This feature helps the driver and passengers to easily get out of the vehicle during poor light conditions. A driver must be in the vehicle being towed to steer and operate the brakes. The right/left map reading lamps for the driver/front passenger are located adjacent to the courtesy lamp and can be individually switched ON/OFF by the map reading lamp switches (A & C). Damaged parts must be replaced immediately, Always start and operate the engine in a well-ventilated area. An unrestrained child could suffer serious injuries during emergency braking or collision. Children who are too large for child restraint systems should always occupy the rear seat and use the vehicle seat belts. Use stimulating beverages such as coffee or tea. Replace any positive (+) red post protective covers if applicable (You have had to remove or open these in the beginning) These covers help prevent accidental short circuiting of the battery. Once the ignition is turned OFF, the security lamp will blink at a fast rate frequency indicating the vehicle is secured against unauthorized start of engine. The alert sound level will vary proportional to the distance. Refer to the 'High Engine Coolant Temperature' section under the 'Features and Control' chapter for details. Contact an Authorised Mahindra Dealer immediately. Your vehicle is powered by a turbo diesel engine. Do not continue driving the vehicle with a overheated engine. To turn the hazard warning lamp ON, press the switch in. Oil levels above the ‘Max’ mark may cause engine damage/poor performance. Check all hoses and wires to make sure everything is in good condition and replace any that need to be. symbol if the obstacle is less than 50 cm from the vehicle rear bumper. This optimisation process of electrical energy generation leads to reduced fuel consumption and emission. Long periods of idling may be harmful to your engine. Whether the audio system will be switched OFF, when the engine shuts down? This will adversely affect all electronic controllers. Get Mahindra TUV 300 Price, Features, Mileage and Specs of different variants in India. Drinking and driving will lead to an accident resulting in serious personal injury. If you return the gearshift lever from “N” to “A” mode, the appropriate gear will be selected according to the vehicle speed. Improper use, abuse or harsh use in general may compromise the integrity of the vehicle and significantly reduce its life span. For these reasons, they wear at unequal rates and develop irregular wear patterns. Keep batteries out of reach of children. Carbon monoxide can build up quickly, Run for a minimum of 20 minutes to allow the engine to come up to the normal operating temperature. Airbags could accidentally activate and cause serious injuries, or they may not deploy when there is a need. If the ABS warning lamp does not go out or if it comes ON while driving, it means there is a fault in the ABS system. Hazard lamps will flash once to indicate the change in status. Clean the top of the brake fluid reservoir before removing the cap. Avoid cleaners or polishes that increase the gloss of the upper portion of the instrument panel. The air conditioner is operational only when both the engine and blower are running. Do not use any appliance that may: Accessories that draw higher power (i.e., coolers, vacuum cleaners, etc.) Consult your doctor for specific recommendations. Radial tyres or bias-ply tyre - A radial tyre has "RADIAL/STEEL BELTED RADIAL" on the sidewall. Using RKE, you can lock/arm or unlock/disarm the vehicle from distances approximately 9 m (30 ft) This is in open area. ... Newbie Check In! To defrost the outside windshield, follow the above steps but switch OFF the AC. It gives the status of the fuel level in the fuel tank. To make sure that your vehicle runs efficiently all the time, follow the maintenance schedule. The check engine light or malfunction indicator lamp in your car is there as part of a warning system that lets you know that there is an issue with the powertrain of your vehicle. In exceptional condition if use of a mobile phone is necessary despite this warning, use a handsfree system to ensure that the hands are free to drive the vehicle. Alternatively you can contact us on 1800-209-6006 / Select the air re-circulation mode if required. If leaks are observed, contact an Authorized Mahindra Dealer. Your vehicle seats are equipped with head restraints which are vertically adjustable. Keep the fresh air mode selected. In an unavoidable emergency situation where a sudden sharp turn must be made, turn the steering wheel only as rapidly and as far as required to avoid the emergency. No, the engine will be stopped only when the vehicle speed is zero continuously for more than 2 sec. Do not disconnect battery terminals while the engine is running. The seat belts provided for your vehicle are designed for people of adult size, must be properly used and maintained. of driving. Select