Mine were very very light and flakey and didn’t really stay together when I took them out of the pan to dip the butter. Using two spoons, a piping bag fitted with a wide tip, a zip-lock bag with a one-inch corner cut off or a spring-loaded large cookie scoop, pipe or scoop the dough into walnut-sized mounds spaced evenly on the baking sheet. First published December 28, 2011 on smittenkitchen.com |, Pizza with Broccoli Rabe and Roasted Onions, http://www.kingarthurflour.com/recipes/doughnut-muffins-recipe, http://www.uberpanache.com/your-handy-guide-to-french-breakfast-before-a-luxury-trip-1372. In my home ec class in 7th grade we made french toast and due to lack of funds, we made one piece of toast for every 4 person group. They’re apparently the after-school goûter, or snack of choice, for the French schoolkid set and though I might be getting a late start on them, I am quickly making up for lost time. We LOVE them. I will say that for the mini-muffins, my baking time was closer to only 10 minutes, so depending on your oven watch the baking time. Not only do these look delicious–but they are so *cute*! And a foray into cooking which combined with helping my mother cook for 6 kids and escaping to Grandma’s occasionally to bake with her, was surely the foundation for what I love to do today. I cracked up at this post! I will try again when I’m over it. I have no idea what that means, LOL! Great photos by the way. When finished, muffins will feel springy to the touch and a tester inserted into the center will come out clean. Looks like I will be putting it to use on these beauties! I got to the topping stage a little faster by flipping the muffins on the side in their wells in small groups to let the bottoms get some air. I will be baking more of these in no time! My plan to reign over church fellowship coffee is now complete! We made these in Home Economics class when I was in high school – out of the Betty Crocker cookbook and still a yummy recipe. They look so egg-rich that I wouldn’t know where to start for substitutes. I probably don’t need to tell you how stoked I was about this (especially after nearly flunking Wood Shop the semester before with the saddest “toolbox” ever) although I am fairly certain they failed at whatever household management skills they’d hoped to impress on my 12-year-old self. Thanks. Your call. The original recipe from smitten kitchen has a few more steps compared to mine. Thanks!!! :). Bwahaha! Our teacher never showed this one, though. Three years ago: Gramercy Tavern’s Gingerbread and Pizza with Broccoli Rabe and Roasted Onions thank god I just had French toast before reading this post! I loved Clotilde’s descriptions of buying them by weight in French bakeries and how the best part is eating the sugar crystals (by licking your finger and reaching in, of course) that have collected in the bottom of the bag. If making these the a day ahead I would absolutely recommend dunking totally in butter; they also seemed less rich the next day. Could you clarify the recipe perhaps a little better? (I may have added a bit of Double Devon Cream… shhhh.). I found that the beater of my Kitchen Aid (6 qt.) I am lazing it bed, the firs day since Black Friday but these recipes are making my stomach jump for joy. Back to add that the next day, the puffs we had fully submerged in butter had a much softer, moister interior than the ones that only had buttered tops. I actually made a fantastic bookshelf in woodshop but set fire to a pot (grease fire) in home ec. Recipe from Smitten Kitchen. Hi A dough formed. Half the fun is watching them puff up in the oven. Maybe some of the people having problems could try that? I was able to coat them fully in butter and sugar, and had quite a bit of the sugar mixture left over. 4. My butter solidified a bit but I used it anyway! I keep remembering it and wishing I could recreate it, and now I can! I’d appreciate your thoughts! We have tried a similar recipe for baked donuts, but honestly they are a pain to make. and remember being terrified at all times that I was going to cut my finger off with the jigsaw. I cooked these minis around 360 (my oven is hot) for only 11 minutes. Just made these for my NYE Harry Potter marathon. I baked some of it, and I could tell that it wanted to puff up, but it was so liquid-y. It just sounds so sophisticated. sorry. I wonder if this would work if i substituted the butter in the batter with canola oil instead for a healthier option? 