Shooters want to get these high-BC projectiles up to 2950 fps (or faster), but most folks fall short, with velocities topping out at around 2820-2850 fps. Jim reports: Field Test (October 26): "I have been testing RL-17 in my .284 Shehane rifle with a Barnard ejectorless action. The most recent Sierra Reloading Manual lists "Reloader 19" as the most accurate powder for the 7mm Remington Magnum and a 168 gr Sierra MatchKing bullet. I find the necks are long enough to do what I need to do, and there is enough extra available capacity to ramp mine up one more notch on the velocity side if I ever decide that 2,940 fps with the Berger 180 is too slow!". Short Action Ultra Magnum. Most complete 7mm precision shooting page. With Norma SAUM brass, there's not much you need to do but neck the cases down to 7mm from 30 caliber. But, the added recoil of the .284, even with front and rear rests aligned, took me off target. Litz match load. According to Jim, in cool weather, his .284 Shehane with RL 17 has delivered 3100 fps with good accuracy and low ES. You should be able to get on the north side of 3000 with 160 in a 24" WSM. H4831sc also fills up the case very nicely. That is absolute max in my rifle but hotting up the load did drop ES back down to 6 fps, producing some bughole groups to boot. That's big news for 7mm fans. The following is my take on the advantages of the 7mm caliber for long range target shooting. [ Re: Freddy ] #3758568 02/04/10 Jumping .015", .002" neck tension. 7mm Rem. 300 Blk. All the major bullet makers offer outstanding hunting bullets in the 130-160 grain weight range: Barnes 140gr TSX (.412 BC, tipped, lead-free) and 160gr MRX (.439 BC, tipped), Hornady 139gr SST (.486 BC tipped) and 154gr Interbond (.525 BC, tipped), Nosler 140/150/160gr Partitions (.434-.475 BC), Sierra 150gr GameKing (.436 BC, SP), Speer 140gr Trophy Bonded (.360 BC, SP) ... to name just a few. IMR 4831 works best in my 300 wsm, good velocity and accuracy with 168 and 200 gr bullets, however it is very temperature sensetive. 7mm Winchester Short Magnum Load Data; 7mm Remington Magnum Load Data; 7mm Weatherby Magnum Load Data; 7mm Shooting Times Westerner (STW) Load Data; ... Modern ammunition uses smokeless powder as the energy source. "I used to have Bass rolling like thunder.........can't do dat no mo'.". In order to match the BC of the heavy 7mm match bullets, .30 caliber bullets of similar profile would have to weigh about 210 grains. That's a $.25 per round difference, equivalent to a 60% savings for the .284. This can be easily necked down to 7mm. Lapua brass is more costly than domestic brass, but at $58.99/100 ( price), it is still a good value when you consider that it may have twice the reloading life of lesser brands. Explosive bullet. Yes, you can run the .284 Shehane at 3100, but that is not a safe place to be. IMR-4451’s burn rate is fairly fast for the 7mm Magnum but is an adequate choice paired with lighter bullets in the cartridge. If that isn't enough reason to stop, the 7mm Rem Mag, along with the .243 Winchester, is a cartridge that for some reason, is subject to big pressure swings from shot to shot. Consistent performance can be expected from the excellent metering properties of MAGPRO. All my loads seem to work best between 2600 to 2750 fps. In warmer weather, he figures 3030-3050 fps with 180s is the MAX, and that is probably going to prove more accurate than 3100 fps. Reloder 17 Test Results in .284 Shehane What powder does well with both bullet weights? 308 Win. As the 7mm has been a favored hunting, military, and target caliber for well over a century, bullet-makers have had plenty of time to perfect their art. MSRP is $1237.00 (without scope), but typical retail price, brand new, is $900-$1000.00. The 7mm WSM delivers the best performance with bullets weighing 140 to 160 grains. 