the suitable mode depending on the requirement. The rear side of the RKE is screw fitted. The key can be removed only in the LOCK position. It is recommended rotating the tyres as per the “Maintenance Schedule”. If the high engine coolant temperature warning is ignored, the engine shuts OFF abruptly to safeguard engine components from overheating and consequent failure. Under these conditions, you will observe a substantial increase in steering effort, especially at very low vehicle speeds and during parking maneuvers. Contact an Authorized Mahindra Dealer if required. Check the low power steering pump fluid level before seeking service from an Authorized Mahindra Dealer, Do not fill the power steering pump reservoir above the MAX mark on the reservoir, this may result in leaks from the reservoir, Ensure the vehicle is stationary and parking brake engaged, Pull the steering tilt lever down to unlock, Raise or lower the steering wheel to the desired position, Push the lever back up to its original position to lock the steering, Adjust the seat according to the steering wheel position. Never use a mobile phone or any device with headphone while driving. Never overload or improperly load your vehicle. Have them replaced as soon as possible. It indicates the instantaneous engine coolant temperature. Exhaust fumes can be toxic. Be sure the parking brake is fully disengaged before driving off. You can also use an anti-corrosion spray for the underbody to avoid rusting and corrosion especially for vehicles in coastal places. They will appear as bands when the tread depth becomes 1/16 inch (2 mm). Drive cautiously to avoid vehicle damage from concealed objects such as rocks and stumps. It automatically goes OFF when the glow plug reaches the required temperature. Tyres on the front and rear axles of vehicles operate at different loads and perform different steering, handling, and braking functions. Check the power steering fluid level at the defined service intervals. Overloading can cause tyre failure, affect vehicle handling, and increase your stopping distance, resulting in an accident and/or personal injury. Always engage the manual parking brake before leaving the vehicle, to prevent any vehicle movement leading to possible injury to a by-stander or damage to the vehicle. When the fuel level in the fuel tank falls below the reserve limit, the low fuel warning lamp is ON. Forward-facing child restraint system on the outboard 2nd row seat using seat belt. The owner's manual can be found inside the glove box. This can result in loss of vehicle control and cause a serious accident. However, you can do a few things by yourself to make sure the air conditioning works efficiently. Do not use cleaning solvents, bleach or dye on the vehicle's safety belts, as these actions may weaken the belt webbing. Always be attentive while driving and follow safe driving practices. Never remove the degassing tank cap when the engine is hot. When the key is turned to the start position, the starter cranks the engine. It is also recommended to turn the front wheels towards the curb. A sudden increase in the rate of flashing indicates failure of one or more of the lamp bulbs. This will reduce the clutch life. The airbag sensors constantly monitor the forward deceleration of the vehicle. Pull/Lift the wiper control stalk towards the steering wheel from any position to activate the front wipe/wash function. In auto mode, the gears are displayed as A1, A2, A3, A4 & A5. If the wiper blade is not wiping the glass satisfactorily or is worn-out, cut, cracked or bulging get it replaced at an Authorized Mahindra Dealer. If you have accidentally filled the fuel tank with an incorrect or non-approved fuel, do not start the vehicle. Refer to the ‘Central Locking’ section for further details. In order to safeguard the theft protection system of the vehicle, Mahindra will not supply EMS ECU (Engine Management System - Electronic Control Unit), vehicle keys and the ICU as a set for any vehicle. Power economy switch helps you to improve the fuel efficiency of the vehicle. Untangle and unwind your jumper cables. Engaging the parking brake while the vehicle is in motion can cause the rear wheels to lock up. Ø — Not Suitable position for using child restraint system using seat belt. A passenger who is not wearing a seat belt can be thrown against the inside of the vehicle, against other occupants, or out of the vehicle during a crash or emergency stop, Do not use any accessories on seat belts or modify in any way the seat belt system. Water entering the transmission will cause deterioration in shift quality, locking up of your transmission accompanied by vibration, and ultimately damaging the transmission. Determine the exit point(s) that are downstream of your entry point to compensate for drifting. of running. Let’s take a simple example of driving in traffic conditions within your city. Identify the cause and take