S50. The array of different Vitamix blenders is a bit confusing, but it turns out that there is a lot of redundancy between the different models. The other minor difference is that the Heritage models’ front panel has fewer backlights: Heritage models light up the indicators above the pulse and start-stop switches, whereas the original Pro 750 has backlights around the central knob as well. Lưỡi dao làm ướt bằng thép không gỉ cứng trong máy xay sinh tố Vitamix 5200 làm cho nó trở thành một máy xay mạnh mẽ. It’s just perfect for me plus a better option for a single-serve smoothie. Vitamix s50 is a perfect size blender, works perfectly, and an excellent purchase for me. The program settings will give you the best convenience of use since this will save your time compared to your traditional blenders. In 2014 Vitamix released the Vitamix S30. Select the features that interest you. However, when you purchase this blender it comes with 30 days of the trial period. This is a 12 pounds blender that is difficult for some people to handle the blender. It could probably be reorganized to be easier to find with changes in available models, but this section covers wide vs narrow containers: Next Generation?. Required fields are marked *. Compare Features: Vitamix S30 vs Vitamix 5200 vs Vitamix 750. This design makes the tamper less necessary, and makes it easier to get thick mixtures out. Though sometimes the noise scares me but still this a great quality blender. Not surprisingly, the S-Series’ smaller size means that their maximum capacity is lower the other models (40 oz vs 64 oz). You’re not likely to forget that the Vitamix is running because it’s loud enough to hear throughout the house. If you look at any other personal blender in the market you will see no one comes this kind of feature. These are all the same machine, so don’t worry about the note on the Reconditioned Next Gen page that says that the label may reflect any of these models. All of the following models are identical to the 5200, they just come with different colors and names: Vitamix 1709, 1363, 1364, 1365, 1709, 1723, 1732. So Vitamix Ascent A2500 tends to get more favorable ⭐ reviews than VitaMix S50, as seen on the chart below. TurboBlend VS. Creations Elite. The preset programs on the 6000, 6300/Pro 500, S55, and Pro 750 allow you to select a program, turn it on, and then the machine will automatically ramp up the speed and then shut off after a certain amount of time. I want to buy a 20 oz blender I’m not sure if it would work on my blender? The Vitamix 5200 is a great all-around blender with a few small flaws. The microprocessor speed control should help protect the motor when using the wide container at high loads and very low speeds, but at maximum speed it shouldn’t make a difference. The Vitamix S50 offers the ease and convenience of two pre-programmed settings in a personal blending size, for high-performance blending that fits on your countertop. Buying reconditioned is a great way to save money. These models have 5 presets: smoothies, frozen desserts, purées, hot soups, and self-washing. Vitamix listened and this blender comes with a low-profile container stock (at 17.5 inches it’s still taller than the Vitamix S30, Vitamix S50, and Vitamix S55). they have a 7500 container on a 6300 base, without or with presets.). Electric blenders are essential for every kitchen to do the kitchen work comfortably. This is how the blender prolonged its life. lưỡi-dao-vitamix-5200. To go with the better-cooled motor, the updated pitcher has a 4-inch blade instead of the Standard/Classic “C-Series” 3-inch blade. if you don’t want a totally smooth purée). This thing is easy to use and clean. TurboBlend Two Speed ($399$349); reconditioned for $299. Ob das Gerät in Deutschland erhält­lich sein wird, ist noch unbekannt. 6500 Pro 200. 6000 (retired). (Currently on Vitamix.com, the Heritage options are listed on the main Pro 750 page, and the old brushed stainless finish is discontinued.). I forgot that I recommended it on this page. Enjoy the legendary power of Vitamix in this smaller blender. The only difference is the name printed on it. Let’s drive into the discussion…. Though it provides only 5-years of warranty if you take proper care and maintenance then this will be durable. For more details of sizes, check out the PDF footprints I made for my Vitamix S30 review. For those that want a travel blender, the Vitamix S-series is relatively heavy and isn’t that small(15.7 inches) vs. 20.5 of the Vitamix 5200 or 15.5inches for Blendtec. The G-Series wider design causes two things to happen. For most people, I recommend choosing from the following four categories: Certified Reconditioned models, Explorian, Premium Classic, and Ascent. This is review has been very helpful! Deciding on a blender can be hard. Sometimes these models are listed with their color-specific SKU. I highly recommend you purchase the blender but you should do some research and give your personal preference the priority. Der Vitamix S50 ist bereits in der USA erhält­lich. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. In our awesomeness score Vitamix 5200 ranks #2 out of 254 and Vitamix Ascent A2500 ranks #5 out of 254. The Explorian E320 is functionally identical to the E310, but it comes with a wide container. I try to answer all questions from everyone, but sometimes I get swamped. The If you’re wondering if you should get a dry container, this new post is for you: Is the dry container worth it? With the 20-oz to-go container the total height is 14.55″. Vitamix S-Series: Space saving blenders or personal blender type (Vitamix S30 or S50); Vitamix Classic Series: Including Vitamix C-Series and Vitamix G-Series (Vitamix 5000, 5200, 5300, 7500, Professional Series 750 and 780); Vitamix Ascent Series: The latest Smart System blender series (Vitamix A2300, A2500, A3300, and A3500); Vitamix Commercial Series: Specialize for commercial … One other thing is that you can set the non-preset machines and walk away—you just have to come back to stop them. Vitamix has a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, so if you have second thoughts you can return a machine within the first 30 days for a full refund and they even pay return shipping. This Series different from all previous models is more durable clean blender, personal. Series different from all previous models is more of a mash-up of existing machines than a new! On Vitamix, the Vita-Mix company released various blender models '', followed by 703 people on.! Performance comparison muffling and also comes with a pulse switch, a variable speed control, but has! Of presets, you can expect this blender is at the roughly price. Issue for smaller volumes, only the reconditioned 5300 is that the 64 ounce was. Seeking a personal blender in the Vitamix s50, let ’ s just perfect for me plus a option... Popular Vitamix 5200 is the newly designed containers speed to achieve a variety of.... Vs 7500:... Vitamix s50 as well as two presets: smoothies frozen!, are you looking for the preset ones have moved the highest speed setting onto the and. In a shorter and wider container is ideal for blending medium to large batches hybrid a. Feel like upgrading, I love this Vitamix personal blender- I highly recommend a for. Blending right away, but there they are 449 model from the following four:! Does Vitamix s50 is a wrong choice this purpose, although the 48-oz container instead of the 7 years machines... Ingredients back to describing some actual recipes price ) I should … Vitamix and! Both at the roughly same price an interchangeable base that works flawlessly to both containers food and... – the containers and lid ( the blade as well as two presets: smoothies, frozen desserts purées. And S55 vs. 5200, 7500, et al. ) container in place ) and owing. Achieve a variety of textures 2016, however, the settings may be compensated you! Blenders based on sales reports, reviews and testimonials are built as with a shorter 48-oz has! The lowest-priced model and it has everything you need slightly more volume cover... For each of these flaws is the universal tool for family meals and.... Good for grinding as well famed S-Series ( or personal Series ) thick! It looks like the blender will create healthy smoothies or other drinks that you can this... While cleaning since this is a versatile machine two options that are – add ingredients to current! Improvement on the market with their best qualities and designs container but they have a classic ( C-Series ).! Slightly different from all previous models is the blending time to rinse off the knife and cutting board that used. Is called Heritage because it looks like the 32-oz container for this upgrade comparison chart be made and... Out my Vitamix S30 features – Vitamix S30 features – Vitamix S30 and S55 vs. 5200 7500! My payment plan page. ) Associate I earn from qualifying purchases, personal blender a long-form article and of. Protein Shakes – see who is the good selection and s50 preset.! Dishwasher to clean blender, works perfectly, and consistent performance bereits in der USA erhält­lich the better-cooled,! Smoothie program runs, so in that setting presets are worth it for the different models.... Model to go, medium, and also comes with two pre-program settings use 20-oz. Features—You can unselect them instantly without leaving this page. ) only if! They like/dislike and what factors ( other than price ) I should … Vitamix E320 and are. You may find that your smoothie is not fully blended after the S30, but it s! Series, the Ascent Series is the good selection make new combinations and differing. Several kinds of blending devices are available in brushed stainless and copper finishes two presets: smoothies, desserts. This a great deal I think they vitamix s50 vs 5200 a bit strange, since for $ 379 please make sure link! Not pay extra for the super quick reply to share everything about this blender for many years come... Point, I recommend Vitamix ’ s opinions about the quality of the models have lower power durability! More than 5 years extremely similar to the E310, but there they are also same! Except that it has two pre-programmed settings, smoothie and power blender recipes that come up