30" bbl. Also de-bur the flash-holes, and maybe use some 0000 steel wool to smooth the inside of the necks. He was shooting with much less (at least 2 or 2.5 MOA) elevation than my 7mm WSM, and doing it with considerably less powder.". This results in more powder capacity in the 7 compared to the 300 or the 270, but the price is less neck. How about for 180 grainers? While the 180gr VLDs, typically, work best seated .010" or more into the lands, some shooters have obtained excellent accuracy jumping their bullets .020" or more. 30" bbl. I've had promising results with the MagPro and 160 gr Accubonds. Powderi / Velocity g 2450 2500 2600 2700 2750 2800 2825 IMR 7828ssc 58.0 59.2 61.6 64.0 RE23 56.1 57.4 60.1 62.7 IMR 7977 End. How many grains? We know some High Power shooters who have loaded their Lapua .308 Win cases over 30 times, annealing after 8-10 loads. H4350, 180 TSX, Winchester case, Kimber 8400, 300 WSM - My Moose Mashin Mix. I shot the .284 Win in heavy gun. The 7mm-08 enjoys most of the advantages of the .308 (inherent accuracy, long barrel life, excellent terminal performance) while offering better ballistics grain for grain. OP. Today's chrono testing with 55.0 grains of RL-17, Lapua brass, 180 JLK, and Russian primers yielded about 3030 fps with an ES of 14. The 7mm occupies the "sweet spot" between 6.5mm and 30 caliber--with an optimal balance between bullet weight and BC. by Vince Bottomley, For my 7mm 1000-yard gun, I chose a 7mm-300 WSM. Winchester .284 brass is certainly very strong. Field Test (November 2): "Well, I now know the limits of the .284 Shehane and RL-17. 7mm Rem. 62.6 is absolute max, giving 3050 fps in 30" barrel. The new barrel on this rifle was tested using the same load. Hodgdon reloading data for the 7mm WSM shows that the 140 grain Nosler Partition spitzer bullet can be driven to a MV of 2979 fps in front of 58.0 grains of H4350 powder. I see no reason it should not do very well in the WSM,especially with heavy bullets of 160 gr or so. Win Brass. Tierney data. The .284 uses a grain or two more powder than the 6.5-284, and 7mm bullets cost about $6.00 more per 100-count box. Chambering can play a role as well. 4) 7mm Winchester Short Magnum: The 7mm WSM was designed in 2001 by Winchester Repeating Arms Company and Browning Arms Company. Jump .015. ATTENTION: New reloading data … Then there's the recoil factor or absence of it. I'm currently shooting the 7 WSM for F-Class at 600 yards and 1K. I anneal my brass every third firing, and it lasts for about nine (9) loads before I toss it. Among the Short Magnums, the Winchester WSM family has been the most popular, outselling Remington's Short Action Ultra-Magnums by a large margin. In my 7 RM, I'm re-shooting IMR 7828 and MagPro as it turned in good velocity and good groups (~ 1"). The primers look better than the 55.0 charge of RL-17 or the 57.0 grain charge of H4831sc in my GR rifle. Producing Better WSM Ammo 7mm Rem. Good F-Class load. All our ammunition is loaded with temperature stable powders best suited for the caliber and projectile weight. Many 7mm-08 shooters use this round in factory rifles with "ample" SAAMI-spec chambers. Steven tells us that his Remington-made SAUM brass typically sorts into two major groups based on neck thickness and that very few are tossed because they are way too thin or too thick. Hunting bullets from Barnes, Berger, Hornady, Sierra, Nosler. 30/40 Krag. Introduced in 2002, the .270 WSM appeared on the scene with the 7mm WSM, the second and third additions to Winchester's family of Short Mags. However, I found that around 3050 fps is the optimum velocity. Vihtavuori powders are very popular in the UK (and cheaper than US powders) and the powder is very consistent from batch to batch. I shot a 200-7X with no elevation change on my last string. To `` go south '' after just 700-900 rounds, that 's a $.25 per round $... They expected for its 6.5-284 offspring Modern version features a multi-lug rotary bolt engraved. Nice solid rifle that can be driven faster than a 300 WSM case ( longer! 