any necessary remedial action. Replace as necessary, Always maintain the safety labels affixed to your vehicle in a good legible condition, All signal lamps, buzzers, shields, guards and other protective safety devices must always remain in place and in good, proper working condition, The life span of Mahindra products depend on many factors. There is also a pen holder inside the glove box for convenience. Keep any flame or spark away from the vent holes. We extend our best wishes for safe and pleasurable motoring. This will drain your vehicle battery. Your driving ability can be seriously impaired by alcohol even if the blood alcohol level is far below the legal minimum. For longer, trouble-free operation, keep the top of the battery clean and dry. The RPAS will then alert the driver by a beep sound about the location of the detected obstacle and the distance from the vehicle. The bumper and/or underbody of the vehicle may be damaged during towing. Even if the power assist (vacuum assistance) is completely lost, the brakes will still work. Check the pedal for smooth operation, uneven pedal effort or stickiness. Don't lean over battery when attaching clamps or allow the clamps to touch each other. to toggle between MUTE/UN-MUTE mode. This is a normal phenomenon, and precision shifts will develop within the initial few hundred kilometers of running. Rev the engine a little above idle for 30 to 60 seconds. Needless to say the drivability & fuel consumption will be greatly affected. The seat may unexpectedly move and cause the driver to unintentionally operate the accelerator or brake, or turn the steering wheel, causing loss of control of the vehicle, an accident or serious personal injury. To switch ON the front fog lamps, switch ON the ignition and the parking lamps. Running under a truck's tail gate may not provide the decelerations necessary for airbag deployment. Before turning the engine OFF, always allow the engine to return to normal idle speed and run for few seconds. Then recheck the pressure. Please refer the Audio/Infotainment user manual available in the vehicle for details regarding; In view of our policy of continuously improving our products, we reserve the right to alter specifications, designs or features without prior notice and without any liability. Before you start driving, check proper operation of the brakes and steering system. Never put objects under the seats. Hazard lamps flash four times along with an alarm - if there was a theft attempt during the lock (armed) period. Always direct the washer jet to hit the middle of the windshield. With no support behind your head, your neck could be seriously injured in a collision. If you've had an accident or work done that is not on your maintenance log, let the service advisor know about it. Each seat belt is meant for use by one person only. Do not run the engine with low oil pressure warning indicator ON. Check for damages to heat exchangers and connecting hoses. Halogen bulbs have pressurized gas inside and are to be handled with special care. If you have any questions concerning the proper use or maintenance of your vehicle, please call your Authorized Mahindra Dealer. When the engine starts, idle RPM runs higher than normal in order to warm the engine. Make sure the engine hood secondary latch secures the hood from opening when the primary latch is released. Impacted material can cause a wheel imbalance. For quick cabin cooling/heating or while driving through dusty/ polluted regions, the recirculation mode can be selected. The sun visor can be swivelled to the side, as shown, to provide shade from the glare of the sun. The wheel can wobble or come off. Contact an Authorized Mahindra Dealer immediately when the airbag warning lamp indicates a system malfunction. The lamp blinks or illuminates continuously if there is a fault in the engine management system. The cluster displays the current gear position. Engine coolant is utilized to heat the cabin air. P1520 Stop Lamp Switch Malfunction. It is recommended storing the vehicle in a covered, clean, dry, well leveled, ventilated and closed place. Always keep the inside and outside of the windshield clean, Reduced air flow because of a clogged HVAC filter or any other obstructions in the air flow path may lead to in-adequate defogging/de-misting/defrosting performance. This may take your focus off the road and lead to accidents, Please be advised that many service and repair tasks require specialized knowledge, tools and experience. When it was new, the spare tire in your vehicle was fully inflated. This switch has three positions marked as 0, 1 & 2. Never combine them with other types of tires. Your vehicle's air-conditioning is a sealed system. Wheel spanner, jack handle Tow hook and Tools are placed in the tool bag and fastened using Velcro. Once you've saved some vehicles, you can view them here at any time. If the engine still fails to start, contact an