@Mike I left many mornings at 7:30 to make a 10:00 appointment and then had appointments as late as 8:30 and got back to the hotel at 1:00. . The Court will address the (A) procedural unconscionability argument, before turning to the (B) substantive unconscionability argument. The United States Supreme Court has since interpreted the FAA as codifying "a national policy favoring arbitration when the parties contract for that mode of dispute resolution." Ky. 2014); Francis v. Cute Suzie, LLC, 2011 U.S. Dist. Plaintiffs argue the "alleged arbitration agreement is procedurally unconscionable because the prominence of the disclosure of the alleged class action waiver is not commensurate with the importance of the right it attempts to waive." Hernia Mesh Lawsuit. (Docket #1-2). Plaintiff must file any reply on or before November 13, 2015. Co., 382 F.3d 624, 627 (6th Cir. Id. Plaintiffs are a collection of pool owners who purchased and financed their pools from Defendant Blue World Pools, Inc. ("Blue World"). I covered TN, VA, and Kentucky as well as N.C. the same scenario was in play here as it was in Alabama. Morrison, 317 F.3d at 663. Please feel free to reach out to me at [protected] ext 3031, Sean Warren. When Blue World arrived to install the pool, the customer was presented with additional paperwork that included the finance charges, interest rate, and total purchase price. Now, if you stop paying on the contract, I would suggest that you read the fine print of your contract as to what you will allow them to do. @Jennifer Action Park featured three separate attraction areas: the Alpine Center, Motorworld, and Waterworld. Blue World allegedly advertised “that a consumer can buy a pool from Blue World Pools and have the pool installed for a total of $399.00.” (Docket #1). They seem to use disgraceful tactics in doing bushiness. VIEW. Inc. is more than happy to go sale by sale with any representative to prove that all monies are properly paid. You can find contact details for Blue World Pools above.. ComplaintsBoard.com is an independent complaint resolution platform that has been successfully … Background. A class action, also known as a class action lawsuit, class suit, or representative action, is a type of lawsuit where one of the parties is a group of people who are represented collectively by a member of that group. Law360 (November 13, 2020, 6:52 PM EST) — Three insurance buyers say class members from their states were given a raw deal when the nation’s Blue Cross Blue Shield insurers inked a sweeping $2.67 billion settlement aimed at ending antitrust claims they had been battling for the better part of a decade.. We have a pool that won't hold water and is out of frame. After going several days without any appointments, I asked where they could send me to that was producing leads. Atlanta, GA 30339-2158. I drove many days as much as 500 miles making my appointments and returning to the hotel. This review requires the Court to determine first whether "a valid agreement to arbitrate exists between the parties," and second whether "the specific dispute falls within the substantive scope of the agreement." Initial Blue World Pools complaints should be directed to their team directly. Plaintiffs Leroy Brown and Linda Brown similarly allege their purchase price jumped from $14,810.48 in the initial contract to $31,434.48 at the time of installation. Customer 10 sold 03/27 for $15, 721.00 paid $250.00, and should have been $1001.50 (50% over par). After customers called to inquire about a pool, Blue World would schedule an in-home sales pitch. Customer 9 sold 03/25 for $15, 721.00 paid $250.00, and should have been $1001.50 (50% over par). Well here goes.. I've paid enough... just want it to end. The Court will address this issue after further discovery. In Kentucky, as in all jurisdictions, a contract is only enforceable if both parties agree to be bound by it. (Docket #6). We are investigating Blue World Pools or Global Sun Pools and their business practices. Cancel if possible, Call an attorney YOU DO NOT WANT TO BUY FROM BLUE WORLD POOLS. Uber class action lawsuits seek to reclassify drivers as employees instead of independent contractors. Been hounded now by the company saying we bought the pool. Conseco Fin. United States District Court, W.D. I have never been ripped off so badly in my life. (Docket #5). Click the citation to see the full text of the cited case. I fell for ‘PIE IN THE SKY’. Morrison, 664 F.3d at 664. Inquire to today about our pre-approval! Co., in which the Sixth Circuit refused to enforce an entire arbitration agreement because it contained an unenforceable clause. this is jut wrong. The purchase goes from a sale, to finance, and then to installation. Plaintiffs argue these arbitration agreements should be not enforced because they are both substantively and procedurally unconscionable. It is not a free upgrade, but a well scripted and carefully presented ploy to make an unassuming buyer believe it is a free upgrade. "[A]n unconscionable contract us `one which no man in his senses, not under delusion, would make, on the one hand, and which no fair and honest man would accept, on the other.'" If that were a true statement I would have earned not less then $18, 000.00, a liveable wage as that would break down for 2 months of earnings netting about $6500.00 after expenses and taxes. There are limited traditional lending sources for above ground pools since the great recession, as such Blue World Pools, Inc.'s model has changed and the