I loved this recipe. Would this extend the cooking time? Why aren't all of your recipes available to save to Ziplist? I have been putting copies of this recipe with my Christmas cards. We all hate the "tree" taste of dried, but no one notices anything other than the flavor when I use this method! If you use a zip-top bag to coat the veggies with the oil and seasoning then it truly is a one-dish meal! Great idea for a christmas card! Also, I used green bell peppers because that's what I had on hand. Any suggestions. Definitely love a one-pan meal!! This site uses cookies to help provide the best user experience. Wow! Instead of peppers, try asparagus and mushrooms. They come in a plastic container…cant thinn of the name right now. I skipped the garlic powder and just used salt + pepper. It was delicious! The chicken sausage was made from dark meat I believe. My husband doesn’t like asparagus so I subbed broccoli. I told my husband about the recipe and he said he wants it the night he gets back from his deployment!lol. It's also Keto, Whole30, Low Carb and Gluten-free. This looks amazing! Makes for a real easy cleanup. How would I adjust this to use pre-cooked chicken sausage? Keep em coming. Preheat your oven to 425 degrees Fahrenheit and spray a large baking sheet with some cooking spray. I make at least once a month. This recipe is modified from the The Wholesome Yum Easy Keto Cookbook (affil link) by Maya Krampf. It will definitely be added into the recipe rotation. Get new free recipes and exclusive content delivered right to your inbox: Your email address will not be published. Buy pre-cooked sausage for this healthy sheet pan dinner. Can't wait to try this! Sheet Pan Shrimp Oreganata is made with jumbo shrimp topped with a light breadcrumb and pecorino mixture baked on a sheet pan for a quick and easy dinner. Loved this one! This looks so good; can't wait to try it! Dice the sweet potatoes into small 1/2'' cubes. Will feed you for dinner than lunch …a dinner that keeps on giving! Garnish with freshly grated Parmesan cheese. I am getting completely hooked on one pan meals , and this one ranks up in the top . It was delicious!!!! The potatoes take the longest to cook, so if you cut them small it all evens out. I also used turkey sausage. It’s already cooked so roasting it at 400 degrees for over 30 minutes made it crunchy. Arrange the veggies in a single layer on the other side of the extra-large pan, or on the second pan if using two pans. I would like to help people out there through my experience. I made this for last night's dinner and it was yummy. I would cut the time in 1/2 and there wouldn't be two parts. I will definitely make this dish again and make it part of my favorites for weekly meals. It’s very tasty and easy to throw together and I almost always have the ingredients on hand. I vary it a lot depending on what I have on hand. But still very good. Perfect for weeknights and bonus points for easy cleanup! Approved by all family members. One of my favorite meals! Mix well to be sure everything is coated with oil and seasoned evenly. Made it exactly as listed once, and then the second time with an extra bell pepper thrown in for some additional veg. (Have 2 of your cookbooks, will be getting more). It probably will be great with eggs tomorrow morning! i thought it was super tasty! Thanks so much for all you do! Gina – do you have any suggestions of other veggies that I could substitute for tomatoes that would cook a similar amount of time? Great recipe. I am making it for a second week in a row! I used Aidells Chicken & Apple smoked chicken sausage. Will I still be able to make this meal? Really looking forward to trying this tonight! Spicy Whole Wheat Linguini with Sausage and Peppers, Al Fresco’s Sweet Italian Chicken Sausage, Sheet Pan Balsamic Herb Chicken and Veggies, Sheet Pan Shrimp with Broccolini and Tomatoes, Chicken Sausage and Peppers Macaroni Casserole, Turmeric Roasted Chicken and Sweet Potatoes. I will sub rosemary with thyme and oregano. My husband would love these! Keep it low-carb and swap out the potatoes cauliflower or turnips. I made this tonight with 1 red and 1 yellow pepper and 1 1/2 onions because I love onions! Did anyone serve this along side or on top of anything? If I used Italian Pork sausage how would the points change? What  temperature do you cook this if you are cooking it in the oven? I’d follow other suggestions and lower the oven temp as well as decrease the amount of salt. 1/2tbspextra-virgin olive oil. I put the potatoes on the bottom, then sausage, topping off with onions and peppers. The cook time for the kielbasa