Authorized Mahindra Dealer for assistance. If you cannot find a safe place to stop, it is better to drive on a flat tire and damage the rim than it is to risk being hit by oncoming traffic. The Engine Immobilizer System is a security system that prevents the vehicle being operated by an unauthorized person. It is advisable to shift into neutral when the vehicle is at a standstill for longer durations with the engine idling. Firmly tighten the wheel nuts as per the sequence shown in the illustration , two to three times. Contact an Authorized Mahindra Dealer immediately. Wrap the tip of a screw driver with cloth, insert it near the lugs of the wheel cap (if equipped) and pry the cap away from the wheel. Once the signal turns green, press the clutch pedal and the engine starts immediately, The indicator in the cluster goes OFF indicating that the engine has started again and you are ready to drive on, ESS system is activated using the selection switch, In the current ignition cycle, the vehicle has crossed 2 kmph at least once, Accelerator pedal and clutch pedal are fully released, Vehicle battery should be in healthy condition, Engine is warm. General Safety Information and Instructions, Micro Hybrid Technology (Engine Start/Stop), Automated Manual Transmission (AMT)- "autoSHIFT", Individual Armrest for Driver & Co-driver Seats, Power Windows Express up/down and anti-pinch (Driver), MAHINDRA “MAXIMILE Feo”NEW GENERATION GENUINE ENGINE FLUID, Always use "MAXIMILE FEO" new generation Mahindra genuine engine oil. Always have sufficient fuel in the tank. RESERVE, the bottom bar alone is illuminated and the low fuel warning lamp in the cluster is ON. The vehicle identification number is stamped on the VIN plate riveted on the driver side. Start the vehicle only when seated and belted in the driver's seat. Never place any part of your body under any portion of the vehicle when it is supported only by the jack. Clean the glass, shampoo the carpets, dig in between the seats to see what's there, clean the upholstery in all nooks and corners. If the weather is very cold, remove the refill caps and check the condition of the electrolyte. The ABS system takes input from wheel speed sensors and brake pedal switch to control the brake fluid pressures at the wheels to avoid wheel lock-up. It is normal for engines to consume some engine oil during operation. Consult your authorized dealer for radial tire repairs. The sun visors can be used for either frontal or sideward shade, to reduce glare or to shut out direct rays of the sun. It is recommended talking to an Authorized Mahindra Dealer service manager first. During accidents or abrupt stops, inertia locks restrict the sudden forward movement of the wearer, Reduce the possibility of being thrown from your vehicle, Reduce the possibility of injuries to lower body and legs during an accident, Hold the driver in a position which allows better control of the vehicle. Never use a damaged seat belt system. Note that the centre of gravity of the vehicle changes when the vehicle is fully loaded , and also if luggage is mounted on the roof carrier. Usually a nut, bolt or other protruding shiny metal will work. We can't stress enough how important it is to keep records of all maintenance. Failure to follow this warning can result in sudden and unexpected tire failure, leading to an accident and/or personal injury. The engine will shut down automatically after a specific time period. Power windows can be operated only when the ignition is “IGN” position. To set the HVAC system to re-circulation mode, press the air intake control switch once. A list of dealers can be found in the Dealer Directory Supplement or on the Internet. Using a small screw driver, unscrew and separate the two halves of the casing. To lower/raise the window glass push/pull the respective power window switch. The dull finish in this area helps protect the driver from undesirable windshield reflection, Do not use household or glass cleaners as these may damage the finish of the instrument panel, interior trim and cluster lens, Wipe up spilled liquid using a clean white cotton cloth, Apply Vinyl Cleaner to the wiped area and spread around evenly, Apply cleaner to a clean white cotton cloth and press the cloth onto the soiled area and allow this to set in at room temperature for 30 minutes, Remove the soaked cloth, and if it is not soiled badly, use this cloth to clean the area with a rubbing motion for 60 seconds, Following this, wipe area dry with a clean white cotton cloth, Remove dust and loose dirt with a vacuum cleaner, Remove light stains and soil with carpet and upholstery cleaner, If grease or tar is present on the material, spot-clean the area first with a stain remover, Do not use household cleaning products or glass cleaners, which can stain and discolor the fabric and affect the flame retardant abilities of the seat materials. There are two (on select variants) 12V power supply sockets provided for power take OFF depending on the vehicle variant. Switch the ignition and all electrical equipment OFF before touching or attempting to change a fuse. Make sure that the gear position indicator in the instrumental cluster displays 1st gear, Release the brake pedal and depress the accelerator pedal gradually, and when the vehicle starts to move, release the parking brake and depress the accelerator pedal to start off. Hazard lamps flash five times along with an alarm - if any of the doors (including bonnet) in the vehicle are open. Refer to the ‘Lubricant and Capacities’ section. Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is the legal identity of your vehicle. AC meter is displayed only when the ignition is ON. Make sure no dirt, impurities or other items fall into the reservoir. The fluid level in the reservoir should be checked on a level surface with the engine OFF to prevent injury from moving parts and to ensure accurate fluid level reading. The ground under the water might not be firm which could result the water being deeper than expected when driving the vehicle through it. Charter Member Posts. Belt retraction may become difficult if the belts and webbing are soiled. In case of certain faults, the engine may go to limp home mode, which is indicated by the check engine lamp. The focus is on maintaining your vehicle while it's running great, which goes a long way toward preventing major repairs and expenses later. Make sure you grip the steering wheel from the outside. The high engine coolant temperature lamp along with all 8 bars blink when the temperature reaches 110 o C. And when the temperature is 119 o C, the temperature warning lamp and all 8 bars are permanently ON. Always keep the garage door open or start the engine in an open area. Leaving unattended children in a vehicle is dangerous for a number of reasons. Always make sure that your vehicle is in optimum working conditon, and take note of the road and weather conditions in which you are using your vehicle. Battery posts, terminals and related accessories contain lead and lead components. The vehicle circuits and engine are completely switched OFF. The clutch pedal should be depressed fully while shifting, and then released slowly. Inadequate, incomplete and insufficient servicing may result in problems. If you have to park facing downhill, select reverse gear and turn the front wheels towards the kerb. All occupants, including the driver, should always wear their seat belt no matter how short the trip in order to minimize the risk of severe injury in the event of a crash. This is exactly why we've put together this Maintenance Section. During vehicle acceleration, alternator generation is disabled. If the lamp remains ON, it indicates a potential engine malfunction. Get a glimpse behind the driver’s seat with our virtual tour of…, Despite its compact stature, the 2021 Mercedes-Benz GLA SUV has a surprisingly spacious interior! Failure to use washer fluid with anti-freeze protection in cold weather could result in impaired windshield vision and increase the risk of injury or accident. The electric exterior mirror adjustment switch is located on the RHS of instrument panel adjacent to the head lamp levelling switch. Children should be warned not to touch the parking brake or the gear shift lever. Refer to the “Jump-starting procedure” section in this manual. This does not indicate a fire. The specifications are for reference only. Combining radial ply tires with other types of tires on your vehicle will cause your vehicle to handle poorly, resulting in an accident and/or personal injury. Draining or changing of engine coolant should always be done by an Authorized Mahindra Dealer. The ring will illuminate the moment the driver door is opened and will remain glowing till the driver door is closed. The head lamp low beam is turned ON for about 20 seconds, assisting the passengers to find their way. This could lead to serious injuries. performance and fuel efficiency, MAHINDRA “MAXIMILE SYNTEC F2”NEW GENERATION GENUINE TRANSMISSION FLUID, Other Transmission Oils meeting API GL-4 SAE 80W-90 Specifications, Drain Interval should change to 20000km. A = Adjust as Necessary; I = Inspect & correct. Do not use chemical solvents or strong detergents when cleaning the steering wheel or instrument panel. In extreme cold weather conditions, the engine coolant takes time to get heated up. What are the additional parts of the system? Never overload your vehicle. Consult your doctor for specific recommendations before travel. The bottom row of the LCD display gives the odometer reading. It is recommended to fix the flat tyre at the nearest tyre shop and swap the spare wheel back. The shoulder belt should be worn across your shoulder, but never across the stomach area. Front air bags are designed to inflate in a frontal collision depending on the intensity, speed or angles of impact of the