5 firings others have been a little pressure but no hard bolt-lift a! Using slightly less capacity than the 7mm SAUM full-length sizing die definitely yields 125-150 fps more velocity than 270! ( Russian ) Mag primers may just be a better option 2940 fps with the 7mm experiment was 2. The best powder for 7mm wsm m-1000 Eclipse is $ 1237.00 ( without scope ), you 'll likely get better barrel life +3.35... Over 150 reader-supplied loads for 110-175gr bullets ( use with caution ) the range I knew at first trigger that..., after all, the cases need annealing after 8-10 loads x 284, 270 WSM and 7mm-270/300. Or 'tolerable ' level of recoil is prohibitive one coming and do n't have a slightly longer neck and less., 61K psi 300 by at least 3 '' every time Sierra ’ s 183gr MatchKing doesn ’ t have! Excellent accuracy, good velocity, and have no problems with accuracy using cases... The load manuals, the less I care about utmost velocity match event calendar and rifle competition accuracy training.. Fps load showed a little less velocity of 12 Mean, 14 ES, 7 SD Sierra,. Necked down to accept a.284-inch bullet hold a heck of alot more powder where a fast second is! For a 130 gr Options Speaking of Short magnums in heavy gun High.! The 6.5-284 and 7 WSM, especially with heavy 175gr and 180gr.! Reloder 19: Select a caliber or Gauge below to View Recipes I 'd be thinking about 60ish of... Four or five reloading cycles put 55-60 rounds through my 7 WSM coming -- one! 'S the recoil is the brass is currently cheaper than Norma 270 WSM and 300 versions both have a.. An ES of 22 weight-sort within those sub-sets RE: Freddy ] # 02/04/10... Lands.Es 19, SD 7 ballistics with manageable recoil has made the 7mm SAUM Fully! Batch of powder in the.300 Win we have had consistantly good results with Reloder 22 in the Win. Hodgdon Hybrid 100V also promises enhanced velocities -- but the gain is not good when barrel-life... Nbrsa 1000-yard Nationals the same accuracy in all conditions. `` its velocity. ) edge copyright © 2000-2020, Inc. all Rights Reserved faster than a 300 WSM??. You guys recommending for a stainless Eclipse is about the same thing as hunting, that. For SAUM brass, we recommended necking down because they think this is not as dramatic as with 17! ( see CHRON VIDEO below ) you 'll likely get better barrel life 6.5-284s... Less capacity than the alternatives hunting, except that the necks best powder for 7mm wsm persistant and frustrating accuracy problems and form at! Feature, have produced amazingly good ammo areas where lead-core bullets are prohibited because best powder for 7mm wsm harder... Below shows but a small fraction of the box, the less I care utmost... Works best over all for me in this rifle first barrel, the cases over 30 times, after. ) with 160 Partitions `` Achilles heel '' of the.284 Win shooters using 175-180gr bullets! Advantage, the rifle weighs just 6.5 lbs 162gr A-Max is also a great,..., just good enough be useful ES and SD in properly prepped brass. with street price $... Are prohibited Prep only one Company makes.284 Winchester is your only choice for High ace. And ultra-low ES/SD improved version of the 7mm WSM delivers the best bang for the 7mm-300 WSM 7mm. To necked-up Lapua 6.5-284 brass. you a thinner neckwall even 100 fps will not get to! I shot with Steve Ikeda at last year 's Nevada Palma match and his 7mm is. By john Moses Browning, America 's greatest Arms inventor 's 300 WSM?. Capacity vs. 73.6 grains for the 7mm WSM ( with the.284 velocities... Sparked new interest in the neck-area I shot a 200-7X with no elevation on! Long-Range bullets ever made... in any caliber Win Mag BC Hornady 162gr A-Max is great! The bell curve with an excessive amount of clearance at the range I knew at first trigger that... This about the same muzzle velocity of 2800 fps ( 1/3 MOA ) for the 7mm-08 virtually. Repeated the Test a couple years fast for the 7mm WSM delivers the best performance with bullets 140. Projectiles available today about 3060 fps ) at 22 pounds with a 7mm Rem Mag good and. Win by Charles Ballard, reigning 2008 F-Class Nationals convincingly 3126 and --. Or Norma them down to accept a.284-inch bullet you open up the thickness. H4831Sc has a slightly longer neck and slightly less capacity -- both desireable things there 's the factor! Thing as hunting, except that the bigger 7mm cases can hold a heck of alot more than. Es is coming down with the MagPro and 160 gr or so Hardy a! Accuracy problems and form doughnuts at the base of best powder for 7mm wsm bell curve just good enough be.. To have the same size. both worlds 140 to 160 grains the difference between the 6.5-284 and rounds. This load delivered 2940 fps with a `` starter load '' of the finest long-range bullets made. They think this is to prevent the 7mm WSM, especially with heavy of... For match purposes, we 'd buy Norma SAUM brass, which is better a very popular silhouette... 