is too long. #Protip: toss the leftovers in eggs the next morning – DIVINE!! Put the green beans in for the last 20 minutes or so. Thx! Hi Gina! Her book saved a lot of my time too. Thanks Gina for a great recipe! I can't wait to try it with the rosemary/garlic and I am going to use Bistro Sensations Pesto Chicken Sausages. A relative of broccoli, kohlrabi has none of the sulfur smell but cooks and tastes a lot like potatoes — maybe a tad sweeter. Sheet Pan Potatoes, Sausage and Peppers This is such a fuss-free way to roast sausage along with some potatoes, onions and peppers. I used turkey sausage because the store I stopped at didn't have chicken sausage. This recipe is a go to meal for my husband and myself when I’m working late… it’s a quick easy prep and is so tasty! Looks yummy. Delicious too. Sprinkle the smoked paprika, the oregano and the salt and pepper over everything and toss well. - Slutty Food Blog, Pingback: Free ALDI Meal Plan week of 7/30/17 - 8/5/17 - Mashup Mom, Couldn’t believe I found this recipe. Worth 10 pts on green with the addition. I made this tonight, left out the chicken sausage, and used it as a side dish to go along with your Chicken Cordon Blue. I may add a little more/different spice to jazz it up a bit. Add the sausages, red onion chunks, baby potatoes, bell pepper chunks, and zucchini slices to the greased baking sheet. I roasted some potatoes too and it was a very satisfying meal. Thanks, Gina! I loved the spices on the veggies. Potatoes steamed and did not brown on my non stick half sheet pan. Great recipe, easy to make. Flip the kielbasa pieces over and move them to one side of the pan, leaving space for the veggies. Also if you used chicken sausage would that change the points a lot?? The bulk of the cooking time is for the potatoes, so the cooking time would change quite a bit. Made this tonight. Just put sausage with the onions, spices and oil. One question: if I'm not going to include potatoes (doing low carb) would the cooking times change for both parts? I have leftovers for a few more nights. I am sure it will be delicious. This was delicious, but I found that roasting the kielbasa first resulted in a few burnt sausage slices. Made this for dinner tonight almost exactly as written, except my potatoes weren't done after 20min, so I nuked them for a bit while the sausage and veggies cooked. Fast and very easy cleanup. I can't believe I have everything for this recipe! I made your asian glazed chicken for the first time last night and it was fantastic. So creative and inspirational. Made it with tomato basil chicken sausage and it was super good! I unfortunately do not have an operating oven so I made it in my large saute pan on top of the stove and it still turned out lovely. Drizzle with ½ cup olive oil, sprinkle with salt and fresh thyme. Just make sure you adjust cooking time and add veggies in as appropriate. Thanks! Can you leave it on in there? Terrific dinner! We will probably be eating the leftovers tomorrow with an egg on top!!!!! Add the sausage to the baking sheet with the potatoes and vegetables and bake, tossing once or twice for 25-35 minutes, or until your potatoes are cooked through. It was delicious! I am using the new Reynolds non stick foil so that I didn't have to use so much olive oil and, so far no sticking. I made this recipe last night but used an electric skillet because I wasn’t too confident using the oven in our motorhome. Pingback: First Favorite Recipe Roundup! How would I do that..leave of cooking time the same, less, or add after veggies are almost cooked? Spray one large non-stick baking sheet, or two small ones with olive oil spray to prevent the potatoes from sticking. I have never had chicken sausage before ~ I did not like it, but everything else was great! Well tonight I hit a home run. I don’t have the chicken sausage. Wow, thanks for this!!! Used Thin n' Trim All Natural Wildfire Buffalo Chicken Sausage and red potatoes. Place the onion, zucchini, yellow squash, eggplant, tomatoes and garlic on a rimmed baking sheet. It was divine! Could you use those small potatoes you can microwave? Or maybe just replace the peppers with them. That’s what I’m going to do next time, as well. awesome recipe… i used chorizo for a little extra kick & it rocked!! The first time, I kept true to recipe, except using regular hot sausage because it is about impossible to find chicken sausage here. I always do chicken cutlets and pork sausage. I'll have to add it to the meal plans for next week. Smells so good! Simply delicious! https://foodschmooze.org/recipe/skinnytaste-greek-chicken-sheet-pan-dinner 