Nigerian Cake is rich and dense and this Fruit cake is not far from it. Reply. There are many cakes here posted by me and others sent in by blog readers. Thank you. Rum comes in 18ml. In a wide bowl, sift the flour and baking powder together and set aside. just make sure to sift it in with the flour, how can I double the recipe for 20 loaf pans 6 inch thanks, Hi Jennifer, multiply the ingredients by 15 and mix in 2 batches if possible-, thanks for your feed back it.possible to send the recipe I want to my email ..because the amount i got is very scary as a first time Baker regarding this huge amount ..really need your help …thanks and even happier that you returned with a feedback enjoy dear and E.hugs and kisses to you too hun , Pls Nky my cake keep getting burnt, what do i do. Leave the mixture for about 4 minutes, to soften the chocolate. Please Ma, you have not responded to my question, tnx. I am on all the social platforms Hi BuBe, good to have you here. Nky Lily Lete ( Easy Banana Cake Recipe. Here how to prepare it: Fruit Cake Ingredients : This recipe makes a well risen Loaf Pan (8.5×2.75 x4.5) deep Cake. The name plz. * Nigerian Cake Recipe But if you are in a hurry to make the cake, you can boil it in a pot for 10mins with 2 tablespoonful of sugar and Any dark or brown chocolate will be fine. 500 grams ( about 4 cups) Plain Flour /All purpose flour. Hi Kareemat, good to hear from you hun, merry x-mas and happy new year in advance to you too , Helooo deary I must say I really love ur site..u are doing a great job…kip it up..I ll try dis..thanks a mil, we respect your privacy and take protecting it seriously, Hi, I'm Nky-Lily Lete and welcome to my little space. where do i get the chocolate in nigeria??? More grease to your elbow! Hi Sandra, when baking this cake, use a lower temperature, but be close to the stove ,so that you can watch the cake as it develops .And yes you can soak the raisins and zest. Please if I don't take alcohol, can I just boil the raisins in sugar and use or I should use directly without boiling? I have been trying all your baking recipes and wow…i'm eating the short bread snack i learnt from you right now. You can prepare all the Nigerian snacks recipes on this page in the comfort of your home so what are you still waiting for? I really love ur all u're doing. This Whisk the dry ingredients for about 30 seconds … I remember very well my mother storing her fruit cake in an old butter churn that belonged to my grandmother and great grandmother. No sieving and no need for fresh rum or zest.Let me know how it turned out . It is the closest substitute to butter in Nigeria. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. This is what offers the cake the darkish colour. sugar and continue creaming until it goes from grainy to fluffy again. I want to ask, do you have an official Facebook page or an email sort of?For the fruit cake, what quantity of orange zest do I use for 9 cups of flour and can I add chocolate flavor to it? What is the icing or ingredient poured over the cake shown in the photo, Aww dear, i forgot to include it, it's a simple chocolate ganache. i just discovered your blog,i must say i made your fried rice recipe today and my DH almost bit his tongue. Then using a whisk, mix gently until the whole chocolate is melted and well incorporated.5. I do not bake a lot because I am not a big cake fan. The combination of the fruits soaked in brandy with the spices and browning is an acquired taste. 7. – I didn’t use cherries for this cake, but you can if you want to. When do you add the browning? This recipe sets up the structure well and allows easy substitutions for taste. Break the eggs into a bowl and gradually add it to the butter-sugar mix , as you continue to cream. Hi Jennifer, if this is your first time, * How to make Fondant from scratch Hi Nky. 3. don’t worry your cake will be fine Please how much will it cost to purchase the ingredient? This yummy fruit cake can be served with any Nigerian drink of choice. Try it. This is just to say thank you! Ingredients for Browning (Burnt Sugar syrup) I don't know how I came across your page, but all the same, I'm grateful for whatever has brought me to this wonderful page of yours. merry x-mas and happy new year in advance from ur fan kareemat. We love bananas and usually never get left overs in the fruit tray. It can be preserved by wrapping it in a double layer of tight plastic wrap(nylon freezer bags) and then wrapping it again with foil and storing in the freezer.It will last for one month or more in a good freezer.You can also wrap it tight and keep at room temperature, this will last for like 3 to 7days. I’m sorry for just notcing the comments section…I have made this recipe at least 4 times and it’s perfect each time! Then pour the chocolate ganache on it(see recipe below) Hello ma, can I use the normal local cake pan for this cake? 4. I hope you enjoy it this Christmas season and always. Top 8 Nigerian Dishes and Recipes. I will beexpecting your feedback on the cakes, we sure have a few NO FAIL CAKE RECIPES here Nky, this is awesome. As 1 tablespoon equals 3 teaspoons. I grate mine and soak in the alcohol to extract the natural oil and flavors from the peels. Hi Kesiena, just rub the lemon or orange lightly on a zester/grater and you will see the skin come off. Now you know how to bake cake, and you can surprise your friends or relatives. There are lot's of fruit cake recipes, this is the basic, you can add more fruits, you can add cherries. Put 4 cups (520 g) of all-purpose flour into a large bowl and add 1 tablespoon (14 g) of baking powder. Will it make a good cake? <