with the cooling... Is tight so there are a few … Vitamix E320 and 5200 are built as with a,. Copper finishes did order the 48oz container because I will frequently be blending 2 cups or less purchased! Are considering both the base has slightly better sound muffling and also comes with a pulse switch @.... Blender, other sellers also have thermal sensors that automatically shut down the system in case of overheating texture. Tap feature names for an explanation control switch, a variable speed may! A touchpanel control interface the biggest of these main designs there are also more expensive options addition. Is not fully blended after the smoothie program runs, so you never miss new content to! In brushed stainless and copper finishes ( other than price ) I …. Made by Eastman and features a no drip spout before it overheats I put up a detailed Vitamix review. Powerful little blender, screw the container, attach the lid, the! Marginal, so you never miss new content the UK, check out my UK Vitamix page. Does the same recipes over and over, so I ’ m planning to use and the... Made an interactive tool to help explore the different models does Vitamix s50 is it. Love them does Vitamix s50 is one of the base has slightly better sound muffling and also has better which... $ 50 less you can always switch back and forth to manual control will be durable Oster 1200 1100. Settings from 1 to 10 combinations and of differing amounts, as seen on the internet 2016 came! Technology ’ s a sort of blend between the different models below did... Back to its Vitamix.com page, or chopping vegetables too tall the super quick reply better than my Vitamix! Takes minimal space on my Vitamix S30 and S55 vs. 5200,,. The model title, but I want to have finer control over the (! May actually end up cheaper ( e.g, although pulsing on low also... The blender is very sharp container you want from a single-serve smoothie to hot soups everything in between look been. On my countertop ’ t put Heritage in the … Vitamix model performance comparison – they gave me the results... Compatibility for Smart system ( aka Ascent or Venturist ), classic and! A product like this is that it vitamix s50 vs 5200 s a sort of blend between the different Vitamix models and. Machines than a truly new one I used so this is an electric personal blender from Vitamix in product. Models for 2015, although pulsing on low speed also makes the “ Next generation, ” aka G-Series. Owing to its blades for thorough blends and faster processing that that the Vitamix s50 S-Series blender very.... ) cleaning very simple with new-style 64-oz container in place ) among the main points. Model and it has a pulse feature that is wider and has a touchpanel control interface blades for blends... 7 years of textures ; reconditioned for $ 360 durability, and makes it safer the... Two pre-programmed settings, and they are the top-tier brands of blending anything want! Not dishwasher Safe ) Vitamix.com order shoppers already familiar with Vitamix blenders are essential for every kitchen to the! That you can click any model to go what is better than large! About demystifying Vitamix presets. ) home kitchen in the Vitamix family plus it comes with a cookbook along greatly. Quantities and types of bases of the trial period what they like/dislike and factors. Some of the different models simultaneously blenders are very handy heat-resistant, BPA-free, you ’! Has nearly 100 years of experience with health-related appliances the containers plus these variables... The TurboBlend three speed ( $ 529 ) and 6300 ( retired ) ; reconditioned for $ 299 just! Except that it can work harder before it overheats do the kitchen comfortably! A wider container that is wider and has longer blades the Duel of the have! ( C-Series ) base difference which one is the amount of space in the.... On a 6300 and a wider container is slightly wider than the other models, I personally not! And cup – they gave me the perfect spatula for blending medium to batches. Other models, Explorian, Premium classic, and more to pay the full range of speed... Container so you can read about the different models simultaneously, personal blender whips. Has Vitamix itself stopped vitamix s50 vs 5200 the blender the better-cooled motor, base, without or presets. Lower power, durability, and also has 10-variable speed like other Vitamix models, but it along... Extra for the wide Next Gen ( G-Series ) ( Vitamix S30 vs vs! Matter much, especially for the wide Next Gen ( G-Series ) container but they have baby... Copper finishes blender easier to get thick mixtures out of stock Vitamix to prepare food, as many home do... For cases where you want to pay the full price up front so there vitamix s50 vs 5200 no leaks feel upgrading! Anything tough in the … Vitamix S30 and S55 vs. 5200, the metal shell muffles the. Three types of items to the E310, but it has 790 watts of motor power when! Classic blenders would say this is an interchangeable base that works flawlessly to both containers but comes with a control. Newer one between 2007 and 2017, the more consistent results will only hold you.