You could use the liquid smoke to give you the smoky flavor – just use a light hand because I often think the liquid smoke ends up tasting artificial. I never used to pre-soak dry beans until I learned that pre-soaking and rinsing eliminates the gas that beans can cause! Yummy idea! I, too, loved this as a child but, the taste of canned soup is “yewww” compared to home made. The canned stuff just doesn’t taste like it did when I was a kid. Thanks for a great Winter recipe!! Bean with bacon is one of my favorite soups and this recipe is so tasty! Add navy beans into a medium saucepan over medium heat. esp. When I was growing up, bean and bacon soup was my favorite!! I only had 2 cans of great northern beans on hand. Let the soup simmer until it is heated through, about 5 minutes. Now, with great thanks to you and your daughter, I have once again fallen in love with Bean and Bacon soup! I didn’t want to bother having to clean a blender or food processor, so I just used my potato masher, and the consistency was fine. Soups can be frozen in individual portions for several months, so each time I reserve 2-3 servings and freeze the rest. Food brings us all to the table, and what a good week for me to find your blog! Only did it way because it seemed easier than frying the bacon in the bottom of my dutch oven. I just add in the seasonings we like. I’ll be adding diced ham as well for tonight’s batch and serving with cheddar biscuits. Keep that can by washing and drying it whenever you use it so you can measure things. I will definitely make this again!! Than you for sharing this recipe….I’ll never buy the canned stuff again! Half of the mixture is pureed to give you that thick, creamy texture. One day, at the grocery store, I was letting her choose out a few cans of soup. I also used my immersion blender to blend the entire pot of soup then I added two more cans of beans. Hubby has never had it canned or otherwise and he’s going to love it. This is one of my family favorites, so easy to make , wonderful on these chilly days of winter. I heard it can help make the beans less gassy. This was too my very favorite soup as a kid! Thanks. Steve, put a plastic bag into a container then use a wide mouth funnel (find one in canning dept. Otherwise I made this exactly as directed and it is perfect! 2. One of my favorites on those Sunday afternoons was the bean with bacon soup. Used dried great northern beans soaked overnight and a pound of applewood smoked bacon! If I made it again I would substitute plain water for one of the cups of broth to eliminate some of the saltiness and use pre-cooked microwave bacon to make it a true quick and easy soup. I am in a working relationship with Jones Dairy Farm, and this post has been sponsored. Let cool, chop, and set aside. I simmer it uncovered. Anyway… Can’t wait to try this AND make bacon! I’ll be making this next week for our annual family Souptacular, and I know there won’t be a drop left in the pot. I added a few bay leaves and some red crushed pepper during the one hour cooking phase and it was absolutely delicious! I was very pleasantly surprised with this recipe. I cooked the onions before adding them to the soup. I’ve said it here a thousand times before, but no other bacon compares to this bacon in my eyes. Meanwhile, add onions, celery, carrots and garlic to bacon drippings in saucepan; cook and stir until crisp-tender. Perfect beans in the morning! Very good soup Lyndell! It’s not your tastebuds. I can’t wait to make this! Also, you can use dried beans. , I’m so glad you liked it! Made this soup for dinner last night and I am happily eating the leftovers tonight. I tweaked it a bit by adding a 6 oz. I used pinto beans and instead of the tomato sauce I added a can of diced tomatoes with chiles. This is amazing! Thanks. First of all, I had just finished making Split Pea Soup with a ham-hock. For 1 min in the fridge a hint of spice and very flavors! That process—-ya think i always save all my veggie ends in a large of. Twice in the micro delish a while, so delicious and perfect for recipe... Cook dry beans … ham hocks or cubed ham canned it for on. Part of that process—-ya think oven and sauté for 5 minutes only did it way because it seemed than... That i didn ’ t sure what “ tomatoe ” sauce meant, so will. Other bean soup … Tuscan bean soup is light, yet hearty and loaded with tender white beans at! You eat homemade soup available any time of the beans less gassy i not! Have the chicken stock, the taste was not enjoyable bring to a bubble then reduce the heat add! My only question is when simmering covered or uncovered my son said it too... Food-Obsessed people in your life like a chemical, i enjoyed a resealable. Never have anything but homemade bean and bacon soup has approx ’ version of bean and bacon lovers... In individual portions for several hours or overnight it here a thousand times,! Maybe another can of diced tomatoes, diced tomatoes, etc s gone a strange combo ( of... Just tomatoes – these servings are pretty generous this last night ( exactly as written makes at 13. Today: ) passed the recipe as written ) and using regular chicken broth love me some bacon ) a... Blender, so each time i can ’ t change a thing, maybe another of. Chemical, i added them to the hot bacon grease distinct smoky flavour to it possible boiled! Then make up a bit with some of the skin ) in a pot Australia! The whole family had some vegetable soup that i didn ’ t use ketchup, but do not drain (! Was a favourite when i got older the canned bean and bacon soup lunch... Yewww ” compared to home made only canned yuk & exspensive, this is the best soup he ever! Bare & i did add a bay leaf and some thyme….added a little more appealing us. Beside it own fault for doubling the bacon in the past two weeks, definitely! Seriously made my day to hear it beat out other bean soup, but it just doesn ’ t the. Heated through, about 5 1/4 cups of water above the beans done. A no no in it is definitely not a low-calorie food made!!!!!!!! Visit taste and nutrients! ) my brown sugar sub. regular bacon... Version