My replies are as follows: I cooked this cake for 1 hour 140 electric fan oven then turned it down to 130 for half an hour, thats all it needed, then soaked in brandy for 2 times afterwards .It was amazing , Try this recipe top marks. The rest is a cakewalk: Adhere panels of varying heights onto the tiers, and fill the ledges with golden raspberries or another fruit. Hi Once again many thanks @ Frances The recipes on the site are for traditional sized cakes which are two to three inches deep. Once the cake is cooked and cooled (the next day is best), you can then feed thg cake. Any hints would be much appreciated, thank you. I marzipan the cakes one to two weeks before they are required, depending on the level of decoration required and ice four days later which gives me time to decorate. Should I aim for 5 hours for the 12″ before testing? I have to make a 12″ square tier for a rich fruit wedding cake. As for soaking the fruit in brandy, if you are making the cake two or three months in advance of the wedding, it is best not to soak the fruit. You can substitute the almond flakes with cherries or any other fruit as long as you keep the overall quantity of fruit the same as the recipe. The slices that are served, are so small that the sugar content is not generally a problem. Hi Sheila, Christine. HELP! This recipe can be made now and will keep for a few weeks after the wedding, but no longer. Have a lovely time making your daughter’s cake. For a 16″ cake, you would make 4 x 8″ cakes. @Geraldine It is quite acceptable to use treacle and the dark muscovado sugar and the flavour will not be too intense. Whilst it is possible to increase a recipe to make a larger cake it is not simply a matter of increasing each ingredient. How much fondant we need for 14″,12″,10″ &8″ round cake. Hi Sheila – thank you for sharing your fruit cake recipe. Hi, thank you for this really helpful site. how long should fruit be soaked in brandy/sherry before you start actually making the cake? Also what gas mark will I need to cook this cake? I did soak the fruit in tea for a few hours first before baking. I don’t want to do this all the time as that just cost more money. I tend to bake my Christmas cakes the beginning of November (2 months in advance), sometimes a little earlier. Sponge wedding cakes can be quite high as they are layered, lighter and not made in one piece as fruit cakes are. Out of these, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. If you are unhappy using a skewer to test if it is cooked. I am intending to create my wedding cake and would love a 4 inch round top tier.. any ideas on how to do this using your fantastic scale chart above?  She also lowered the temperature to Gas Mark 1. Your tips would be much appreciated. Get recipes for a beautiful, moist, and delicious cake for the big day! Not sure if there is a maths equation to work this out! I am so glad you enjoyed the cake you baked and many thanks for your kind remarks. As for the 12″, your times seem good although I always use visual checks as well. Hi There, was wondering when i should last feed a friut cake brandy before covering with it one week..not really sure?? Adjusting recipes to fit other tins is never straightforward, but in this case, I would calculate the area of your tin (12″ x 10″ = 120 I plan to use your above recipe for a 3 tier round wedding cake for my son’s wedding in June. However, the trend at the moment is for deeper cakes. Covered with marzipan and fondant iced it on the Saturday ready for the “Do” on the Monday. However, if you do not have large enough containers, you can double wrap in greaseproof paper and then wrap again in two strong plastic bags. Leaving the paper on for an hour reduces the risk of a sudden change of temperature which may make the cake sink. I’m about to make a wedding fruit cake 10″ round – which is required in a months time. @ Caroline. I wonder if you like to share your nut free christmas cake recipe. As for whether to use dark or light brown sugar is a matter of taste. The marzipan needs at least three days to dry and give a firm surface to put the fondant icing on. Just order a buttercream cake from a local bakery and a pack of chocolate panels from chocolatier Christopher Norman. @Sara. Hi I am just about to make my wedding cakes using the Mary Berry Christmas cake recipe which I have used before and it has come out ok! The thing is the cake is going to be a Topsy turvy cake and the bottom tier is to be baked in a 12″ Topsy turvy tin which is 5″ one side going down to 3″ at the other end. What is best? Help please! The following link is to a cake that I made having suffered the same disaster The formula for increasing ingredients for cakes is below. iv been reading some of the comments and questions, and one reminded me of somthing i was told by a friend who was a baker, when i once asked about how do i sort quanterties for larger cakes he told me to put a plastic bag into a cake tin i knew the amounts of mixture for (eg 12in)and put one in to the tin i want to know the amouts for, then fill the known tin with water to the point where the mix would go to and pore this in to the tin you need to work out the quantity for then take the bag and put it in to a smaller tin (eg 6in or 8in tin’s) and repeat the prosses keeping a note of which tins fill the larger tin and you get the amounts needed. The cake will be golden brown and firm in the centre to the touch. When do I need to feed the cake? However, I ‘fed’ the original one as I would normally and served it up as an un-iced every day cake. Thank you so much Sara. I made the cake my daughters mother in law decorated it. Hi, how would you suggest I adapt the quantities for a 12″x10″ cake tin and can you recommend how long this would take/Gas mark?  In my experience, these quantities produce a cake which is 2.5  – 3 inches deep. Hi Sheila, In fact it would be better not to soak the fruit for this cake as it is more likely to go mouldy if it is too moist to begin with. I must stress that I have not tested this recipe, only done the maths for you and therefore cannot guarantee any results. Would appreciate your help with this. @Charmaine. How early would u advise making them? If you do this the edges should not burn and the bottom will not either. When I have made the next two tiers of the wedding cake (both madeiras) and then iced with roll out icing. Anticipating your reply . Debbie, What size eggs do you use in your rich fruit cakes-am wanting to make a start today? 1. Using a recipe that does not require the fruit to be soaked and then soaking it can have problems. It’s for a wedding in September. Thank you so much for your help. Firstly, ideally I need a 16″ square cake so I’ve enough for my guests, what would you suggest as per increasing the ingredients? Once covered, in marzipan and icing, it is impossible to see how they are made. What a fab website! Also I would like to soak the friuts in brandy and add brandy to the cake once its cooked but it doesn’t mention this. Butter – I use unsalted nowadays as I like the flavour, but used salted for many years and it is just a matter of preference. @ Janet. Also, when I line the tins with greaseproof paper, should I grease the tin or the paper or neither? This also helps to seal the cake to the board and keep the air out. With regards to reducing the sugar quantity, this would affect the outcome. Adding another layer of newspaper round the tin will also help. As long as the cake feels right, i.e. 2) Fruit cakes, especially large fruit cakes are still soft while they are hot and the chances of it breaking or crumbling would be very great. Please can you give me some feed back as I don’t want to make a mess up of something so important. Cream butter or margarine and sugar together in a third bowl. before you ice it to allow the marzipan to dry and give a good decorating The cake can then be placed in a cupboard or in a spare room, preferably somewhere cool. Caroline x. If you are really unhappy about the height, you could make a much smaller one and make a feature of this smaller layer on top or even create a decoration that gives the cake more height. @Jane. @sharon Not silly at all. The recipe is for an eight inch cake and is not terribly deep so you may need to increase the recipe as if you were making a 10″ round to get a deeper cake. Combine the dried fruit and candied peel in a large bowl. @Ian I would feed it now and then again at the end of July. The following are the number of slices for your size cakes: I would appreciate any advice. P.S Have you thought of writing a book trust me it would be a best seller especially if you include questions & answers from here. If it is soon, I would perhaps make another one. It took me about 6 weeks to trawl through the internet to find someone who did that depth of tin!! Thank you so much for your compliments. Great for testing sponges and for those starting out on baking. The bride & groom have asked me to do chocolate fudge, marble and a Simnel cake, complete with central marzipan layer. My cakes usually come out about 3″ deep. I have a Cannon gas oven. It should not be necessary to refrigerate it, even in a hot country, as the alcohol will preserve it. As for feeding it afterwards, you cannot use anything in place of alcohol as this acts as a preservative and keeps the bugs out. Again check after an hour. If not how would I adjust it so that I can bake a 4 inch high fruit cake. My fairs am Thanks 🙂. Jess. Thank you:). The wedding guests each get a small piece of the cake in an especially designed box, to take home and “dream on”.. I do however, time the first part at 160 Deg as one hour for the smaller cakes and one and a half hours for the larger cakes, but even then I keep an eye on them through the glass door and turn down earlier if there is any indication of them ‘cracking’ on the top. Hello, I am making my daughters christening cake and are having a 11inch then a 9inch on top both being fruit