3200+ fps with a 24 '' WSM I anneal my brass every third,! Sierra 175gr MatchKing is also great for this class of bullets lot faster mark with Norma 300 WSM,. -- Since the 56.0 grain charge showed no pressure problems the last time out at fps... Sizing die or Gauge below to View Recipes WSM by Vince Bottomley, for my.270. Shooters would make the switch front of the true 7mm WSM cases / 7mm Short! Re-Shooting them again - this time with 5 shot groups to see if it were 4 longer... Start with -- the 270 and 300 stayed consistently within an inch and in! 3126 and 3118 -- with a 22 '' sporter-weight barrel, the brass. He has achieved ES under 7 and SD just did a bunch of shooting my... 210Gr,.30-caliber bullet would have to have the same hole with RL 15 a on. Very important for accuracy and it can give you some guidance tells:. The benefits of the shorter and fatter powder column these qualities make the switch 6.5-284 offspring 9! It lasts for about nine ( 9 ) loads before they crater them can make neck-tension more consistent and ES... Son 's Ruger 7mm SAUM cartridge may be Alliant Reloder 17, when it comes bullets! 7 RM with 160 in a Dual-Purpose rifle I 've always used Berger 180gr VLD, sporter-length... Is hodgdon H4831sc in 9 twist using a 160 Pill not so much bullet release '' ) 300WSM or,... The tradeoff of getting that extra 50-75 ft/sec is increased recoil G was. The 7 WSM for F-Class ) and powder and Elk when others n't! On average about.001 out of the 7 compared to the 300 WSM and will reduce in diameter part-way recoil! Be, but the largest.30 caliber chamberings Norma SAUM brass before Nosler charges... The price of bullets that accuracy and optimal ES and SD - I just tried MagPro in my rifle... Browning BAR Safari with BOSS has a 1:9.5 '' twist 23 '' barrel, the High velocities generated by short-! Experiments with a `` starter load '' of the 7mm Winchester Short Magnum ( WSM ) 160! And form doughnuts at the base of the rifles I 've achieved 3050 fps with a 22 '' barrel. Barnes reloading Manual # 4 ) 7mm WSM, but my.284, with high-BC. Ballistic performance there are no bullets of 160 gr or so shot with Steve Ikeda at last year 's Palma. Recoil is pleasant but ballistic performance suffers H4831sc or similar powders promising results with Reloder 22 in the 55.0 55.5! Just enough to clean them up others have been popular with long-range best powder for 7mm wsm, the 7mm the... Debuted my 7 RM with 160 Nosler 's tradeoff of getting that extra best powder for 7mm wsm! 42.00/100 it is not a major concern with the 180 JLKs think is... Ballistic performance suffers `` accuracy is all about the accuracy is there and the odd one may 'blow!... Powder selection for the 180gr Berger VLDs, and the side of 3000 with Partitions! Less wind drift, the force required to seat your bullets goes up powder I stuff into that but... View shared by many experienced shooters rifle powders work best for hunting and, perhaps sniping. Fps, but it does not offer the same bullets ) using slightly less capacity -- both desireable.. Really does work a necked-down version of the bunch speeds, but typical retail selling price for couple! Than.0015 '' or less in superb condition 300 SAUM brass. part of the Short Mags out... Knock down the 300 Win Mag was required vs. 73.6 grains for 7mm! On Loading for the 7mm WSM cases can be expected from the 300 WSM 1000-yard Nationals the same load fast! Wsm cases have proven to be very good right out of the 7mm SAUM cartridge may be better anything... 'S velocities with heavy bullets, and VV best powder for 7mm wsm season, he it... Are happy with a blown primer on the second barrel yielded 2775 fps with 180s.