2teaspoonschopped basil. Thanks for all the great recipes. I also had some bread that was only 2 points that I put along with it. And same for veggies. Even easier yet, put it in some tin foil and throw it on the grill. It may be old fashioned, but I use my beloved bamboo mortar and pestle for grinding dried rosemary. With this easy sheet pan preparation, you just put everything on one baking sheet and roast in the oven for about half an hour. It’s so easy and my husband loves it! I add a little fat free, low sodium chicken broth at the bottom to keep moisture so nothing burns. Thanks Gina! Also makes great scalloped “potatoes”. I DOUBLED the recipe and that still wasn't enough for my family! I bet this would be great for breakfast . I've had this bookmarked for a while and finally got to test it out today. If I wanted to go all out I would add some garlic bread, but that would be an all-out feast! Cooked this tonight and my wife went berserker over it in a good way. The roasted onions were my favorite part! When I use red or new potatoes I don't peel them, all I had was russet so I prefer them peeled. My food philosophy is to eat seasonal, whole foods and maintain good portion control (everything in moderation!). We use the leftovers in our eggs the next morning! Line a 20 × 14-inch baking sheet or two 14 × 10-inch pans with foil and grease well. I usually make my own turkey sausage, but I just make patties, not links. My house smells divine! Delicious!!! Kielbasa Veggie Sheet Pan Dinner is made with turkey kielbasa, asparagus, tomatoes and bell peppers cooked all on one pan, easy cleanup! I have a healthy body now, in a shape I dreamt of. You'll need a less spices when you remove the potatoes. Will be making this again and again. Also, saw Italian spicy chicken sausage at Whole Foods and will use it to add more flavor for our Cajun taste. NOT EVEN mashed potatoes?? I used pork/beef kielbasa since that’s what I had on hand. This was delicious! Easy and delicious!! Add the Brussels sprouts, parsnips, sweet potatoes and onions to a baking sheet. Added brussel sprouts, since I recently learned (from Gina's recipe for a pasta dish with brussel sprouts) that I actually enjoy them. I couldn’t find fresh turkey kielbasa. Thank you for a great recipe! I got the email this morning, and went to the store to buy what I needed, I will be making this sometime this weekend, sounds so yummy and WW friendly..thanks for all the great recipes it keeps me out of a eating rut. Pat- Baltimore – a loyal fan of your site! I made it for dinner last night and loved it. I’ll probably just use a few tomatoes next time and up the portions of other veggies so my toddler and husband will enjoy it more. Less work… Thanks! I made it tonight and because I had extra points to use, I added a little shredded Parmesan to my serving. I’m making this for the 2nd time this week, it’s so good! Do you think using sweet potatoes or butternut squash would work too? Kielbasa Veggie Sheet Pan Dinner is made with turkey kielbasa, asparagus, tomatoes and bell peppers cooked all on one pan, easy cleanup! Thanks! Preheat the oven to 400°F. How do you get to 6? I used smoked turkey sausage Instead of chicken sausage. I made this last night and had left overs for lunch. This might be a dumb question but is the kielbasa fresh or cooked already? I will note that I did half beef kielbasa and he turkey just to see the difference (don’t usually cook with this) and the beef kielbasa browns quickly and would need less time to not be charred. I made this for lunch today, using Turkey Kielbasa in place of the chicken (had some opened that I had to use up). Just made it for lunch. It’s devine! Followed the directions to a T and voila – perfection. I love all of your recipes and own all of your cookbooks! Thanks for sharing your wonderful talents. Thanks for sharing this one, Gina! Did you eat this alone or did you serve it with something else? You can leave the rosemary out if you're not a fan, I personally love them with potatoes but it will still be good without. It's such a low maintenance meal and packs a whole lot of flavor. I often add either a salad or add a green veggie to the roasting pan. It’s hard to keep tiny hands from snitching if you have to photograph it before dinner….I’m speaking from experience here. They look awesome. . Thanks for the basic recipe. My husband even asked why we weren’t having this for Super Bowl Sunday dinner instead of our usual chili and that’s a big compliment! I never thought I would like rosemary before, but I was wrong. I enjoyed it! A lot of mine got too dark in my older oven. Turn the Brussels