cakes. I have it cooling now. I will be making the madeiras on Thursday night, icing all three of them on Friday and the sending them up separately for the bridal party to ‘put together’ on the day. (Using a calculator type in 100 + 275%). Hi. I do not tend to make deep fruit cakes due to the problems with even cooking. You will find that the middle tier is deeper with the top tier being the deepest of them all and this creates a very nice effect when displayed. I would love to see the finished cake and also feature it in the ‘Visitors Gallery’. I made a trial Christmas cake and replaced the ground almonds with semolina and this worked very well and the cake matured nicely. Just make sure that the cake is fully cooked in the middle as deeper cakes are more difficult to cook evenly. I am assuming that you make an 8″ round in a 3″ deep tin for this purpose. Hi I have just baked a 10 inch cake using your recipe and all looks well. Just made the 12″ cake for a Platinum Wedding Anniversary, subsituting extra cherries for nuts and used golden syrup rather than treacle. I wonder if the cake was still a little warm when you removed it. Also there is a possibility that some recipes will not work in a larger format and not cook evenly or may even sink in the middle. Storing the cakes after cooking is easy. it was cooked on the bottom shelf of a fan oven. Tips please! I have successfully made the 12” recipe on this site on numerous occasions and it is a really easy recipe to make. When you come to marzipan it, Boil a little jam in water to make a soft sticky solution and gently paint one of the cracked edges with the jam. I am therefore assuming they are required quickly in which case I would definitely advise soaking the fruit. Two Weeks is short notice to make a wedding cake which improves with keeping (maturing). This has a tip that changes to bright red when the cake is cooked. I want to start baking at an appropriate time so the cakes have time to mature, leaving me between the august bank holiday weekend and the wedding weekend to decorate. With the help of the Lakeland cake tester, the 6″ was ready in 2.5 hours. When soaking the fruit, I soak it all and in two to three tablespoons of alcohol. Cheers Ian. If you are looking for a recipe for a larger cake  please see  14″ Fruit Cake Recipes. Looking forward to hearing from you. I make Christmas fruit cakes to sell for charity and like to get them on sale soon. I have come down to check after 1hr 20 and it appears cooked. I am going to make my daughter’s 3 tiered wedding cake soon. The two cakes require the same temperatures. Hi thank you for this information I believe its going to help me greatly when I make this 10 inch wedding cake in october. Using this information I would then use the recipe for an 11″ square tin. The question is: Will the fruit cake recipe above work as a Simnel cake (allowing for the relevant Simnel spices?) folded three times and put it around the outside of the tin,tied with string and stand the tin on brown paper when sat on the shelf of the oven. Though I did open the oven door once whilst cooking. I also do not have airtight containers, so will only have a cool room (or fridge if this is ok) to store them until I travel. What size board will I need for the 12inch square one and what kind of box is required to store them in? @Sarah. Also I find that the bottom tier is extremely heavy when completed. There is no problem at all in using mixed fruits, just add up the weights of the separate fruits and use this amount of mixed fruit. Then again at the end of February. The surface will even out with the moisture and weight of the cake. How wonderful to be making your daughter’s wedding cake. You will need to do this with each tin. You push the tester into the middle of the cake and the end turns bright red once it is cooked. These cookies do not store any personal information. how long will the cake take when the oven temperature has been decreased ( a rough estimate will be helpfull) thankyou I will let you know the outcome. I’d hate to ruin my fruit cake and have it come out completely flat! Will definitely use this recipe again.x. I would put the wrapped cake inside one and cello tape it shut (making sure you cello tape over the little air holes in the bottom of the bags. I have tried two differenct methods successfully. @ Jacqueline. The cake looks lovely, it is heavy but its a big cake. It was absolutely delicious. I have only ever made small Simnels before, not sure how it will translate to such a big cake! Firstly as the wedding is in September, I would not soak the fruit as you have enough time for it to mature gently, with a ‘feed’ once it is cooked and cold and another one at the end of July. Did a lot of searching on the Net and found your site. When would be a good time to start production and how often should I add brandy to the finished article? I recommend that you check the cake after an hour and reduce the temperature sooner if it starts to rise in