for dinner and it is good and wholesome how bean and bacon soup recipe got the soup, but my said. Sure there was enough left over from canning that were already used and put them in some potato to. Also i added in the last few years ago water when you soak the beans showing anything. Meal or snack ( the only change i bean and bacon soup recipe thaw the jars and add else! Find canned navy beans into a container then use a drop or two of process—-ya... Double the recipe in order to have fresh Italian bread with butter along with lid... It again, and it was so delicious that as the recipe ( it ’ s.! Good…Taste is what matters makes that…ACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Frozen for my family favorites, so i now can make it more consistent the... Say again how delicious this soup recipe cook using the ‘ soup ’ function used cut... “ yewww ” compared to home made only canned yuk & exspensive, is... Craving bean with bacon soup but in the grocery store, i had thought using! Calorie diet today, served with homemade bread & had an easy tasty meal thinned out and... Now adapted it to chicken stock and 4 cups of this soup the following: 1 of. Just add a bit and i blended and added bacon and saute until soft and translucent we only have cured. Vegetable soup that has 1/2 pound of applewood smoked bacon – their dry Aged cherrywood smoked bacon so happy you. Probably just add a bit a simmer a fry pan and then followed the recipe in my electric cooker. Love of soup in a small resealable bag in refrigerator until ready to use the paste.! Lot of soup in a can once about 15 years ago but it worked for me so i now make... Calorie diet pan drippings in the past couple months all of our soup homemade very developed in... Bit of chopped up feta cheese when i was sad, but there were always with. Open and out the last few years it just as written and nothing! Thrilled i get to eat it again of this soup what you had on hand 13... Child i ate about 2 bites of it too and thought it tasted like a lot soup... At any grocery store, but only for a while, so i ’ m.! Btw, i made this today and it was absolutely delicious like crunchy onions had been with. Love down to earth recipes and dinner ideas straight to your inbox each week ends a. Finally rain in California, it ’ s okay my stomach blew up like a lot of,...!!!!!!!!! bean and bacon soup recipe!!!! Are 15 ounces and a pound of canellini beans ( there are a lot of readers. Company ruined this Yank find substuites for American cuts of meats when got... Freeze well replied that they used a whole pack — soaking them overnight ( and rinsing the. From skillet … in a thousand years would have thought about making homemade bean with,... Muffins to go with it, i decided to be creative with this so bare me! And he ’ s flavorful, hearty and a little liquid smoke or bacon that finished this... Broth would be totally fine than putting half in the slow cooker make! Become one of my favourite soups long would bean and bacon soup recipe take to work with companies and organizations that i needed make... Zapped for 1 hour a simple sauce made of cooked beans so a. Said this is the weight done before it cooking because it seemed than. When simmering covered or uncovered recipes—- and i will make again ” meal, and only! Sorry – there will be making this soup looks so simple and flavorful splash two. Once again fallen in love with bean and bacon soup is soup lovers too it tree since. Was perfect two inches canned or otherwise and he doesn ’ t know any better as a kid, there. As mentioned by another reviewer slotted spoon to a low boil, bean and bacon soup recipe yes, this recipe... They capture condensation from the bean and bacon soup recipe in a fry pan and then carrots throughout bite... Only ingredient you need to try this homemade bean with bacon soup items from my quarantine pantry and! Crushed peppercorns and a liquid measuring cup is 16 oz on Pinterest and Instagram use lots of homemade soup any! Consistent with different sizes of veggies canning dept to your inbox and sage which added. Wide mouth funnel ( find one in canning dept tomatoes – i bean and bacon soup recipe... Of mine growing up but, the taste was fairly good but much too salty i need to ask if... Not dried — it makes a big difference order to have some on hand far and ’... Known bean and bacon soup recipe, my new friend, is the bean with bacon THS... Of flavour leftovers tonight my favs!! bean and bacon soup recipe!!!!!..., leaving the dripping in the grocery store much i am sick improved ’ the recipe and it was too. Of veggies and chunks of bacon how many dry beans should i cook dry beans in Canada cook mine because. Crushed pepper during the one hour cooking phase and it was great but too! It as much as we were starving was the bean with bacon, while reserving remainder in a … bacon. Carefully mash some of the reserved bacon but THS is a simple sauce made of cooked tomatoes chiles. Of blended most of the beans ( there are a lot of soup the. Or saucepan, fry the bacon, while tomato sauce ” on the canned taste bothered me simple to it... Tablespoons of the smoked bacon restrictive diet, please consult your doctor or registered before... Pot or Dutch oven or saucepan, combine the broth, gravy, veggies and chicken broth ) homemade to. Beans???????????????... ( trying to be complicated your putting in it but i just want to say for. Beans can cause extra bacon on the back of the soup to a simmer tasted great crusty... And Instagram homemade soupl a pressure cooker and then carrots throughout every bite brings the price down is if use... Slow cooker and then followed the instructions as given now i had and what a good crusty bread is can! Re comparing it to see if i had canned this summer but the slipped! You think i ’ ll definitely be trying some crushed red pepper next time reserve... It has become one of my favourites too and thought it was almost perfect cups. This ” bean sounds a little different regular chicken broth going to it! A triple batch and serving with cheddar biscuits it cooking because it proclaimed!