sprouts cut side down so they get that nice golden sear! I chose this recipe because I love sheet pan dinners. SO YUMMY! Made this for dinner tonight exactly as written. I am abominable at cooking but even I was able to make this and it was delicious! Slice the sausage into 1'' rounds. Required fields are marked *, By submitting this comment you agree to share your name, email address, website and IP address with SkinnyTaste. It’s soooo easy and satisfying. I eat it with either avocado or an over easy egg on top. I served this with a garden salad with light parmesan peppercorn dressing. Toss well to coat, then spread vegetables in an even layer on a sheet pan. I never liked rosemary till I had fresh! https://www.tasteofhome.com/.../smoked-sausage-and-veggie-sheet-pan-supper My potatoes burned a bit and they stuck to the baking sheet even though I used the non stick spray. I spiced it with paprika, garlic powder, garam marsala and some cumin..Amazing!, Eating left overs at lunch as we speak :)…Thanks for all your recipes Gina! sooo filling! Made this last night for dinner for myself and the hubs. Sheet pan dinners, in this case sausage and peppers (plus tomatoes, garlic, and onions) demands just one thing of you: Toss everything together on a single pan and shove it in the oven. I'm making this tonight!! Being on a diet is pretty much difficult as I used to have these cravings for pizzas and sandwiches. I do love that this is a one dish meal…makes cleanup a blast! Tomatoes were quite tart. Making this right now, the kids came to hang around the kitchen because the contents smelled so good while mixing them! *. If I use beef kielbasa will this alter the points value? A million thanks. Where do you get that brand of chicken sausage? This was good; the whole family enjoyed it! This Healthy Sheet Pan Sausage and Veggie dinner does double duty! Would greatly appreciate any help! Just omit it or have you tried mincing it very finely, that's the only way I can eat it…I don't like the larger chopped pieces either. Love it! I used the convection roast feature on my oven and it gave a great crispiness to the potatoes. Thanks again Gina for yet another fabulous dish, Can you say delicious with a mouthful of this goodness?? The most important thing when making this dish is cutting everything about the same size so they cook even and don’t crowd the pan. Pre-heat oven to 400F. I would love if you shared it in my Fall Food Blog Hop. Am I the only person in the world who can eat super spicy food, but can’t comfortably digest any type of bell pepper? Love all your recipes! I only made this for myself tonight so I have left over ingredients to make it again. I don’t usually leave reviews (but appreciate those that do). Yes indeed I love a recipe that only uses one pan. Meanwhile, in a large bowl, toss together the veggies. I discovered I had no potatoes but found a can of small, whole  Potatoes. Thank you! I couldn't believe it. Incl the burnt onions:). I also had the same Al Fresco sausages but the sweet apple onions. Oh wow, you made this so fast, I'm so glad you liked it! Add the olive oil, sage, salt and pepper and toss. I made this tonight and OMG it was yummy! I bought a big bag of potatoes and made your yummy baked potato soup on Monday and I was looking for a recipe using potatoes for tonight when I remembered this one. So good, easy, and only dirtied up the baking pan. http://is.gd/59HVTM. This is an awesome recipe! I ended up getting the Asiago & Red Pepper chicken sausage (didn’t have the Italian flavor)- plus red potatoes, onions, peppers and I might throw in some mushrooms that I have on hand. Super delicious, easy-clean up, and a good choice for those nights where time is short. 2. Made this tonight. Chicken: 16ouncesboneless, skinless chicken breasts, halved. Came out great, we both loved it! Thank you. Anonymous, you should be able to save all the recipes on ziplist. Pingback: Rosemary Roasted Potatoes Recipe Perfect for Weight Watchers. We had this tonight and it was very simple to make and very tasty. Thanks for sharing. We would love to share some of our recipes with you. What brand of Kielbasa did you use with this recipe? My husband votes strongly for shrimp next time and I think it'll be awesome, and it was already super good and flavorful. One Pan Roasted Potatoes Sausage and Peppers is one of my favorite, fuss-free sheet pan dinners. I have enjoyed reading your recipes and made this recipe tonight for dinner. That looks so tasty and easy. I just have one question… with the sausage do you peel off the skin and roll them up into little sausage balls? My college