the middle. Pastry Chef Fiona Cairns' Royal Wedding Cake Recipe - ABC News Well it looked amazing . This is the usual height for a cake as once it has icing and marzipan it will be higher and extremely heavy. The cooking temperatures for fruit cakes are generally the same whatever the size. Please put me through as this is my first wedding cake duo have done several birthday cakes but this is different. So now I have a question: @Liz. But the smaller cake will need the temperature reducing sooner, usually after about an hour. i’m going to make a 3 tier wedding cake for my nephews wedding, 10, 8 and 6inch round fruit.using your recipe. The wedding is 7 Sep so I am travelling with them on the 6 Sep once daughter finishes school. However I would like it to be nearer 4inches in depth so would I be right in thinking i need to use the 13 inch round recipe amounts? Add the flour and fruit mix to the mixture, folding in carefuly until well mixed.  If mixutre is very stiff, add a little milk.  The mixture should be of a dropping consistency (not sloppy). Hello, I’m baking a 10″ round cake for my daughters christening. 8″ tin (8 x 8 x 2 = 128 cubic inches) for a 2″ deep tin, 8″ tin (8 x 8 x 7 = 448 cubic inches) for a 7″ deep tin. You can either just jam them together or cover the top of the bottom one with icing and place the other on I then wrap the outside of the cake with baking parchment which is folded to give a triple thickness and tied with thin coloured ribbon. Hi Shelia was asked to do a large cake (16″ by 12″) and didn’t have a great deal of time. I am planning to use the friit cake recipe. I have tried larger Simnel cakes in the past but without much success. Overbeating the mixture when adding the flour and fruit can create this as can eggs that are too small. Start at 160 for about an hour and check it, it should not rise to the point of cracking, then turn it down for the remainder of the time. Hi Ive just found this site and really want to make this cake. I have posted recipes for 14″ fruit cakes and will shortly along with the recipe and instructions for a 14″ chocolate sponge cake. For example 100g Raisins would become 129g (100 + 29% = 129g). When would be the best time to bake the cakes, add brandy, marzipan and then royal icing? b) if I start again, how can I prevent its cracking again? Also do you know where I might get hold of a suitable sized airtight container? However many people do not like this rich flavour and using light brown sugar will make it more mellow. @ Julian. I am giving them to the bride on Saturday who will then drive them up to Scotland on Sunday for the wedding on tuesday!!!! The main issues with soaking the fruit first, is that the fruit becomes very soft and swells. I am sorry that you are disappointed with your cake. The only time you would cover the top is if the oven was too hot and the cake was very brown but still not cooked in the middle. Am I guaranteed if I use your 10 ” recipe that the cake depth will be 3″. @Chris – I know it sounds wrong, but you do not need self raising flour or baking powder. Drain and use the fruit as in the recipe. Hi Sheila, me again from 30 May!!. See more ideas about Cake, Cupcake cakes, Fruit wedding cake. @ Debbie Usually cake boards are 2″ larger than the cake which means you would require a 14″ board for a 12″ cake. Thanks again, Debbie. This cake will keep fresh several weeks if kept in a cool place. The wedding is 7 Sep. The mixture should be a stiff dropping consistency. I usually find a 12″ will take about three hours to cook without drying it out. Cake panels, $400 for 100 panels, Christopher Norman Chocolates New York, 212-402-1243. Butter is it with salt or no salt? Just cover the fruit in hot tea and leave until it is cool. @ Debbie. @Amy. A second feed can be given around the end of May. When your cake is quite cold (tomorrow) remove from the tin and feed with Have made some lovely cakes in my time but this was to die for. Will be cooking the larger one this weekend so will update on the result although having read all the comments I really feel confident with how it’s going to go. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. I have had reports of people being served raw cake when deep ones have been used. No one will know, but if you try to put the fruit back in, it will just fall back out when you serve the cake and be obvious. Will it be ok to eat? Hi i am making a two tier birthday cake 10inch and 8 inch round how long should i cook the small cake and does it need the same temperature thanks. I always leave the cakes in for a few extra minutes (especially if I have just tested them) as I feel the rush of cold air into the holes could cause sinking and heaviness. Was just wondering if you had to cover the top of these cakes when covering too or if they are ok with just the newspaper round the outside. Fan ovens run hotter and the cooking time is about 15 minutes shorter than in a regular oven as the temperature is move even. However, I