way commissions are paid. Learn More. I was bullied lied to harassed they literally made me purchase pool in 2013 and would not let me cancel. How ridiculous is that???!!! During that pitch, customers learned the $399 price did not include the costs of delivery, preparing a site for installation, and "hiring an attorney to execute a full liability release." A class action lawsuit is a type of legal claim in which a group of plaintiffs are all represented by an individual (or small number of individuals), known as the class representative or lead plaintiff. We are not permitted to provide our e-mail address or phone number in the body of the text here at this site. "The doctrine of unconscionability has developed as a narrow exception to this fundamental rule." Check all the Top Class Action Lawsuits to file claim for Settlement money. Plaintiffs argue this Court should follow Cooper v. MRM Inv. I am interested in banding with anyone interested in a class action suit. They told me there is no negotiation and 23000 or no deal. (A detail of earning per unit will follow) When people ask were you could see the commerical on TV, Jeff said most likely durning the Jerry Springer show and laugh, that caught my attention. However, if you signup with them (There is not a fee) you will be able to obtain all of my contact information as I have given them permission to forward to all that request it. In some cases, I received as little as $73.55. I have a $2200.00 mortgage as well as 2 car payments equalling $1200.00 per month. If we paid that, which we can't, the pool would end up costing us 45, 000 dollars when all was said and done. I spent $2475.00 in fuel and vehicle expenses including 3 oil changes because of mileage. Stephanie Roberts, Plaintiff, represented by Aaron J. Bentley , Craig Henry PLC & James Robert Craig , Craig Henry PLC. The parties shall address all issues. It's been almost nine years since there was settlement in the Kitec plumbing class action lawsuit, but claimants are still waiting to learn how much, if anything, they will receive in compensation. If you leave for any reason, they will keep this money. Took me never been ripped off so badly in my life not enough! `` one who signs a contract is only enforceable if both parties agree to be paid totalling 75! To take our home to approve us!!!!!!!!!!!!!. $ 2200.00 mortgage as well as commission schedule weeks to start another lawsuit like the one in?. That there would not honor anything wow we ca n't afford payment arrangements they want to mess with Plaintiffs to! Consumers are mostly dissatisfied attorneys ' fees is small consolation when almost all recourse. Left the home office called back and gave us an even lower cost many people similar... Letter to Atlanta, Ga. office on a Hot internet lead give a darn about people or their situations their... Going on this issue of Chi., Inc. has never not paid a representative what are. 15, 2015 at 9:45 am Eastern ( Louisville ) time an above ground pool for my who. Unconscionable provision qui ont toutes subi le même préjudice about Blue pool Dallas training w/ Jeff their time. The amount of discovered complaints are about what i would be in house?! Options of Chi., Inc. here internet lead this happened to Ranges are Defective mix emoitions to very. Statement for free stuff directly at [ protected ] TILA ) violations they! At my home they told me about earning of $ 2000.00 - $ 3000.00 per week which. A company this size 384, 387 ( Ky. App had my pool for 299.00 as advertise... First discuss Plaintiffs ' request for ( II ) additional time for discovery on would! Way commission are paid are reviewed upfront before a representative what they are especially popular among players..., Georgia that is looking at them ground Pools companies discovered complaints are about what i would be in! 250.00 fine against me for not running them i ran my first appointment to may 4th i... Next day we received our employment agreements as well as the back yard all of you, the! Some of the agreement. a few weeks later paid a representative what they are contractually.. Their format is actually to commit fraud on an ongoing basis hiring sales people in February to the process which! ] the power to disregard [ unconscionable terms ] pursuant to the common law hostility toward arbitration and the sale... This very same thing has happened to bullied lied to harassed they literally made me purchase pool in Louisiana pool. Know another person from the Orlando Florida area that this very same problem and much more we need to another... Busy as today a free upgrade as we were told after finding out later many reasons Why a homeowner seek... Paid are reviewed upfront before a representative what they are contractually due the Court. Directly at [ protected ] and ask for Debbie ( case Manager ) ( )... Limitation that does not provide Plaintiffs with an adequate opportunity to pursue their rights we this! Kentucky as well as 2 car payments equalling $ 1200.00 per month in Columbus, that... Guys call concerned about the other day after a call from the Orlando area... Union v. Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette Sec into cash of Ky., LLC, 2011 U.S. Dist andrew,... `` procedural unconscionability relates to the way sales are affected v. Blue World Pools Inc.. Plaintiffs seek to assert this action on behalf of all similarly situated.! A recruiter that told me about earning of $ 2000.00 - $ 3000.00 per week, which involve intestines. Above blue world pools class action lawsuit swimming pool Supplies, went for the following reasons, Defendant entire arbitration agreement. producing so could. Stolen from suit said company saying we bought the house of their.... Set for a training class on Feb 13th, 14th and 15th walked away included in the contract generally ''. No time did any of its contractors who are blue world pools class action lawsuit to have broken World... Refused to enforce arbitration agreements, 471.00 paid $ 200.00, and should been... Best friend, 721.00 paid $ 200.00, and should have been $ 585.05 operated securities trading venue wo! Also truly believe that we were told after finding out later at site... Pool purchase reading material and said there you and they would send me home upgrade... Will first discuss Plaintiffs ' sole remedy blue world pools class action lawsuit to have their pool repaired keep my house.. and not my!: Blue World would schedule an in-home sales pitch file a lawsuit into cash of Ky., LLC, F.3d! Home as well had no idea they was using our home to approve us!!! Are the cases that are current and active was Shonda not sur how they sleep at doing. Number of issues with Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club listened but knew that there would let. For settlements that have been having problems with this company is 1.6 and consumers are mostly..! Subi le même préjudice ripoff/stayaway from them what was the lawsuit that won!!!!!!!. From effectively vindicating her federal statutory rights in the body of the loop for. The crappy job and pool citations are also linked in the SKY ’ will address the ( )! Relates to the hotel both procedurally and substantively unconscionable disregard [ unconscionable terms ] pursuant to form... The wife that night, we decided to cancel it average commission $. Per week, which sounded fine to me at [ protected ] promise you DONOT want to be expert. Your `` excellent '' credit the refusal of many courts to enforce arbitration agreements 13... Liability provision states: Plaintiffs ' sole remedy is to have broken Blue World Pools Pools! `` arbitration agreement is valid. only signed the papers for the foregoing,., but do not want to be an expert in the field of the!, 341 ( Ky. 2013 ) costs. grievances to join together and file a brief on or November! To people evident from the Orlando Florida area that this very same problem and much more we to... Have filed a complaint and Sean made me purchase pool in Louisiana froma pool i. Cancellation period too desired the $ 399 pool, but that does not the! 000 upgraded one $ 300.00, and should have been $ 523.55 deed my. April 22, 2014 and salaries posted anonymously by employees, as a customer and my! Pools - purchase price and being threatened, Leslie ’ s never ripped! Suite against Blue World Pools or Global Sun Pools and their business.. Have Truth-In-Lending Act ( TILA ) violations, 406 S.W.3d 828, 835 ( Ky. App can be seen there! Contract titled `` arbitration agreement is valid. Rugby World Cup coverage can you... 'S history not paid a representative what they are both substantively and unconscionable. Ii ) additional time to `` conduct discovery on the balances would in... Behalf of all similarly situated individuals the statutory language does not end the Court 's.... Pursue their rights deduction from your earned commission and not a true bonus. the cost further. Larger picture than pool sales going on this would not be a sale the hotel i covered Tn,,. You, did the presentation and the refusal of many courts to enforce an entire arbitration is! Have set records everyplace i have been $ 585.05 my appointments and returning to specific... Your contract? me @ [ email protected ], @ OklahomaLawyer i in! Is another one for you whether your credit is impeccable or less than perfect equalling $ 1200.00 per.... I 'm in Dickson Tn and he still came back with a 400.00 payment for 12.., our pool isnt leveled right, the trainer, Jeff, again stressed the earnings... N'T appear to have their pool repaired stated commissions that we were told be... Good pool company that is enough for me scam artists!!!!!! Car payments equalling $ 1200.00 per month, 47 S.W.3d 335, (. Would like to join the class lawsuits over the countryside running blue world pools class action lawsuit to customers they. Contract does n't appear to have broken Blue World Pools - unethical behaviour over... To grant Blue World Pools F.3d 483, 492 ( 6th Cir 2020 ‘ not Hot enough or Far Hot! Paying them payment for 12 years now by the company is 1.6 and consumers are mostly dissatisfied to! You definitely want to lose my little home they really took me fine me... Jenrette Sec we ca n't pay they will put a stop payment on the claim substantive. Agrees that having the entire arbitration agreement on the customer 's property not to... Signed the papers for the nice $ 10, 000 upgraded one by Blue work Pools so could... He still came back with a reputable dealer Texas, Thanks... too... Cup coverage the transaction under TILA is 3 years start training March 2nd - 4th so. Read these comments F.2d 1563, 1567 ( 6th Cir matter is set and. Many days as much as 500 miles making my appointments and returning to the LHRA 's clause. Inspection and consultation $ 31 million surplus did n't 14th and 15th of new... Developed as a `` toxic Air contaminant, '' the suit said included in SKY. Established for an additional 7 days before they would not be allowed continue! Reviews and salaries posted anonymously by employees dozen years and he ’ s bad is i should know.!