1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract I had enough for six people with big appetites but I did cover the whole muffins in the brown butter which made them pretty rich. Wow, made these last night. Another on my list to try. They are perfect and perfectly balanced as is! Another stellar recipe – I’ll repeat this one again and again! They are too wonderful to mess up. Was an epic fail. I haven’t made cream puffs in years and now I think I need to whip up a batch of chouquettes, yours look perfect and nummy! Hey Deb! My husband and I taste tested them when they just finished baking and loved them and I will take them to share with a group tomorrow morning where we don’t have an oven to warm them. Just made these, they are awesome and addictive. Love your story telling! I was so excited to get your tweak to the recipe but I have to say I made them yesterday and they did not turn out nearly as good as my moms!! Sausages in Puff Pastry Ingredients and Tools: Flour – just enough to flour the surface to roll out the puff pastry. (The others still burned.). Wonderful! I still feel embarrassed when I think about it! I only vaguely remember making a dry apple muffin in my home ec class; I may have been more interested if we made anything that even mildly resembled this. Which I love, but you can only get them at the fair. Kelly — These aren’t popovers. Leslie — Skim milk should work just fine here, but brown sugar is much harder to roll the cakes in. You said you got to try a bite of the cupcakes- lucky! This is the base for profiterole..all this needs is a nice chocolate ganache on top and a sweet pudding filling inside!! Again, I know I’m not the blogger here, but it would be nice if you’d let all those disappointed cooks know it’s not their fault. Gross. Thanks, Deb! Made in advance and frozen is what I meant to ask! A tip: grease the pans with the butter wrappers! How is it possible that this is the first time I’ve ever made these? Well, minus the buttermilk, baking soda, and browned butter (they must have been the original recipe), so when I saw this on Instagram I dropped everything, grabbed my 4 year old and told her we were baking. :). However…I could make these for brunch this weekend. And for the record, I tried fixing my soupy first batch of dough by heating it up on the stove, and while I did eventually get a ball of dough that looked right, the end results were all wrong. Thank you for another great recipe! I was confused greatly because I’ve never had a problem with the Danish Puff Pastry. I swapped out a couple of spoonfuls of APF for 100% Whole Wheat Pastry Flour, but still kept the overall flour measurement to 1 cup. Vknits — People are very rarely mean in the SK comment section. Standard textbooks? Been following you for a long long time and my family has benefitted from your scrumptious recipes a lot! I love the sugar and chocolate on top instead. Otherwise, you end up with really (and I mean really) thin batter!!! Browned some batter butter for extra deliciousness. These are almost exactly what my grandmother used to make – except she added wheat germ and called them Muff-nuts. Just made these and they are absolutely delicious! These are very delish! Grapes2 15. Danielle — Actually, when I went to visit The Lodge a few years ago, someone who came to my demo gave it to me as a gift, and I am such a terrible, tacky person that I a) forgot her name and b) never sent her a thank you note. Wow, you brought back a very old memory of eating these puffs when I took French in high school (eons ago!) Place the puff pastry circle over the apples and the strawberries in the skillet, tucking the overlapping portion down between the apples and the inside of the pan. And then I’ll be making them again! Can I make the puffs today & do the coating tomorrow? Prepare puffs: Whisk flour, baking powder, baking soda, salt and nutmeg together in a medium bowl and set aside. We made these in 8th grade Home Ec in 1971. You are a gem! Super light, but delicious. Lovely way to end 2011. Eat warm. Not a bite of either left. I didn’t think you could improve upon them, but there you go again, blowing my mind. You might want to check out the comment guidelines before chiming in. Thanks for another keeper. I could eat all 12 of these in one breakfast! I baked there for a bit, and we would make these fresh every morning, exactly like this. If I hurry I can make them and eat them before New Year’s resolutions have to be tended too! Then you throw them in a bag with the cinnamon sugar to coat. HELLOOOOO! Love your site! Maybe not perfectly but I was able to fill them with pastry cream. Those look insanely delicious. That’s the only recipe I remembered from jr high. I liked Hoem Ec better than woodshop, the clogs I made clop clop clopped when I walked – very 8th grade stripper. I’m not sure if this is because of the fluffy-ness problem or something else. When baked, those layers puff up and turn into the most delicate, light, golden, buttery flakes of pastry. Thanks! I never tasted them. I think we made them with tomato soup, but I don’t have a recipe for either one. Happy to see them pop up here, and will be even happier next weekend when I revisit my youth and stir some up once again. The kids seemed to like the coverage the confectioners gave, but they were definitely donut-like rather than cookie-like. (I never thought I’d want less browned butter in my life, so I went ahead and did 12 puffs with butter all over. My last trip to France included a few days in Lyon for work, and around the corner from the office on the main pedestrian plaza there was a chain bakery that sold chouquettes four/euro and good lord, I ate bags of them. So is it safe to say that browned butter is the new salted caramel, and that I’m EXTREMELY happy about that? This tart is, in essence, a French apple tart, a simple affair involving puffed pastry, thin slices of apples fanned this way and that before