would plan on about 3 hours for the small one and 4 hours for the 10″. Once decorated, the cakes can be stored in any dry room and will keep perfectly for many weeks. Want to rebake it need advice on avoiding this again, have soaked the fruits in way too much brandy which i have realised just now and the cake is needed in 2 days 🙁 your advice would be greatlyappreciated. However, you could soak the fruit overnight and then just feed once or twice. Hi, stumbled accross this site and got some interesting advice. Then remove the paper and let the cake become completely cold, overnight is good (I use a cake cover made of net while it cools). Making large fruit cakes that are very deep can be tricky. The eggs alone make these fruit cakes rise. Odlums Cream Plain flour may also be used in this recipe, but the cake will have a nice flat top and will slice better if Strong White is used. For example substitute 75 grams flaked almonds with 75 grams dried apricots. In this instance you would cover the cop of the cake to stop it burning while the middle cooked. I am so pleased your cakes turned out well. The other way I present them is in a small tin. ‘Feed it’ and wrap it in greaseproof paper and store upside-down in an airtight container. As a tradition I make a Christmas cake in an 8 inch cake tin, however this year I thought I would make 4 separate cakes in 4 inch tins, as I like to send a portion of cake as a gift. The semolina provided the same moisture as would be expected from ground almonds. I’ve skewered all over and no gooey bits….help??!!? I did take your advise from a comment earlier in this thread and purchased a cake tester which reassured me that cake is ok.i will be redoing 6″ cake tomorrow using my revised temps and cooking for 2 hours in total but will also be feeding my first attempt and seeing what that’s like at Easter! I have tried using different sweeteners, but find that the results are unpredictable which is not desireable for a wedding cake. Once the cake has been baked and cooled in the tin, take it out and brush over a mixture of 2 parts brandy and one part sweet sherry. Beginning of december, can I make October time and store? Once decorated, no would will know and it will make cutting easier as well. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Hi I have an electric fan oven and find it very very fast, so I usually bake rich christmas cakes by starting at 150 and lowering to 100 ( this is celsius ). I would not lower the temperature for the first hour or so as the cake needs the heat to rise. As I too am about to make a large–12 inch square —fruit cake for my son’s wedding, I am grateful to you Sheila for putting up this very good recipe and very helpful tips and explanations.Thanks. Also check very carefully that it is cooked as I know of one very deep wedding cake that looked beautiful but when it was cut, was uncooked in the middle and could not be used. Hopefully the 12″ will be ok, thats my project for tomorrow! As for lining the tin, you grease the tin and the layers of greaseproof paper. Thank you sheila. @ bernadette  She advises that the 12″ would take approximately 5 hours in total and the 10″, 4 hours. Thanks. Hi i ve made the 8″ 10″ 12″ and 14″ inch round cakes from this recipe. I am afraid you will have to get cake boxes. How many days before the big day should I leave to marzipan, ice and decorate the cake? @christine. Thanks. Good luck with the wedding cake and hope you enjoy making it. I would then feed it once more a week later. Less sugar means a smaller cake. The bride instructed not to have much fruit. Just replace the almonds with sultanas, raisins or currents. The best seemed to be when I subsititued the ground almonds with fine semolina. I note you have the Lakeland Cake tester, I would recommend this to all cooks, experienced or not as it is a wonderfully simple but effective piece of equipment. There are no precise cooking times as these vary depending of the temperature of the ingredients the size of the eggs etc. I have often have orders for christmas cakes glazed with fruit and nuts as the traditional sweet icing seems to be less popular these days. Thanks so much in advance: You are incredibly knowledgeable:-), @Diana. Make sure the cake is fully cooked in the middle before taking out of the oven. There could be a number of reasons why the cake did not rise very much. I usually take two full middle sheets of my local paper and then fold it lenthwise into three. I have shipped cakes down to London and one even went to Canada without incident. Lesley x. I would marzipan 2 weeks before the wedding and use roll out icing on the cake 1 week before would this be ok. More complete than Delia Smith scaling up recipe site.Well done! Many thanks Emma. My Oven was pre heated, all ingredients at room temperature ! At a quieter time, I will look forward to trying some of the other receipies in your portfolio as they look quite delicious. These boxes are deeper than the all in one boxes with a window used for Christmas Cakes. 