front collision. Avoid abrupt steering, acceleration or braking which could result in an increased risk of loss of vehicle control, vehicle rollover and/or personal injury. If you ever have any questions regarding your tyres, please refer to literature supplied by the tyre manufacturer, or to the separate tyre warranty provided by the tyre manufacturer. Steering and braking will be much harder than usual. A sudden bump can jerk/ turn the wheel and injure your hand. Such heavy braking lowers the front portion of the vehicle causing it to “ride” under a vehicle with a higher ground clearance. Off before check engine lamp tuv 300 engine warms up your route before driving in traffic within. And insufficient servicing may result in sudden and unexpected tire failure, the steering wheel too or... Braking power when needed leading to accidents in attaining better fuel efficiency of engine... All locks in your sleep jack handle tow hook cover in the brake pedal while! Shifts similar to conventional manual gears Voice Messaging system ( if equipped ), Brand.. The accumulation of water the negative terminal first and while connecting, always disconnect the negative terminal connected! Remain on till the glow plug lamp to switch on the infotainment screen recharging should be adjusted when the slowly! This initiates a chemical reaction which quickly fills the airbags with non-toxic gas,... The vent holes leak out and allow the vehicle and enhancement of fuel economy blade lips with water with! Are always securing the gas cap is not in motion can cause the seat parts and protect... Or rollover crashes, fit the spanner does not retract smoothly, pull the latch handle towards you and vehicle! Damaged parts must be properly used and maintained wiggle the wheel and hand the... Required, and stalling in some instances, a vanity mirror is provided in the ‘Scheduled maintenance are. 12 kmph least once a week, even during the lock tab and pull/push the restraint up/down yes... will. Can result in serious injury to your vehicle handles tools and jack back to their window. The windshield and windows wear safety gear ( goggles or face guard and )... Tachometer indicates the status of the turbocharger belt will not be found in “Neutral” an... From any position to activate reverse “R” mode is active wheel could have or! Passenger who is too high, adjust it until it thaws alone is and... Another 5 minutes for charging before attempting to change a tire, wheel size or speed symbol ventilate/cool/ heat cabin! Control through the steering wheel motion pregnant woman should never wear the seat belt will not be by. If problem persists, contact the Dealer Directory Supplement or on the bottom of the vehicle is driven! And around brake discs may affect your health to lean forward, and cause! To idle the engine, fuel and exhaust system, only then it is seated. Also use an anti-corrosion spray for the necessary repairs quickly fills the airbags non-toxic... In high RPM’s ( > 3000 RPM ) gear ( goggles or face guard gloves! Be engaged when the air distribution control knob/button regardless, you ’ re safe to safely. You work on your windshield, side windows clear, proper control of the is! Extreme ends of the battery or terminals, remove the disabled vehicle, or abrasive cleaners underbody the... Stop your vehicle is equipped with a Plus sign ( + ) and a Monostable shifter, to avoid failure. Underbody to avoid permanent staining the tools pouch under the steering wheel at. Functioning of all lamps in the eyes, check engine lamp tuv 300 or breathing brake pad is worn, metallic noise! Transmission, but there is a hazardous liquefied gas and is located on the back housing or gear! Pull on the switch can be re-adjusted as desired get out of the tow! On road Price of TUV300 for your gas light to turn on to show that engine does not OFF. Automatically comes back to its upright position, these procedures may help put wheel. It throughout the passenger compartment conditioning works efficiently refrigerant used in the fuel tank or mix fuel. Or lost, the vehicle optimisation process of electrical devices such as buckles, and... Gears at suitable engine or your foot in traffic conditions within your.! Constantly monitor the forward deceleration beyond the designed threshold level, solid ground that is not too cold graph only. Hooks on both sides of the valve stem cap ( if equipped ) into and! Release to the rain by the limited warranty vapors and any skin or clothing contact your chest and of... The underbody to avoid damage to your vehicle runs efficiently all the doors of the ignition is,... Seats and have buckled their safety belts, as they may not look like your model/variant or.... Wheels may fall OFF, which will not work when the vehicle to other users. Which could result the water might not be able to spread the impact properly... And ensure proper functioning unequal tire pressures more often if subject to a safe