they are dotted with butter, sprinkled with sugar and baked in the oven until they solder together into an puddled-apple-butter-caramel fusion that is entirely greater than the sum of its parts. Would that be wrong? Gah! And talking about home ec! Place the skillet in the oven, and bake for about 30-35 minutes, until the pastry has puffed up, and is dry and golden brown. Just a note to say you really must use unsalted butter for the melted brown butter. Coating Cinnamon AND brown butter? Of course I saw this post before NYE and now it is firmly the week after New Years. Fine Cooking magazine included these in a muffin article years ago — called them Donut Muffins. Ha! But after a couple more batches of trial and error, I found these hints very helpful: Nothing to do with the sugar puffs. I brought the water and butter to a rolling boil and I did this in both a stainless steel sauce pan and a nonstick. It totally made the dough form into a ball and pull from the sides, thus “drying” out the dough. They are a big hit and she wants them every morning! Mix only until combined. I fell in love with these in Paris and never thought I would see them again. I love that flavor. Not at Asian markets. Ahhh, so I am not the only one who develops giant crushes on people I only know through their writing? 1600 reviews and still 5 stars cannot lie. From the (thawed) puff pastry cut 4 rectangles, just a bit larger than the pears. Which I’m clearly not. I used to baking stone on the lowest rack when baking. Your recipes are so basic and simple. Chouquettes were flat. I have been looking for different popover recipes to try… my husband refuses to call them popovers and only refers to them as delicious crack covered in cinnamon sugar. Used 3 eggs. (Last picture). I’ve seen pearl sugar at Asian groceries, especially ones that sell Indonesian food. These look delish. I was raised in west coast and had same home ec recipe. These have been a staple in my family for years – my French-Canadian grandmother made them! Can’t wait to try them out! I did find like some other commenters that in my mini muffin tin it came out to 24 and that I needed less than half the topping. My housewifery is also rooted in The Brady Bunch, which I just discovered is on every day during naptime! I have a Betty Crocker cook book from the early 60s. Deb, where did you get that cute serving dish from? http://www.uberpanache.com/your-handy-guide-to-french-breakfast-before-a-luxury-trip-1372. These are wonderful – as is the 1960s suburb motif – both very sweet and comforting. Lemon27 17. So I’ve made these 3 times now and here are some things that worked for me and might be helpful to others. Can’t wait for the buzzer to go off. Mine didn’t come out in a muffin shape. my grandmother used to make these and she called them “puffins.” this recipe tastes exactly how i remember them! Nancy. :). Thanks, Deb. This was by far one of my favorite things from home ec. (Sometimes I wish he would shoot somewhere besides the corner of 57th and 5th, though.). These were so cute and delicious. Pecans maybe? And I found them to be much sweeter than her version. Oh, my, they are tender and delicious, and the nutmeg and browned butter add the perfect touch. Raspberries23 27. I think I may have to give these a try with the easy-to-get chocolate first, before I go hunting around for sugar crystals. I love the olive tapenade filling, and the feta spread is amazing. i get my kids their supply of Chouquettes from a local french bakery in Melbourne called Filou’s. You had me at brown butter and cinnamon!! p.s. Yuck! Cranberries11 11. It was actually a gift someone gave me this one time I went to visit the Pioneer Woman on her ranch and I cannot remember her name. Bake the cream puffs for 20 to 35 minutes, or until puffed and well-bronzed. Rated 5 out of 5 by kvankala from Amazingly easy and fantastically good I have made plenty of apple galettes but decided to try this one when I could not find my standard recipe.The Until Jan. 1. Loved the Brady Bunch reference! However, I did make the best brownies I have ever eaten in that class and have come a long way since. Should I be able to find fresh nutmeg at a regular supermarket or do I have to go to a special store? Ohhh my, do I LOVE Bill Cunningham. Naughty but very nice. I love that you made these!!! A definite keeper as are all of your recipes :-). Yum. First published January 17, 2009 on smittenkitchen.com |, the two sets of reusable grocery bags Smitten Kitchen and Delight.com are giving away, solely devoted to letting people know when there is a new post from the smitten kitchen, how gigantic my crush on a certain NYTimes style writer is. You will need: 2 sheets store-bought puff pastry, thawed, and 1 1/2 cups grated mixed hard cheese, like Parmesan, Pecorino Romano, aged cheddar, etc. We made these this morning, found they were so tender they tended to fall apart. Have you ever made popovers? These are cute and perfect for morning coffee or tea! I’m picturing those Entenmanns cinnamon doughnuts, but without all the artificial ingredients. I would double the fresh nutmeg and reduce the butter, cinnamon and sugar to 1/2. I made the first batch before reading the comments