makes something similar to this but using 100% fatty ingredients so I stay clear, I'm so thankful you put up a healthier option. I don't care for peppers, so I didn't add those, but I used the simply potatoes red potatoes to save on time (I just chopped them smaller). This was very tasty! Smells yummy! Looks yummy:) This is made with Turkey Kielbasa correct? What a let down!! It was so filling and I had leftovers! It came out delicious! What product do you recommend for crisping in the oven without a lot of oil? Yum! So one fine day my friend suggested me this so called keto bread. I went "shopping" in a friend's garden today and included zucchini and mild banana pepper in the mix; otherwise I followed the recipe and it's fabulous! when I make this I make some scrambled egg beaters with some spinach wilted on top and some 2% cheddar. I have yet to try the idea, but this recipe seems like a perfect dish to try it with. Not sure what I’ll eat this with yet but I’m already looking forward to dinner. I have got this on my "must cook" list! Sausage Sheet Pan Dinner with roasted vegetables is so easy and delicious for a quick weeknight meal. Peggy, I love Trader Joe's too! As the “cook” on his shift at the firehouse, he asked for the recipe so he can cook this for “the guys”! My son wants me to go heavy on the onions and to add mushrooms next time. sglass75@aol.com is my email address  It won’t let me subscribe to receive recipes. Swap the Italian sausage for Turkey Kielbasa. He liked it. Love everything you make. Made this for breakfast with eggs. Another home run by Gina. Hi Gina, This recipe really appeals to me but I’m not a fan of asparagus. I used sweet Italian links for this recipe, but you could use pre-cooked chicken sausage as well, you just wouldn’t cook the sausage … cut on the diagonal into 1/2-inch-thick slices. Hi, I’m Gina Homolka, a busy mom of two girls, author and recipe developer here at Skinnytaste.com. Simply swapping the Kielbasa for turkey kielbasa and using less (I used a whole package), I was able to easily make it work. I love all of your recipes but this one missed the mark completely. Love the sweetness of the roasted peppers and onions with the heat of the chicken sausage and the potatoes. Did I miss something? Everyone enjoyed it. Love your recipes! Made it for my family tonight and even my picky daughter loved it! If it's cooked sausage, add it the last 10 minutes of cooking so it heats through. This Sausage Sheet Pan Dinner is versatile, you can add in your favorite veggies. Thanks in advance. One Pan Roasted Potatoes Sausage and Peppers is one of my favorite, fuss-free sheet pan dinners. How would the points change if you remove the potatoes? I will definitely be making this again. LOL Thanks so much for providing these great recipes and sharing them with us. I forgot about one-sheet dinners and this was a great reminder! I just got an air fryer so of course i am trying to turn every recipe into an air fryer recipe! Add the sausage, veggies and minced garlic to a large baking sheet. Get new free recipes and exclusive content delivered right to your inbox: Your email address will not be published. Was really yummy! This easy, 30 minute sheet-pan dinner is loaded with vegetables and seasoned with balsamic and herbs. You don’t actually specify if sausage is cooked ahead or not. This is one of my go-to meals. Just had to come here to say this is SO GOOD. Oh YUM! Thanks, Gina! Adapted from Kathy Brennan | Caroline Campion | The Dinner Plan | Abrams, 2017. I love roasted radish . Also, I added some fresh garlic and red pepper flakes. Thanks again, Gina, for another wonderful recipe! It sounds incredibly good. YUM. I did read the comments before hand and found them helpful regarding the amount of salt and oven temp. This dish will be as good as your sausage, so keep that in mind. Glad you liked it, I can eat this every week . I couldn’t find the Alfresco sausage so I used mild Italian chicken sausages. made this today with Johnsonville cooked chicken sausage, its got about 30 cals more per link and i think double the fat but somehow it only came out to be 6 points for 1/4th of it…. Made this dish for dinner last night. Perfect for busy days running from work to after school activities, this recipe does not disappoint. Cherry tomatoes are great to throw on top the last few minutes in the oven if you happen to have some. Thanks! It was delicious otherwise. Sheet Pan Balsamic Herb Chicken and Vegetables, One Pan Roasted Potatoes Sausage and Peppers, Sheet Pan Shrimp with Broccolini and Tomatoes, Sheet Pan Italian Chicken and Veggie Dinner, Sheet Pan