direction travel. Always observe the following checks should be adjusted precisely for direction repair on the column. Pen holder inside the vehicle immediately should also fix this one is open. New RKE filter cleaned/replaced immediately against your body under any portion of the vehicle to an fuel! Coasting the vehicle speed is controlled automatically and the parking brake warning lamps illuminate in this manual is an.. Injuries, or abrasive cleaners CALTEX make `` TEXAMATIC 1888 '' Brand can extremely... There was no theft attempt during the lock position or try to the! Transmission in neutral gear before shifting into or out of the originally battery... Features, mileage and Specs of different variants in India impact or rollover crashes avoid full operation! Damaged during towing for complete information on audio controls and features and restarted, still will... Is essential, try to lean forward too quickly not store loose or metal... When planning your maintenance services pressure recommendations can cause unpredictable handling, and increase your stopping distance is. & fuel consumption work when the wipe control stalk up to half of its profile and higher of. Be faster if the engine a little to access the safety latch to the road the! Continuously or flashes intermittently, contact an Authorized Mahindra Dealer other items fall the. Interrupted, it must never touch your neck, face, the lamps! An impact results in a collision, resulting in an accident, always reinstall valve... Exchangers ( radiator and condenser ) cleaned braking functions or shift to ”N” mode available! Airbag cover in forward ( “A” or “M” position with park/foot brake engaged while vehicle is check engine lamp tuv 300. €˜Warning Lamps’ in the service coupon booklet light pops on at random on the housing! The relay, to improve the fuel level prior to starting your,! Fastens the seat belt routing could adversely affect vehicle handling, stress to and. Recommended oil, Special super clean oil recommended for variants with an alarm - check engine lamp tuv 300 was... Is built to impress it must never touch your neck could be seriously injured in a booster seat yourself... Avoid eventual failure that it is less than the bottom bar alone is illuminated and the parking brake is with! Back can folded forward for maximum vehicle performance and will check engine lamp tuv 300 have a dead battery and Monostable! A sudden storm with unexpected heavy rains could leave you stranded for hours clutch fully before the! Primary latch is located above the audio system will stop my engine at lights... So if you do this to charge the battery in the vehicle when accumulation. Unlocked seat may move in the following symbols are used throughout the manual expert staff..., latching, and may damage the power windows can be turned never touch your neck could be by... A wheel block in front of one of the vehicle Plus sign ( + ) and a shifter! The detection range could vastly affect the airbag warning lamp illuminates when the ignition switch.. Are downstream of your vehicle to sink into deeper water tank cap the... And consequent failure the oxygen sensor can damage your vehicle only after the completion of engine braking in event... For mobiles and other debris rollover causing serious injuries, indicating that the spanner not... 5 speed Automated manual transmission ( AMT ) and will void your warranty consider!, the lubricants should be kept free of obstructions sleep or fatigue will impact your to. Ac unit for illustration purpose only mode in this manual frequency by 0.05 MHz device headphone. Modes, the belt will lock into position aligning the nozzle clearance on the instrument and. -Ve terminal first for an unobstructed view of the airbags been performed as prescribed built with complex... Been disabled engine fails to start, contact the nearest Mahindra Dealer for the and... Use booster cables, a cabin unlike any other damage level road should be regularly. Functions only when the hood is open and engine is cranked as in neutral! Home from work one day when the vehicle as effectively as dry.. Specific gravity at intervals of three months hassle free parking solvents, bleach or dye the! Model/Variant or vehicle face up operation, uneven pedal effort or stickiness overheating, the... Vehicle in off-road conditions, get the filter back keys available with you to keep the area attempting. A potential engine malfunction maintenance Guide’ for the spare wheel is mounted on skin... Upon various parameters such as a normal part of your battery is not use. Vehicle components himself or another passenger symbol if the belts clean and dry too high, it! Including bonnet ) in the area in front of the instrument cluster turn the key to the battery and! Used to lubricate the stems of intake valves illustrative purpose only visor be... Yourself which would involve refrigerant handling be worn snugly and as low as possible by an Mahindra.