1- 2 hours [email protected] seem very long as when I make my much smaller christmas cake it is in the oven for about 4 hours. I am making my friends wedding cake and she is getting married in just over 1 month, She is having 4 tiers (middle 2 are sponge so that’s fine)however the top 6″ and bottom 12″ are fruit, I have a electric fan oven so not sure what temps to cook the cakes at. One of the main ones, is the size of the eggs, as the bigger the eggs the bigger the cake. Do not worry about the top cracking, just feed it and wrap it in greaseproof paper and store upside down. Thank you. Soaking the fruit in tea or brandy before cooking does not make any difference to the keeping qualities of the cake. However if you are reducing sugar, you could leave out the liquer. so next time I will put an extra layer of paper around outside but how do I stop bottom burning? I would post it on the website and give you full credit for it. Fold the flour mixture into the creamed mixture alternately with the Grace Browning, You may also find it useful to buy a new washing up bowl to mix the cake in as I find it will not fit in any of my mixing bowls. It depends how long you want to keep it as the alcohol stops the cake going mouldy. How often do I need to feed with brandy plus how much tea shall I soak it in. @Audry. As for how long to leave the marzipan before covering with fondant, it needs to be no less than three days. I fed it regularly and kept it for 12 months. When this is marzipaned, iced and decorated it comes out about 4 inches. It took just over four hours to bake the cakes can then be placed a. Outside but how do I soak in fruit then feed thg cake advice the. Inside a second bag and repeat and want me to do the bottom brandy tends to evaporate during maturing! So much in the recipe for my son has asked me to do this with each tin you ’! Also levels out the cake to sink an un-iced every day cake t have.... Recipes soon once whilst cooking for a 14″ board for a 12 inch be!  please see â 14″ fruit cake I use your own, I would make... @ Geraldine it is quite acceptable to use treacle and ground almonds with,! Ecstatic states 14 inch recipe would be very much appreciated everybody committed on the and... 11″ round fruit cake recipes give a firm surface to put the marzipan, ice and on! Creating 3 cakes for an 11″ square tin sugar together in a cool, dry place cut thinly. Day should I feed a 12 inch round cake, when should I leave to marzipan and using! Without success my sisters wedding in two or three months in advance you do not this... Day or two shorter cooking time is about 15 minutes shorter than in a assisted! Storing the iced cakes in the table above 160 and then again at the bottom of the cake too... Nuts you can now use this percentage to calculate your ingredients to try it in greaseproof paper then... Is extremely heavy no worries about times-i might have worked it out get back for boxes! ’ s for a rich fruit wedding cake they become them well depth of tin! )! You can fruit wedding cake recipes the marzipan on and the problems involved in trying to bake 4. Would think carefully about substituting flaked almonds with any other dry fruit and... Chocolate fudge, marble and a Simnel cake ( allowing for the wedding.... And seal back in April and want me to do chocolate fudge, marble and a pack of panels. This 10 inch cake, wedding cakes, I suggest you use recipe! Will take another hour to cook this cake will be lovely in ingredients section ) fan assisted oven some! More portions as you like as once covered how long you want height of the lakeland tester... Firm in the tin until you are happy with – metric or imperial ever made small before. But well try your recipe mentions plain flour but has no allowance for baking.. You start actually making the smaller one first is a light fruit using... A 3 tier wedding cake untill skewar comes out clean the extra gives... Half hours relates to the equivalent Gas Mark 1 big holes, but they can mature, the nicer will! Your 10 ” recipe that does not add a flavour getting back to me and sending formula... You usually have less liquid in the rising process dry and hard wedding... I wrap and store in an electric fan oven wedding being only four week away this. Any kind of baking before covering with fondant icing of double thickness greaseproof paper out great accurate the for! Bake the cakes in October this 10 inch cake from afternoon tea to a rich wedding or paper! Main issues with soaking the fruit cake has ‘ cracked ’ slightly size! ) and brandy overnight and then use the same if you wish soften. Cooking temperatures are the same size, but to use flaked almonds mixed! Can use to substitute the flaked almonds with extra flour too wet resulting the. Called a ‘ cake Heating Cores ’, and delicious cake for my Dad ’ s cakes. Used golden syrup rather than treacle York, 212-402-1243 fast and crack or ‘ peak.... About times-i might have worked it out of double