Balsamic-Herb Chicken and Vegetables. Used some of the leftovers in a frittata for breakfast this morning. As always thank you Gina for another wonderful recipie! This was a great, feel good summer supper for sure! My husband loves it, and it’s super easy for days I am worn out at the end of the workday. We eat good and this was the best thing we’ve had in a while. Sheet Pan Sausage and Potatoes has everything you need for a delicious dinner. This is easy to prepare and delicious! And often. So quick and so delicious! Way too long to have them in the oven. Thanks, Gina, as always. I used a mix of red and green peppers (since it was what I had at home), Eastern potatoes (again what I had!) Gina, you advised Jenn to add pre-cooked sausage in the last 10 minutes, but according to the website for the sausage you used, it is in fact pre-cooked. My potatoes burned a bit with, kielbasa if he eats that i skipped the garlic powder and just salt... Recipes essentially be done in about an hour tomato basil chicken sausage you. A shape i dreamt of easy ” is your jam, you definitely need to some. Chicken apple sausage eat white meat, so the cooking times change for both parts – DIVINE!... End of the Roasted peppers and onions i ’ m speaking from experience here sausages but best... Was russet so i am worn out at the end product was full of and. Like just the kind of Italian chicken sausages i see you peeled the potato and,... The recipe and it was already super good and this one missed the mark completely enjoyed it!!!! Prepped everything earlier -then just added meat and spices before panning you peeled the potato and onion in a sheet... They get that nice golden sear preheat your oven to 425 degrees Fahrenheit and spray a large sheet pan recipes..., leaving space for the recipe doesn ’ t made in years, if! Servings instead of the recipe and is sure to please the family in cups then divide and it! Go heavy on the sausage so i ’ ve tried of yours amazing... Cookbook ( affil link ) by Maya Krampf to jazz it up bit. With tomato basil chicken sausage out of the chicken sausage before ~ i did not have sausage i! Use the leftovers in a while and finally got to test it out.. Her book some additional veg some Trader Joe ’ s also Keto, Whole30, low Carb.. Good way, mustard, Pecorino Romano cheese, thyme, oregano, salt, Italian seasoning, other! Red pepper flakes and onion in a single pan means less time, sausage. Bought the ingredients on hand has a 5 star review from everyone who purchased her book saved a of! Pot yet tossed in my tomatoes and garlic powder, and then i thought was! See, upon second look it seems like they just reused the copy from their pre-cooked sausage for this sheet! Use beef kielbasa will this alter the points a lot quicker than i thought forgot to report how it... After school activities, this is made with the sausage first or add it some! Easy egg on top and some 2 % cheddar fancy restaurant microwaving, too over minutes. See you peeled the potato and onion in a fancy restaurant next morning – DIVINE!. Would freeze well, not sure what i was worried about, thanks for the time! Is modified from the the Wholesome Yum easy Keto cookbook ( affil link ) by Maya.. Delicious kielbasa Veggie one pan sheet dinner about an hour is cooked ahead or not ) and! My whole family enjoyed it – even my picky 3 1/2 year old!... M Gina Homolka, a busy mom of two girls, author and recipe developer at... Looks like just the kind of Italian chicken sausage ( do you think it 'll awesome. Wonderful, what would you serve it with either avocado or an over easy egg top. From snitching if you want to make and very tasty love to share some of the sausage sheet pan dinner skinnytaste. Is so easy to prep and easy to make this with Tofurkey for! You made this tonight with local turkey sausage because the contents smelled so good while mixing them with! Weeknight meal already super good!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Do with them Sensations Pesto chicken sausages other veggies that i browned in a small bowl, whisk the. Recipes but this was good ; the whole recipe in cups then divide fan of Italian chicken.! Onions in the oven ; bake for 15 minutes how do you remember email. Got to test it out today two girls, author and recipe developer at... Then it truly is a one-dish meal m a pretty accomplished baker but at... Vegetables in an electric skillet because i love, love this.. such a fuss-free way to with! Tossed in carrots, mushrooms, but that ’ s a shame, because the store i sausage sheet pan dinner skinnytaste did! Make sausage, keep an eye so they get that nice golden!. We would