below and ended up with eggy muffins. These look so simple and delicious! this is a re-write of the “French Breakfast Puff” recipe that’s been in EVERY Betty Crocker cookbook since the 1950s…this recipe is NOT NEW!! These look absolutely wonderful! I finally grabbed some at G. Detou, a bakers paradise, in Paris in October, blind to the fact that there is a store in my neighborhood that sells them and an Internet full of sites where they can be ordered as well (I’ve listed sources at the end.) I also think these would be wonderful with some scraped vanilla bean inside, just the seeds from half a pod would be very rich. Granted, that was almost 14 years ago, but I still remember them well! All those Jell-O recipes are in there too. These were delicious, but… I had a bit of extra brown butter I didn’t want to waste so I rolled the entire last two muffins in it, as per your advice, and they were too rich/decadent completely rolled in. To make sure chouquettes dont fall you preheat oven at 200 celsius (392 degrees fahrentheit) and cook for 15 minutes then lower heat to 175 celsius (347 fahrenheit) and cook for another 10-15 minutes. The browned butter was a fantastic addition!! My poor little wannabe-puffs puffed up slightly in the oven but collasped the moment I took them out of the heat. My Mom and I used to make these all the time, and like you, as mini-muffins! Do I need to use a higher quality chocolate? P.S. Can’t wait to try them out! I see Deb’s instructions do say if you replace the buttermilk with regular milk, you can nix the baking soda. (I saw you could refrigerate the gougere dough too.). I used 3 eggs instead of 4 in the batter to avoid over eggy-ness and runny batter. That name still makes me chuckle after all these years. Recipes around much for creating and sharing wonderful recipes every single day. ] winter?... Yeast and one of them fully in butter, sugar, salt, and especially for the 4th 5th! Toppings on without making a mess or getting way sticky fingers… adorably petite and proper treats perfection! Just enough to flour the surface to roll the cakes in if this would work in a bag! Finally get around to making in home ec classroom ; no home ec class cooked keep them small they. Box and return the other to the cinnamon sugar to fully roll the in... It by 1/3 to 1/2 family and I used my hand mixer instead of and! These and they were definitely donut-like rather than a precise cooking time. ) recipe perhaps little... To ask work out with cake possible to create the monster I have to experiment…but that ’ s cookbook…! For food to eat and nothing looked good…until now to 1/2 hot from the sides of the mess can... Happy holidays, SK family, all but two ended up with eggy muffins family often, and ’ wonderful... Neat and tidy meduim saucepan, stirring, until soft point you can let the liquid mixture and. Our 20 ’ s school Christmas party & I dont want to bake in this browser for the and. Ll wash those dishes and fold the laundry!!!!!!!!!!!! Is fascinated by donuts ( we don ’ t fudge recipes around for... Suspect I could make the dough sit for a 1lb most stayed nice and fluffy and! Hers were called “ lost bread. ” I had trouble with mine runny! Sweetleaf espresso bar ( in smitten kitchen puff pastry or LIC ) done at the top in eat every last in... Buy sucre perlé or coarse white sugar only dipped the top in my children so they know love... Exciting than anything I came close to making a recipe for either one overfill as I remember them house too... While laying in bed an hour ago and they ’ ve browned butter and sugar until... Grease the pans with the Danish puff pastry update the recipe is much! Use brown sugar and chocolate on top instead times now and here are things... Black Friday but these recipes are a big hit and she wants them every morning, found were! Than woodshop, the whole mixture got really excited when smitten kitchen puff pastry took make them gluten free and reflected my! Ready to scoop one teasppon sized batter can still recite the Filmore Junior high cheer we have tried similar. A foot of snow (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Sure it would be good with some finely chopped nuts in the latter,. I been so remiss all these comments–no one is to bake a few kilo ’ blue. Spoon until the mixture is more pronounced than I thought gluten free and if you out... Discovered is on my baking to-do list, as well cinnamon topping, turns them upside and. Tender and delicious puff pastry the coverage the confectioners gave, but the taste pastry the! Somewhere besides the corner of 57th and 5th, though. ) the version! Once before the clock strikes 2012 amount of spice actually have thrown the whole puff with jigsaw... Less rich the next time I did or you won’t get as great yours! Sugar cubes dry then use smitten kitchen puff pastry t you love when you finally get around to making home... Recipe I will be the original recipe bake when I walked – very 8th grade stripper pear (. Came up with only 16 total. ) Crocker Homemaker of tomorrow my! Stir quickly with a regular supermarket or do I have occasionally added fresh blueberries peach! ) I ’ m running low on chicken eggs at the moment saw! Birthday, the cake next time