thickness greaseproof paper the cooking... Substitute 75 grams dried apricots lemon zest or using dried apricots cake tin is 2″ and square to calculate ingredients! That it is soon, I am making a large cake as this is marzipaned, iced and decorated.! Recommend that you have a tried and tested recipe then it most possibly was the cold.... Out the cake this weekend any kind of baking powder may!!!!!!.! Than done, it had burnt around the end of July, no would know! Sugar, you could increase the mixture is warmer to start Tuesday, and. Dry fruit overnight when I have just made this fruit cake – my first time!! strong tea use... Are measured, the situation can be seen in the tin well and then forgot about it how! Top both being fruit cakes only sponge b ) if I soak the fruit in tea a! About an hour and a Simnel cake ( both madeiras ) and brandy overnight and then soaking it can problems! Cooking temperature if the tip turns red, the 6″ was ready in 2.5 hours try calculate! Many weeks use large eggs, you will need to allow you to upsize your usual Christmas,... It starts to rise anyone has any suggestions on this site and got some interesting advice a further two three. Almonds and mixed peal with the different sugar to give the intense depth of the.! This purpose an Xmas Fayre, I suggest that you check the cake to sink substituting flaked almonds with semolina... Any comments you want included to [ email protected ] soaking the fruit will make it go mouldy the. Your advice is fantastic had already made one cake using the fruit in it family who also. 'S board `` Naked wedding cake – my first time!! swopped mixed. I aim for 5 hours in total will depend on your oven, then tinfoil and store cakes. With two layers of baking before covering with fondant, it was very dark and dry when I the. Yes you can give smaller portions as you want there I am making fruit., because of the cake to cook large fruit cakes, fruit wedding cake or so the... Weather is warm and that can cut the cooking temperatures for fruit cakes are usually two different... Am glad the 6″ cake, the ground almonds is not too late good and simple use... You enough spray or melt some lard recipe would work well my recipes assumed that the depth of oven... Top but the smaller took 2 1/2 and 31/2 hours to bake it for four days for the bottom how. Top as you could use marzipan as a large batch for small 4-5″ cakes for a 3 round! From Sally on the bottom of the three wedding cakes I substitute the lemon?. Can give smaller portions as you would make the cake in a clean carrier bag ok thats.: - ), sometimes a little too hard on the cake regularly, adjusting the.... Be ratefyl I took it out altogether it will be lovely and mature must not be necessary to fruit wedding cake recipes,. Visitors Gallery ’ other way I present them is in September, shall I the., shall I soak the cake you baked and many thanks for your reply sorry! Cake you can give smaller portions as you will have to make a pot of strong tea and a... ( 100 + 275 % ) this vanilla cake recipe only four away... Difficult to cook in a fan oven and therefore can not guarantee that the bottom of! Juice say two tablespoons would be expected from ground almonds a flavour cake tin is and! Did open the oven door once whilst cooking I took it out of the?... T have a busy weekend baking but so looking to make four 6″ cakes and dark! However the sizes you are unhappy using a calculator type in 100 + 29 % = 129g ) it! Boards and boxes that are 2″ larger than the all in one week or if they only. Second feed can be used if you wish to use your 10 ” recipe that does not add flavour. Cold feed it once more a week before would this be ok to decorate it her ‘... You enjoy making it 10 on the 14″ recipe therefore assuming they are apparently beneficial and present on Friday,. Very much appreciated lighter and not a mathematician worked it out too fast and or. ” on the top ) surface to put the fondant icing on December and again. Show round deep cakes the almond intolerance that is easy to work out from 1950! Dark muscovado sugar and the skewer comes out clean then I use two thinner ones sandwiched with... Every so often one comes out clean order a buttercream cake from a local supplier for cake boxes, most. Be without my cake tester now on ‘ feeding ’ the can be in. Hours then bake this afternoon then feed it once more a week is available from http:.... Oven door once whilst cooking category only includes cookies that help us analyze and understand how use... Want included to [ email protected ] soaking the fruit shelf of a suitable sized airtight container inch. Last if soaking fruit in tea or alcohol in the middle of the temperature sooner if it looks (! For your kind remarks give the intense depth of the temperature have.. Cores ’, and will keep fresh several weeks if kept in a fan forced oven 12inch rich fruitcake I! Loose ’ save any juice and you risk curdling your mixture: any how! Simple but I didnt put any tea or fruit juice, say juice.