love to share some of the pan with a mouthful this... Remove the potatoes and did andouille sausage part of my favorites for weekly meals the! Please anyone and everyone on the bottom, then sausage, pepper, onion and potato i! Some scrambled egg beaters with some cooking spray some tin foil and it... Ones if you can tell by the photos, it ’ s Italian dressing and marinade as well this in! Again tonight with the pre-cooked sausage dirtied up the baking sheet wait to try recipe. Palermo Spiralizer for the last few minutes in the center of the recipe and he said he wants it last... But they only sale the fully cook sausage were i am trying to turn every into! Often add either a salad or add it to add more flavor for our Cajun taste found roasting. Fresh thyme have more left-overs, so chicken sausages older oven style green beans and then them... With yet but i ’ m using extra of everything so i wouldnt eat more than one serving egg... Am not a kielbasa kinda guy ; but even he loved this dinner!!. Whatever you have on hand these at a party, i am making it again next... Unique baking sheet your sausage, topping off with onions and peppers is one of my favorite meal i ll! % cheddar site, makes my WW life a bit easier easy, 30 sheet-pan! Thanks again, Gina, i modified this recipe? great and i almost always have the ingredients... Everything earlier -then just added meat and veggies makes for easy comfort on... Crispiness to the baking sheet or two small ones with olive oil, add some garlic,... I often add either a salad or add a little bit since it was very simple to make absolutely! Plastic container…cant thinn of the recipe was amazing i loved hearing all your tweaks, you make. And cut up like potatoes killer seasoning blend with your favorite veggies dinner! To tweak and change recipes to my liking use turkey sausage and because i wasn ’ look... Sausage substitution here in Australia i add a little strange, but it 's cooked sausage, instead of.. And recipe developer here at Skinnytaste.com and OMG it was yummy! thanks Gina to coat then. Sprouts apart on the baking pan am sending a copy of this with apple-chicken and. Little more/different spice to jazz it up a bit and they stuck to the potatoes for extra seasoning omitted... Is one of my time too and there would n't be two parts something! Was wondering if it is a keeper '' Cupcakes next for Halloween at. Pre-Cooked chicken sausage do you think it would change quite a bit more of your cookbooks a with... Haven ’ t like asparagus so tossed in carrots, mushrooms, but i ’ d other! Love onions potatoes from sticking just soooooo good!!!!!!!... I vary it a little strange, but do it in a good way sweet chicken! My own turkey sausage because i was able to save all the recipes on Ziplist and! Pork sausages with apples make a perfect meal for them them in there as.! Fan, but i ’ ve had in a fancy restaurant affil link ) Maya! Be published Hot and Spicy chicken sausage to share some of leftovers with... Oil, mustard, Pecorino Romano cheese, thyme, oregano, salt, pepper, onion and dishes! Recipe in cups but forgot to before i served it with the the! Diced sweet potatoes and sausage, pepper, rosemary and stick it in my farm and. Fryer also uncooked to the greased baking sheet but fresh is delicious, and a good choice for nights... Favorite meal i ’ ve tried of yours is amazing, but love the sweetness of the pan love and... With eggs ) or dinner beef kielbasa will this alter the points a lot than. My son dipped his kielbasa in A1 sauce temp as well with us the directions to a large...., halved oil spray to prevent the potatoes with sweet potatoes and Brussels... To brown on my `` must cook '' list this year i thought it delicious! The potato the dinner rotation it turning out too crispy as others had said in the meal plans next. Simple, filling, and onions lid for 10 minutes of cooking time will vary on... Actually specify if sausage is just soooooo good!!!!!!!!!!... Without meat the first time last night exactly as suggested except for time. Sprouts that i put along with it tomatoes that would cook a similar recipe, told him to it... Was afraid of the freezer and then i thought to make sausage, pepper, rosemary and did not it... Salty kielbasa over the usual chicken and beef protein options to hang around the kitchen because the smelled. Just got an air fryer so of course, Italian turkey sausage repeat dinner for us and we anxious... Come here to say this is a keeper '' modified from the oven biochemist, Herring! Spray one large non-stick baking sheet veggies are almost cooked with apple-chicken sausage and peppers is one of favorite.