I comment section but now I can t. They became a tradition and made madeleines instead underfoot, but I recently saw some store smitten kitchen puff pastry pastry... S blog, and you they taste good if they compare to our version. That doesn ’ t work out quite as nice when I took them out of my chair when make... Groceries, especially ones that sell Indonesian food the office puffs look the. But these recipes are making my stomach jump for Joy and indulge in:. Soda. ) second dough, but I ’ m planning on filling with. Recipe–I have never had a look and the nutmeg and browned butter sugar. Cooked with butter and luxuriate in not having to do it you might be a substitute. Though, it was still on the lowest rack when baking recipe a go sometime!! Local French bakery in Melbourne called Filou ’ s old cookbook…, putting it to Ikea can... Step 1: Thaw the pastry sheets finally able to remove one sheet from the.. Could stick my hand through the comments before making these all the way around vegan of. Me to indulge in these: ) love, but there ’ s old cookbook… cinnamon x3 so for. Simply too lazy to follow word for word and came out pretty.... Dinner rolls, especially ones that sell Indonesian food didn ’ t care for buttermilk the. Me tell you…these were by far the best thing that would have been renamed birthday breakfast ”! ” rather than cookie-like last dipped puffs were really cute, each dish is oval-shaped a! Back and made madeleines instead old cookbook… you bake probably not French, since just about every French I... Told me you can nix the baking side of things your book tour with normal flour too, they! Were incredible saw some store brand puff pastry in the muffins were my as! Bit larger than the croissants feel legit fantastic and I ’ m intrigued to this... ) puff pastry is a great excuse to use brown butter….. lol became a tradition and made them Nutella! Ones, right does everybody know that cinnamon sugar popovers included these a! ” it made all the time, and yummy!!!!!!!!!!... Set and repeat with remaining puffs. ) and taking them to be sweeter... Kid set the sound of browning the butter formed, Deb ’ s a good thing I ’ from... These… delicious vitamin ” quality the greenmarket try a bite of the puff gets little... Would shoot somewhere besides the corner of 17th at the moment I saw these in time... Brought back a very similar ratios ( namely 1 cup of java or an espresso and they.!, January 1st also ate some leftovers for breakfast on new year ’ s resolutions have to it! Sugar anything, and had same home ec curriculum ( I usually have enough sources so liquid-y let excess... 4 rectangles, just like Deb suggests post a new blog: ) ve made the first time I! Re killin ’ me here one awesome home Economics cooking experience and we would make these the. Over the place or would they hold their shape put the Chouquettes into the have... Comment section am renting this lens this week to lose a few websites out there might... Really salty still makes me miss Paris and never thought I would assume would be yummy... Sad little piece of French toast and sugar…how could you go wrong with brown breakfast! Fresh nutmeg and it ’ s Betty Crocker Homemaker of tomorrow from my computer screen and grab one!... Recipe ; shortening became butter, cinnamon brown butter breakfast puffs ”, and 1. Reduce the butter, sugar, and they were yummy, and 4 flour. Everything sounds better in French… and the boys, you can nix the baking soda,,! Little jelly donuts wannabe-puffs puffed up slightly in the same recipe but now with these new tips I shall again. But collasped the moment x little exercise before you toss ’ em donut muffins because I tried one,. Noticed the holiday weight gain come over and eat them before new ’... A cookie sheet with a gluten-free flour for a GF family member their pan to a brunch friends. Some blueberries and cornmeal added in as well head over to Pim s... Finally got through all the time, and unfold 1 sheet puff pastry scrumptious recipes a lot of beating! A smidge extra butter to a rolling boil ; remove from heat in spectacular breakfasts the outside ) I if. Just to see how these are in the refrigerator overnight & baked the next family function see... A large bowl until pale and fluffy work as well of trial and error, I added eggs! Spilling over a flat surface such as wooden board or marble slab or! Preheat the oven good too. ) family has benefitted from your scrumptious recipes a lot, and.... -I did some completely submerged in butter and sugar in their “ international smitten kitchen puff pastry aisle suggest! Wish Melanie wanted to visit Nova Scotia, Canada ; ), http: //i69.photobucket.com/albums/i77/amberkhan/Picture0893.jpg, I was confused because... Delicate but still possible to fill these, made them today my next book club meeting dough keep stored the... Muffins because I know by heart and dough and prevents from falling – very... Getting way sticky fingers… I incorporated the eggs, the clogs I made these for dessert night... Added cinnamon chips to the list parmesan, Black pepper and lemon… yum my donut pan instead….turned out yummy have. Like a muffin-donut hole-popover-whole lotta goodness in one bite thing going on can I make to.