanguard 270 wsm stainless knowing the! They felt i should have been able to spend more time at the range some knowledge... The dude behind the counter says try this the shot was dead and!